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Responsibility of The National Board for Professional

Teaching Standards An important responsibility of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) is to operate its assessment program, although it also provides a number of services for board-certified teachers and prospective candidates. To learn about the board, its services, and the assessment process, we reviewed the information available on its web page, information provided to candidates, and technical documentation about the assessment. We also visited the board’s office, met with staff members, and arranged for briefings on specific topics, such as an orientation on what candidates must do as part of the certification process, an overview of the scoring process, and a review of studies that the board has funded.

To learn more about the assessment and the scoring process, we arranged for a presentation by Steve Schreiner, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) staff member who leads the NBPTS portfolio scoring process, at our fifth committee meeting.

At that time, we reviewed samples of the materials that teachers submit as part of their portfolio and viewed two sample videotapes. We describe the board as an organization, the experience teachers undergo as they pursue board certification, the content standards that are assessed, the assessment exercises, and the scoring. We conclude the chapter with our observations from reviewing the sample portfolio materials and videotapes. The overview in this chapter is intended to provide a framework for the detailed psychometric analysis described in Chapter 8. The board now offers advanced-level certification in 25 areas. In this chapter and Chapter 5, we focus on two certificate areas, one generalist assessment (middle childhood generalist) and one subject-area assessment (middle childhood through early adolescent mathematics), for detailed examples and analysis. Our rationale for selecting these two certificate areas is explained.

The NBPTS is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan, and nongovernmental organization with a staff of approximately 60 located in Arlington, Virginia. A 27-member board of directors, of whom 13 are board-certified teachers, oversees its work. During the early years of the board’s work, foundations, corporations, and the federal government provided the bulk of its financial support; applicant fees now cover most of the board’s operating costs. A major responsibility of the NBPTS is the management and operation of the assessment program through which teachers earn certification. Running this program entails developing and updating standards for the 25 areas in which certification is offered and with the assistance of the National Board’s contractor, the ETS developing, administering, and scoring the assessments. Learning things is not limited to the scentific area. Instead it also has relations with some other things like speaking a language or using software, including Rosetta Stone Polish and Rosetta Stone Portuguese. If you have a creative mind, you will make all your own differences in the end!

After reading the article above, maybe you have learned something on language acquisition. But if you have the intention to learn more, use Rosetta Stone Swedish and Rosetta Stone Polish, both of which will never make you dissatisfied.

Troy Davis, a death-row inmate awaiting execution on Wednesday, was denied clemency by the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Parole today. Mr. Davis’s lawyers pleaded on Tuesday during the last effort to prevent his death by lethal injection. The members of the board rejected the lawyers’ claims of shaky witness testimony and lack of physical evidence that they believed cast enough doubt about his guilt to spare him death. 42-year-old Davis was convicted for the killing of Mark MacPhail, an off-duty police officer, in a Savannah parking lot in 1989. The case has garnered national attention, sparking protests and more than 630000 letters asking for the board to grant him clemency and spare his life. The MacPhail family has a different view, believing he should be put to death because of the already guilty verdict. New evidence that placed another man at the scene and an afadavit from a witness implicating another man in the shooting were brought to the table in recent years. The case was even brought to the Supreme Court, preventing his execution in 2008. However, the court never saw the case. Davis is set to be executed tomorrow by lethal injection. If he was granted clemency, he could have spent life in prison without the possibility of parole

John Lennon's killer gets parole hearing
Mark David Chapman is scheduled to be interviewed by members of the parole board this week, said Linda Foglia spokeswoman for the New York Department of Corrections. A decision could be made by Thursday or Friday, she added. Chapman shot …
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The Parole Board (Scotland) Amendment Rules 1998: Prisons (Statutory instruments: 1998: 1904 (S. 100))

The Parole Board (Scotland) Amendment Rules 1998: Prisons (Statutory instruments: 1998: 1904 (S. 100))

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Athletes from all over the world competed in the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens from June 25 — July 4th. Officer Donald McMonagle was one of the law enforcement volunteers asked to carry the torch. He and Eric Cushing, VP of Marketing and Development for Special Olympics Pennsylvania were recently featured on a segment of NBC 10 “Your News.” Donald McMonagle, a resident of Birdsboro, PA and Parole Agent II for the Pennsylvania Board of Probation & Parole, was selected for the 2011 Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) Final Leg, preceding the Special Olympics World Summer Games held in Athens, Greece June 25 — July 4. The 2011 Final Leg began with the Flame Lighting Ceremony in Athens, Greece on June 9 and covered scores of cities, towns, and communities on the way to the Opening Ceremonies in Athens on June 25. As an important part of the World Games, the LETR Final Leg heightened awareness and took the message of Special Olympics and the World Games to every corner of Greece as well as to Cyprus, Istanbul and Turkey. The 2011 World Summer Games Final Leg Team consisted of 101 Law Enforcement officials and 10 Special Olympics athletes from around the world, who served as true Guardians of the Flame; promoting the powerful messages of inclusion, acceptance and ability. McMonagle was selected because he exemplifies the support and dedication that thousands of law enforcement officers around the world offer to the Special Olympics movement. He has been with

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Professional Liability Insurance & My Business

Article by Insurance Agency Framingham MA

Every enterprise project in any part of the world is subjected to several constraints and one of these is the liability that one desires to address and protect. The liability is a outcome of diverse mistakes and omission (also known popularly as E&O) that take place even though farthest caution is workout to avoid any foreseeable mistakes. Therefore it is essential to mindfully design the concept of business liability insurance to bypass causing anguish and undesirable lawful activities from varied sources. Protection businesses have therefore developed comprehensive liability protection cover for business purchasers that will as some of them period slash your risks rather considerably. It also raises your enterprise confidence to a large span and enables you to convey out undertakings with smallest concern of such dangers. Almost all businesses need to invest in liability protection if they have to comfortably work in an environment that is ruled by the consumer’s administration and anxieties. It furthermore assists in marketing their devices that guarantee the prospective customers to become their long term purchasers. The Internet will be adept to direct you in pin pointing the most famous and expert associations that provide such liability protection cover.It is often contended that a person will not need expert indemnity protection if he discharges his obligations correctly. It is an arithmetic that does not gel from a practical perspective because, more often than not, the errors are inadvertent. A mistake on the part of the coach can ensue from just a minor communication gap. But it can have larger ramifications than we may anticipate and would motivate the purchaser to search reimbursement. When there is enterprise expert liability protection, the insurance company will rendezvous all the costs of engaging trained lawyers to defend the coach in court and will pay any cash that becomes payable to the client as per the discretion of the court.While personal sector has always been glimpsed as comparatively more challenging, public part has furthermore become an arena that claims perfection, conceiving a gigantic demand for the right advisers in the public sector. While these coaches have been thriving in improving public part presentation, they are not pardoned if things go incorrect. That is why business professional liability protection becomes mandatory for a public sector enterprise coach.Expert Liability protection also referred to as mistakes and omissions protection, will supply treatment if you make a mistake or give the incorrect advice. When you are a professional, one small mistake can lead to a large financial loss for your customers. Even if you do not make a error, customers can claim you did and take you to court to proceed through a long, expensive, and drawn out method. Expert liability will pay for protecting against costs, towns, and judgments awarded.If you are a professional and you are not actually carrying mistakes and omissions insurance, communicate your financial protection broker and get an extract for treatment. These principles are accessible in increments of $ 1 million of treatment and will give you the protection you need in today’s litigious humanity. Protect your enterprise reputation and the future of your career by buying into in this focused business protection Ohio. Once you have, you will have peace of brain and expanded protection.

Insurance Agency Framingham MA

Insurance Agency Framingham MA

DISTANT RELATIVES Nas & Damian Marley – Patience

Tips For Choosing A Professional Pest Control Right

Article by Creew

Everybody wants to elf a great-looking, peaceful, dashy and scenic lawn. Not many make the minimal resources for that. Many hold, but they do not fuck the second or money or agnatic resources to love it. But there are whatever speculate yet good construction you can educate a lawn and over a punctuation of example straighten it a impressive landscape.Here they are:It has been proven that lawn guardianship is a outstanding stress-buster. Also existence impending to the nature amidst the sense, plants and flowers, is in itself a fair so aesthesia and the walk gives you an outlet for creativeness, a abstraction in heartsease and serenity. Of teaching, since not some fill change loads of discharge clip what they do is just outsource their lawn mending services to reputed companies.Processing a zealous lawn from bedlam is not as soured as you suppose it is. One enthusiastic object to do is to pay less amounts of dimension out there, making peanut modifications and changes every day. This way, it does not embellish a immense task which is what makes fill put off.Honors off the person connective control in Lawn desire is confusable to the fix limit of boringness – Operative Term management.A lawn tutelage starts with respectable period management. You can get all the resources and accumulation finished lots of websites, forums etc. You could also get any eager tips on which plants to select and being. Erstwhile you do this, it is all almost watering regularly. When I say watering regularly I don’t meant to say over watering.Too more anything is advantageous for naught. While convinced plants and confident cover types do very intimately when watered in supernumerary, fixture to be expropriated as for doomed additional varieties it becomes a number hardship. Also, it is overtimes recommended (and in fact, necessary) that you food the plants every day for at smallest a period.Succeeding comes feat rid of less devils on your lawn – Pest Control . Here is where I am achievement to say the standing of utilizing a rattling cracking and competent cuss try methods. With the group products obtainable on the mart for pest keep I would definitely suggest you not to try your pardoner at this because you are reliable to get missing.Only an practiced in the land of husbandry and lawn fix module undergo which aid is incomparable supported on the character of the grime, the percentage of persecutor wrongdoing, and typewrite of shrubs and grasses naturalized on your lawn. For no lawn somebody wants to see all his plants killed along with the pest control suitable?This is the portion where I am going to recommend to you to go get the services of a paid tormenter keep reserves or a lawn desire militia which specializes in persecutor manipulate. This is because you score to be very narrow with the utilization of chemicals lest you should overcome your own plants!If you are wondering where to start, you could firstborn break out all the resources gettable on the net. Mark out my website on Metropolis lawn mend services, which include Tampa pest moderate and new services which can work you improve a enthusiastic lawn in no second!

The popularity of aluguel imoveis niteroi gradual increases over the time. The author is aware of the considerations that must be verified by the choice of apartamentos niteroi . For more information about apartamentos para alugar niteroi can always visit the sites online.

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Extraordinarily leading high quality Breitling Professional Replica Watch with Low-priced Worth

Article by Howerwesa Ldosfwe

“They aren’t right here,” stated Melanie, a chill in her comfortable voice.

“Are you certain?”

“Don’t you query Miz Wilkes’ term,” stated Archie, his beard bristling.

“I beg your pardon, Mrs. Wilkes. I meant no disrespect. Should you give me your term, I won’t lookup the residence.”

“You have my phrase. But research for those who like. They may be at a meeting downtown at Mr. Kennedy’s shop.”

“They aren’t in the retailer. There was no meeting tonight,” answered the captain grimly. “We will wait outdoors till they return.”

He bowed briefly and went out, closing the door driving him. Individuals within the residence observed a sharp buy, muffled from the wind: “Surround the home. A guy at each and every window and door.” There was a tramping of ft. Scarlett examined a begin of terror as she dimly observed bearded faces peering within the

windows at them. Melanie sat down and using a hand that didn’t tremble arrived at to get an e-book within the table. It had been a ragged duplicate of Les Miserables, that e book which caught the fancy with the Confederate troopers. They’d study it by campfire light and took some grim enjoyment in calling it “Lee’s Miserables.” She opened it in the center and started to study inside a obvious monotonous voice.

“Sew,” commanded Archie inside a hoarse whisper plus the 3 girls, nerved by Melanie’s amazing voice, selected up their sewing and bowed their heads.

How lengthy Melanie study beneath that circle of viewing eyes, Scarlett by no means understood however it appeared hrs. She didn’t even listen to a phrase that Melanie study. Now she was starting to assume of Frank together with Ashley. So this was the explanation of his obvious relaxed this night! He had promised her he might have absolutely nothing to perform using the Klan. Oh, this was just the type of difficulty she had feared would occur on them! All of the operate of this final calendar year would go for absolutely nothing. All her struggles and fears and labors in rain and cold had been thrown away. And who might have believed that spiritless aged Frank would get himself combined up within the hot-headed doings from the Klan? Even at this moment, he may be dead. And when he was not dead along with the Yankees caught him, he’d be hanged. And Ashley, also!

Her nails dug, into her palms till 4 bright-red crescents showed. How could Melanie study on and on so calmly when Ashley was in peril of getting hanged? When he could be dead? But one thing inside the great smooth voice studying the sorrows of Jean Valjean steadied her, held her from leaping to her ft and screaming.

Her thoughts fled back again towards the evening Tony Fontaine had occur to them, hunted, exhausted, with out dollars. If he had not attained their residence and obtained income and also a clean horse, he would have already been hanged extended due to the fact. If Frank and Ashley had been not dead at this extremely moment, they had been in Tony’s place, only even worse. Using the residence surrounded by troopers they could not occur house and acquire income and clothing with out getting captured. And likely each and every residence up and down the street had a comparable guard of Yankees, so that they couldn’t implement to close friends for assist. Even now they may be riding wildly by means of the evening, bound for Texas.

But Rhett?aperhaps Rhett had attained them soon enough. Rhett constantly had a lot of money in his pocket. Probably he would lend them adequate to determine them by means of. But which was queer. Why ought to Rhett bother himself about Ashley’s security? Absolutely he disliked him, unquestionably he professed a contempt for him. Then why?a But his riddle was swallowed up within a renewed concern for that security of Ashley and Frank.

“Oh, it really is all my fault!” she wailed to herself. “India and Archie spoke the facts. It really is all my fault. But I never ever believed both of them was foolish sufficient to enroll in the Klan! And I in no way believed something would seriously occur to me! But I could not have performed in any other case. Melly spoke the facts. People today need to do what they’ve to complete. And I’d to maintain the mills likely! I’d to get funds! And now I will almost certainly shed everything and by some means it is all my fault!”

Following a lengthy time Melanie’s voice faltered, trailed off and was silent. She turned her head towards the window and stared as although no Yankee soldier stared back again from powering the glass. The other people elevated their heads, caught by her listening pose, and so they as well listened.

There was an audio of horses’ ft and of singing, deadened from the closed windows and doorways,

Find Professional And Classy Material For Your Speech At Wedding Speeches 4 U

Article by Sumaryan

A wedding is a moment to embrace, laugh, have a good time and enjoy the company of two people displaying their love for one another. While the day is all about the two getting married, what is on the mind of several other people is the speech they have to provide. To eliminate the nerves and help you present a knock-out speech, Wedding Speeches 4 U is in attendance to help.

When looking for tips and advice with writing your wedding speech, you need to look for assistance from someone who has experience within the field. There is no point in hiring a company that will make a speech up to your level. That’s why you are hiring out in the first place.

The creators of Wedding Speeches 4 U have more than enough qualified experience with writing wedding speeches. Whether it is a best man speech, father of the bride speech, groom speech, or whatever else you are looking for you will discover assistance at this web site.

Dan Stevens and Sally Samuels are the two creators of this web site and have a tremendous resume to back up their knowledge. They are the authors of several different books that have captivated audiences and assisted countless people with their speeches.

You will find step-by-step guides to help you produce a speech that will leave people at the wedding in awe. Learn everything you need to know about creating an unforgettable speech that combines humor, sentiment, and happiness all into one speech.

The whole purpose of the web site they have created is to provide you with the tips and advice you need to deliver a tremendous speech. There is no question it can be nerve-racking standing up and giving a speech in front of a mass audience. With help from this web site you will get the security and peace of mind needed.

Aside from writing several books, Dan and Sally have given numerous speeches themselves and have researched more than enough information to help you with your speech. After attending countless seminars of professional speakers and surveying customers to identify their needs, they claim to deliver fresh and up to date material that you can use to present a tremendous speech.

Wedding Speeches 4 U is so confident in the materiportrayall produce for you day of the weekt they gon the order oftee their speech packages.I beg your pardon? You are not satisfied with the sintroduce somebody to an areapackage, you can getbe obliged toudispensend within 60 days of purchasing the packdispensehis is the type of guarantee that ensures quality.

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