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Miguel de Servantes Saavedra and his forever young Don Quijote

Article by Natka19

Miguel Servantes is one of the most prominent people of Madrid . He is a great Spanish writer -humanist. He was born in 1547 in a little town Alcala de Henares that is in 20 miles from Madrid. He was the youngest member of a poor but noble family.
In the XVI century his family went bankrupt and Miguel had to find himself a source for living. He became a right hand of the ambassador Julio Aquaviva y Aragon in 1568. The same year he published his first poem. He spent 5 years in the Spanish army in Italy, these years turned to be very important for Servantes. During these years a future great writer encounters with Italian literature. Besides ancient literature, Rotterdam’s works and folk literature formed the consciousness of a writer.
Miguel de Servantes participated in several fights, heavy wounds and sicknesses hardly ever stopped Miguel. In 1575 Miguel and his brother Rodrigo went from Neples to Spain. On a way home their ship got conquered by corsairs and Miguel was sold to slavery to Algeria. He was send free only after 5years.
Adventures and war changed into routine and lack of money. He was left with nothing again. In 1587 he got a job as a commissioner in Sevilla. Soon he got into prison because of the suppression of the sum.Nobody really knows if he was fairly accused, but this inprisonment gave him a wonderful book and world fame. These years are believed to be the most prosperous for the writer. In 1603 he wrote the world famous “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha” is a parody for the knight novel which symbolizes noble but useless attempts to change something in the country. This novel is believed to the so-called encyclopedia of the XVII century.
The amount of Servantes works are written in the foreword of the” Eight comedies and eight interludes”.One of the most famous Madrillenos informs that most of his works were staged in Madrid’s theatres; also he mentions that he is an author of 20 or 30 plays. The second part of “Don Quixote” is believed to be written in 1613.
Miguel servants died in 1616 his last words were” Pardon gladness, pardon my friends! I’m dying and I hope to see you soon on the other side!”
Miguel SRvantes Saavedra is a person that created a hero for all times. Even today he finds its prototypes in the world. Because everyone dreams and everyone has that hope for fair lkife and noble knights.

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