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The Secret – Collection Of Inspirational Quotes ( Part 15 )

Article by John Harricharan / Anita Bergan

There are two ways of spreading light–to be the candle or the mirror that reflects.

— Edith Wharton

The secret of life is balance, and the absence of balance is life’s destruction.

— Hazrat Inayat Khan

I learned this, that if you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, and endeavor to live the life which you have imagined, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. You will put some things behind, you will pass an invisible boundary, new, universal, and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within you; or the old laws will be expanded, and interpreted in your favor in a more liberal sense, and you will live with the license of a higher order of beings.

— Henry David Thoreau

All I maintain is that on this earth there are pestilences and there are victims, and it’s up to us, as far as possible, not to join forces with the pestilences.

— Albert Camus

Coincidences are God’s way of staying anonymous.

— Anonymous

Regret is an appalling waste of energy; you can’t build on it; it is good only for wallowing in.

— Katherine Mansfield

A man cannot leave his wisdom to his heirs.

— Italian Proverb

Forgiveness is an answer, the divine answer, to the question implied in our existence. An answer is answer only for him who has asked, who is aware of thequestion.

— Paul Tillich

If you look for the truth outside yourself, it gets farther and farther away. Today, walking alone, I meet him everywhere I step. He is the same as me, yet I am not him. Only if you understand it in this way will you merge with the way things are.

— Tung-shan

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love;Where there is injury, pardon; Where there is doubt, faith;Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light;Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seekTo be consoled as to consoleTo be understood as to understand,

To be loved as to love;For it is in giving that we receive;It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;

It is in dying (to self) that we are born to eternal life.

— St. Francis of Assisi

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About the Author

Lecturer, entrepreneur and MBA business consultant, John Harricharan is the author of the award-winning book, “When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat.” Spiritual Simplicity The Real Secret

EPIC Cheap West Coast Auto Insurance Quotes?

Article by Ty Levingstone

Many consumers expire in the field of increase of the cheapest penalty with the point toward of they can get a hold back on the West Coast apart from of I beg your pardon? Did you say? Products they are shopping in the field of increase of. Well, the same shouldn’t until the come to an end of moment apply at the same time as it comes to automobile coverage.

Nix catch, savings is principal to the chief part all of us but not with the sacrifices with the point toward of might crop up with it.

Imagine having to line a relevance and getting the runaround. Even worse imagine filing and arrival to get a hold back old hat with the point toward of the insurer does not get a hold the acceptable funds to compensate the insured. These can perhaps take place issues with the point toward of can take place from purchasing shoddy car insurance from a company with the point toward of is not financially undeviating.

Luckily, draw up to are many agencies obtainable to the recognized with the point toward of take a company’s statistics and evaluate them. They in the field of so as to set of circumstances provide a rating of the company in the field of increase of the consumer to think in relation to. This can the chief part ahead of doubt help a consumer ensure with the point toward of they are protected by a dependable bringer.

These agencies grade the providers and slant them on their website. The grades are in the field of so as to set of circumstances explained by I beg your pardon? Did you say? They mean and this preference province bare the fiscal strength of a fussy company.

Although penalty is principal, not export coverage from top rated automobile insurance companies with the point toward of are not undeviating can well conclusion up like not having a certificate by all. Until the come to an end of moment cause certain factor to complete the not very in the field of addition exert manually it takes in the field of the sphere of order to ensure not to fall victim to the a pity position of a relevance not being thrilled and being devoid of an answer with the fiscal hardship of having to grant in the field of increase of indemnity before as well injuries old hat of help manually to.

So here’s my top recommendation to you:

Walk off concluded sports car Insurance give a price of Comparisson Tool and…

1. Enter your Zip Code by the side of this moment and grow listings of the greatest Insurance Deals you can grow in the field of the sphere of your Area.

2. Study all the results and check which lone has the greatest facial look in the field of increase of you.

Apparently the penalty does question, that’s why I undertaking you with the point toward of you preference get a hold back very rationally priced listings, with the point toward of preference by a extensive way save you 100’s of dollars a moment and preference create you 1000’s of dollars in the field of the sphere of facial look.

About the Author

Looking for a Cheap Auto Insurance Solution? Use our Free Comparison tool – West Coast Auto Insurance

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Article by Franchis Adam

The film “Death Race” is on ex-offenders blazing the racetrack within a maximum security prison. The aim of the race is survival, the last driver standing wins.

Drivers of “Death Race” behave like thugs, as they own the circuit. Well they would because their life depends on their behavior & survival techniques, however, conduct like that in real life you get either jail or the morgue of a hospital. Car accidents are mainly caused by bad driving or bad drivers to be exact. You can have the skills to conduct badly, but you follow the law, bad drivers on the other are reckless & delusions of grandeur, thinking that they own the road. Bad drivers are worst nightmare insurers, bad drivers do not always get away. They pay. In California, the insurance industry following a hard core system. She says that during a car accident, the driver who caused the accident will be required to call his insurer to settle the incident.

Once the pilot of the first fault accident, the insurer will add a 40% increase on the driver, allowing the premium or because the base price of the insurer. If the base rate of the company is $ 400, it will be raised $ 560 in the case of a car accident. What is the golden rule that we can learn from this? – Drive with caution.

Here’s a tip safely: Some organizations have a “pardon” or “forgive the first accident” policy. However, the qualification for this policy has a wide range. Talk to your insurer if they have a policy of forgiveness. S ‘ they do, ask about their qualifications.

In the case of an accident where your friend was the driver, you will be responsible for the misconduct of your friend. After filing a claim with the insurer, you have to pay deductibles & increased rates caused by the bad behavior of your friend. The worst thing is if your friend is not insured & the damage he / she has caused exceeds the limits of your policy, the victim of car accident after that you can come for medical expenses & damage to property. Having a car accident is bad enough, but pay for the damage you cause is not just terrible.

The streets of California are filled with different driver from keeping those friendly to those reckless. Accidents are bound to happen from time to time, & it comes with drivers for both good & bad. To protect yourself & your vehicle accidents, insurance is one of the best things a motorist could be wrong. Conclusion: Auto insurance is a must for anyone who owns a vehicle.

About the Author

Online auto insurance is a leading cheapest car insurance website. It’s mission to become #1 website for Missouri car insurance.

Notes and Quotes FromYour Political Class

presidential pardon process
by dbking

Article by Bruno Korschek

It’s always fun following our political class because you never know what they will say or what they will do that either makes no sense, is embarrassing, or has very little impact on the average American. Consider some of their recent escapades:

– “Stating The Obvious” – Former President Bill Clinton was quoted in a September 21, 2010 Associated Press article: “Do you know how many political and economic decisions are made in this world by people who don’t know what in the living daylights they are talking about?” Talk about stating the obvious. Given our continuing domestic economic situation and the fact that the political class has not solved a major issue in decades, I would say Mr. Clinton nailed this one perfectly.

– “And Who Is Responsible For This Mess?” – Democratic Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado was quoted in a Washington Post article on September 3, 2010: “We have managed to acquire trillion of debt on our balance sheet. In my view, we have nothing to show for it.” The article went on to say that the good Senator voted “yes” on the economic stimulus bill, the health care overhaul bill, increased education funding and other bills that a Democratic Party-controlled Congress passed on his watch.

The economic stimulus bill has gotten us 9.8% unemployment while wasting hundreds of billions of dollars, the health care overhaul bill is already coming apart and as is its prediction of reducing the national debt, our public schools for the most part do not educate, and no major issues have been solved for the trillion. Looks like the Senator’s keen insight is very compatible with Bill Clinton’s experience.

– “Now You Tell Us” – A quote from retiring Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd appeared in the December 6, 2010 issue of Businessweek magazine: “Powerful financial interests, free to throw money about with little transparency, have corrupted the basic principles underlying our representative democracy.” This quote is from a U.S. Senator who chaired the powerful Senate Banking Committee. During his tenure, he was one of the largest recipients of campaign donations from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two of the largest financial entities that he was supposed to be overseeing. To add insult to injury, Fannie and Freddie were, and are more so now, government entities that should not have been involved in any kind of campaign funding modes, lest of all with the one person who had Senate oversight responsibility for them. The Senator’s words would have had a lot more meaning if they had been spoken during his Senate tenure, as he returned the money he received from Fannie, Freddie, and other powerful financial interests.

– “Light My Fire” – The Associated Press reported on December 9, 2010, that soon-to-be ex-Governor Crist of Florida has been successful in getting a pardon for Jim Morrison, lead singer of the Doors. Morrison was arrested about forty years ago for obscenity during a Miami, Florida Doors’ concert. He has been dead for almost as long so it is not as if Crist was bringing solace to an old man. The Florida economy is in the dumps with higher than average unemployment and probably almost as many homes in foreclosure as there are on the market for sale.

But these family affecting crises can all wait as a politician toils on a completely useless piece of work. Just like the recent passing of Federal legislation that regulates the sound volume of television commercials, where do you think the pardoning of Jim Morrison would fall in the top priorities, concerns, and issues facing the typical American family? I doubt it makes the top 100 but it somehow lit Governor Crist’s fire, to the benefit of no one in Florida.

– “Assault With A Deadly Bicycle” – Reason magazine reported in its January 2011 issue that the town of Black Hawk, Colorado has banned the use of bicycles on most of its city streets. The local town council felt that there could be possible collisions between cars and bikes on the town’s narrow streets. Is this a big problem or top priority of Black Hawk residents? Probably not since, according to the article, there has never been a bike/car collision in the town.

– “Who Ever Reads The Fine Print Anyway?” – According to a New York Times article on July 7, 2010, when President Obama was signing the voluminous financial industry regulation bill, he said: “If you’ve ever applied for a credit card, student loan, or a mortgage, you know the feeling of signing your name to pages of barely understandable fine print.” If he cannot understand what he is signing, how confident does that make the rest of that he and the rest of the political class know what they are doing? (See Bill Clinton’s observation above). It recalls the infamous Nancy Pelosi quote that we would not know what is in the health care reform legislation until we actually passed it. (Clinton is looking smarter and smarter by the minute).

– “Talk About Gun Control” – Not to be outdone by the American political class, Reason magazine reported in its January, 2011 issue that in Queensland, Australia, they really take their gun control seriously. They are considering a statute that would require all TOY guns to be licensed. Those who fail to license their TOY guns would be subject to ,500 in fines and… if they do not lock up their TOY guns they would be subject to an additional fine of up to 0. They are almost as good as working on inconsequential stuff as American politicians. Bill Clinton did mention politicians around the world not knowing what they were doing, looking smarter and smarter, Bill.

These are funny stories and quotes but also pathetic commentary on what and how our political class works today, to the benefit of no one but themselves. Maybe they need some help from the following steps to get focused:

– Downsize government by 10% a year over five years, hopefully reducing the amount of useless initiatives and low priorities our politicians currently work on and get them focused on real issues, not efforts like banning bike riders or pardoning dead rockers. At the very least, even if they accomplish nothing with this limited to do list, we would save our tax dollars.

– Revamp and re-democratize our election processes so that people like Senator Dodd would not be “tempted” by “powerful financial interests.” These steps would include banning campaign contributions from anyone or any organization except individual American citizens and not allow campaign contributions to cross Congressional district or state lines, e.g. someone living in Kansas could not contribute to a candidate running for the U.S. Senate in New Jersey.

– Require all members of Congress and the Presidential administration to take and pass a course on basic economic theory to try to address Bill Clinton’s insight above. How much damage would the course to, given the poor economic track record of those in power today?

– Impose term limits on all Federal politicians so that we have a reasonable chance of getting rid of the bad ones before they decide that regulating the sound volume on our television commercials is a top priority or we end up with politicians that do not even know what is in the legislation they are passing.

Notes and quotes, makes me sad and mad that we have to put up with them, despite their comic relief

About the Author

Walter “Bruno” Korschek is the author of the book, “Love My Country, Loathe My Government – Fifty First Steps To Restoring Our Freedom and Destroying The American Poltiical Class,” which is available at and online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Our daily dialog on freedom in American can be joined at

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2010 – Memorable and Forgettable Political Quotes Of The Year

Article by Bruno Korschek

As the year draws to an end I thought it would be a good idea to review some of the mostly inane quotes that our political class graced us with this past year. They are either memorable or forgettable but most of them are a sad commentary about the ineffective people that are currently running all levels of government in this country:

“Now, Congress will have to pay for what it spends, just like everybody else.” President Barack Obama, February 13, 2010. Guess this message did not get up to the Capital as the Federal government again spent over a TRILLION dollars more than it collected in taxes, imposing more than ,000 additional debt burden on every United States household.

“I may be at a point in my career that I am going to do what is right and makes sense.” Senator Joe Lieberman, January-February, 2010 issue of the CATO Policy Report, quoting from the San Francisco Examiner. Why start now, at this point in his long career the Senator might just as well continue to do what is wrong and makes no sense.

“Act like you’re at your grandma’s house.” California Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, Earthlink News, February 25, 2010. Portantino was sponsoring a resolution in the California legislature that would create “Cuss Free Week” in California. This is a state that faces a billion budget deficit, is shutting down government functions and agencies and laying off teachers and other state workers because of the revenue shortfall but clean language apparently is a higher priority and bigger problem for the California political class.

“Trust in government rarely gets this low.” Andrew Kohut, Associated Press, April 19, 2010. Kohut is the director of the Pew Research Center which had recently released its latest survey findings, showing that nearly 8 out of 10 Americans do not trust the Federal government and have little faith it can solve America’s ills. Mr. Kohut obviously has a flair for the understatement, especially since this lack of trust has been this bad only twice in the past 60 years or so.

“Many women who do not dress modestly – lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which consequently causes earthquakes.” Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, Associated Press, April 19, 2010. And these people want to have nuclear weapons. Be scared, be very scared.

“Anytime you see something growing and expanding and there are no rules, you need to regulate it.” Pittsburgh Mayor spokesperson Joann Doven, Pittsburgh Tribune- Review, March 1, 2010. Why let the free market grow the economy when government can step in, for no reason, and regulate it to death?

“My fear is that the whole island [Guam] will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.” Congressman Hank Johnson, The Hill, March 31, 2010. These words were actually spoken, on the record, at a Congressional committee hearing with naval officers. Why was he not worried about Manhattan island, home of millions of more people? Unbelievable.

“We do not anticipate that happening.” Naval admiral responding to Congressman Johnson’s Guam capsizing fear. Whew, Guam residents can now rest easy.

“Governor [New Mexico] Richardson has always said that he would consider making good on Governor Wallace’s promise to Billy The Kid for a pardon.” Governor spokesperson Alarie Ray-Garcia, Associated Press, July 30, 2010. Better to work on a pardon for an outlaw who died about 120 years ago or spend time and government resources helping LIVING New Mexico citizens cope with high levels of unemployment and other contemporary issues? Another atrocious instance of bad political priorities.

“Every boundary of decency has been crossed.” Retiring Congressman Bart Stupak, Parade Magazine, November 7, 2010. The Congressman was lamenting the hateful and poisoned atmosphere in Washington where words like baby-killer, racist, knuckle dragging Neanderthal, a__h___, un-American and debasing phrases are thrown around to describe any American who dares to have a different opinion from the speaker of the insults.

“We all have a responsibility where appropriate to seek forgiveness.” One term Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Earthlink News, November 17, 2010. Spoken as the Governor, his staff and the Florida parole board wasted government resources and time working on a pardon for Doors lead singer, Jim Morrison, who died almost 40 years ago, despite the fact that Florida is facing devastatingly high unemployment and home foreclosure rates. More bad priorities from your political class.

“Every American has likely experienced the frustration of abrasively loud television commercials. While this may be an effective way to grab attention, it also adds unnecessary stress to the daily lives of many Americans.” Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Associated Press, December 3, 2010. The fine Senator was the Senate sponsor of a useless Federal government bill that would restrict the sound volume of television commercials. Would not the Senator’s time and his staff’s time be better spent on reducing unemployment in the country, fixing our failing public schools, getting the national debt under control, etc.? I think solving these issues might go much farther to reducing “unnecessary stress” in “the daily lives of Americans” then reducing the sound volume of TV commercials. Has no one in Washington every heard of the Mute button or DVR technology?

Best Political Quote of 2010: “Do you know how many political and economic decisions are made in this world by people who don’t know what in the living daylights they are talking about?” Former President Bill Clinton, Associated Press, September 21, 2010. Stating the obvious has never been so eloquent.

Runner Up Best Political Quote of 2010: “We have managed to acquire TRILLION of debt on our balance sheet. in my view, we have nothing to show for it.” Colorado Senator Michael Bennet, Washington Post, September 3, 2010. And whose fault is that?

About the Author

Walter “Bruno” Korschek is the author of the book, “Love My Country, Loathe My Government – Fifty First Steps To Restoring Our Freedom and Destroying The American Poltiical Class,” which is available at and online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Our daily dialog on freedom in American can be joined at

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