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Raekwon – Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang

Article by Amitosh Kumar

My experience with Raekwon has been imperfect I will admit. I’m a titanic fan of Wu-Tang Clan’s “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)”, and I bear listened to his very last LP “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II” individual a handful of period. Other than to facilitate “Shaolin opposed to Wu-Tang” is kind of my principal exact experience with Raekwon. The LP starts absent with the classic audio clips from old Wu-Tang karate movies, a little adventure ride to understand your blood pumping in lieu of the remnants of the tracks. Method work and Ghostface Killah are the principal two appearances made and they bake the principal semi of this LP in lieu of me. They both are artists with exact skill in my manuscript and I beg your pardon? They bring to Shaolin opposed to Wu-Tang is invaluable to it’s star (Method work appears on “Every Soldier in the Hood” and “From The Hills”, and Ghostface on “Silver Rings”, “Rock N Roll”, and “Molasses”.

Speaking of “Rock N Roll”, Ghostface Killah might bear added to the quality of this LP, but at hand is rejection hope in lieu of this track on all. I’m not surefire I beg your pardon? Raekwon had in mind after he commissioned DJ Khalil to deliver this song, but I’m on tenterhooks it wasn’t this. At principal I wanted to like the song, but in the past I heard the hook I resigned some effort to benefit from it. The song staggers around like a drunk alliance girl until it in the end finds the staircase and it’s all downhill from at hand. Perhaps I’m being too harsh, in imitation of all it is individual individual track absent of seventeen. But I very soon understand so angry on every occasion I hear Kobe say “Bon Jovi” in the chorus. Bon Jovi is as much to rock n roll as Kenny G is to crack tap to me. The remark of Led Zeppelin does greatly bake up in lieu of to facilitate flaw however.

Despite the complete disdain I bear in lieu of to facilitate individual track I greatly benefit from the remnants of the LP. Where the principal semi of the LP was lyrically strong, I feel the minute semi has quality production and beats. I’m the type of person who has to expend individual listen in through of a hip jump LP very soon listening to lyrics, at that moment the minute instance can be the instruments and beats, and in the end the third instance through I can take in the entire picture. For my principal two listens I was impressed in lieu of the largely part. When I took in the entire picture a allocation more of the LP began to bake sensation and it really immovable my attention.

Raekwon has maintained the unique design to facilitate is Wu-Tang. A design to facilitate I can understand in to, but hasn’t hooked me as other hip jump styles bear. So it took me a little while to genial up to this LP but in the close I’m very happy with it. I’m certainly obtainable to go off back and listen in to Raekwon’s history releases and I will not hesitate to foothold some outlook ones as well. Being much as I wished this LP would bear been an intact Wu-Tang collaboration (it’s exact origins) I am very happy with I beg your pardon? Raekwon did with it.

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