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Main Speakers During Rallies And Strikes

Article by Vermin Luciano

During the course of rallies and strikes, they appoint a keynote speaker to help them in encouraging their members or their followers to know exactly what they believe in. The different speakers they invite in the strike or rallies are those who believe in their cause and support them fully. Some are members of the church, some are senior members of a certain company or establishment and others political figures or local celebrities. They simply invited to speak and to emphasize on the different aspects of their cause and what outcome they wish to have. Either they be on a rally to impeach a political figure or because they are fighting for what they believe is right. Simply read through below for some other reasons why these people hire keynote speakers for their rallies and strikes.

Impeachment Rallies – There are rallies held in different countries in which they want their leaders or their president either to be overthrown or impeached. This is because of illegal and controversial activities that a prime minister or a president is involved in. One example is when the president of the Philippines, Joseph Ejercito Estrada was impeached by the people for his involvement in money laundering schemes and illegal gambling activities.

During these rallies the keynote speakers were the archbishop and several other supporters of the impeachment case that is held against the former president. After that the ex president served time in jail for his crimes but was recently pardoned by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo from his crimes and is now a free man. Just goes to show how powerful the people are against a government.

Transport Strikes – Are held when there is a raise in the fare of public transports and utility. Transport companies increase the fare of their public vehicles for gas prices have also risen. Keynote speakers are invited to talk during these rallies and strikes to motivate the people to fight for what they believe in. Usually the individuals participating in these transport strikes are the drivers and the citizens who take the public transportation system to work every day. They hold busses and trains by not letting them pick up passengers and sometimes encouraging people not to ride in these public transport vehicles.

Company Strikes – Is usually held when workers or employees cannot settle their differences with the governing body of the company, this where they are not paid for overtime or for paid leave and no increase in salary. Most of the participants of these strikes are the senior employees or workers who have been with the company for many years and their demands for a pay raise, overtime etc. have not been met by the heads of the company. The keynote speakers for these strikes are those elected to head the group through the negotiations and the agreement meetings. Negotiations and meetings are held by the company to try and negotiate with the employees and come up to a certain agreement.

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