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Rancho Cucamonga Business Lawyer?s Top Ten Things Sarah Palin is Dreading to Hear

Incubus – Pardon Me [10.16.10 – Cypress Hill Smokeout Festival – San Bernardino, CA]

Here is Rancho Cucamonga Business Lawyer Sebastian Gibson’s Top Ten:

1. The GOP has chosen to endorse Joe the Plumber for 2012.


2. You’re over your limit at Saks Fifth Avenue.


3. Guess who’s pregnant, again?


4. The bridge to nowhere just failed.


5. It’s Playboy. They found some old pictures of you.


6. There’s fog. You can’t see Russia anymore.


7. The Alaskan Herald just called you a socialist.


8. Bill Clinton wants to know if you’re free Saturday night.


9. Someone else already has the trademark on “you betcha.”


10. The turkey growers federation wants to know if you want to pardon some more turkeys.


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1. Environmental and Toxic Tort Law in Rancho Cucamonga – With multi-billion dollar energy companies spending more money to confuse the public on the threat posed by global warming than on research into alternative forms of energy, it will take all of us to sort fact from fiction and solve the growing problem of global warming. An additional danger to all of us comes from exposure to toxic materials in our daily lives from tainted food, to contaminated ground water, to dangerous viruses in the public and in hospitals to lead and mercury poisoning. If you experience unusual symptoms that a doctor can’t explain, you may have been exposed to a toxic substance and have a toxic tort claim that should be evaluated by us or another qualified Rancho Cucamonga environmental attorney.


2. Rancho Cucamonga International, Shipping and Maritime Law – A Rancho Cucamonga international attorney with years of international legal education and experience such as you’ll find at our Rancho Cucamonga law firm, can

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