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Real Estate Leasing – Using A “Criminal Records Check” To Screen Potential Tenants

Although getting tenants is an exciting and fun prospect, the problem many inexperienced real estate developers have is that not all possible tenants are worth your time. Remember, you’re leasing a property that you own, and any damage or problems caused by rowdy or inconsiderate tenants will be on your shoulders. It’s often cited throughout the world of real estate that performing a “criminal records check” is one of the most essential things you can do, as this will allow you to screen potential trouble-makers out. However, performing a reliable & fast criminal records lookup is actually quite difficult if you don’t know what these checks involve, or how they work.

Criminal records checks are 100% legal and are used in a huge number of different instances. The likes of potential employers, new partners, parents and school teachers use them to find out the truth about someone’s past, as well as any defects in their character… meaning that if you want to be able to see if a potential tenant is suitable for your property, you should be looking to use one too.

Performing a criminal records check is all about locating the public records that someone will have stored on file from the government, which will indicate any possible criminal activity in their past. “Criminal Records” are simply the likes of court records, sheriff’s department records, driving offence details, arrest warrants, prison inmate records and other incriminating files. These are stored publicly, which makes it quite easy to find the information you need. 

There are two ways to perform a reliable criminal records check. The first is to use what’s known as official “public records” websites, which are hosted by the government. These sites will give you access to individual types of record, and are generally free to view. You can find these records by looking for “your state” + _____ records into Google. The government sites that come up in these searches should have a “records search” facility, that will allow you to identify any criminal records that someone had. The records you should look for in a criminal records check include:

court records
prison inmate lists
most wanted state records
sheriff’s department records 
driving offences

Although looking through government websites is free, it’s not the best way to find criminal records information, as it often takes a long time and almost never reveals the details you need. Instead, it’s recommended that you use one of the “professional records lookup services” that are now extremely popular online. These services basically work by buying up all the records from around the country and then compiling them into one central database. After that, they will then allow people to search for the information they require, which will reveal all the criminal records details they had in their past. These sites are much more reliable and are used by most real estate developers to check potential tenants.

You can perform tenant criminal records check by using the resources and tools on our website. You can Click Here to perform a criminal records check on a potential tenant.

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Question by vicious: Do you need a clean criminal record to own a gun in Nevada?
Do you need a clean criminal record to own a gun in Las Vegas Nevada?
What are the rules of owning a gun?

Best answer:

Answer by Twisted Wisdom
You can’t have a felony, but misdemeanors won’t stop you

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Pros and cons of hiring someone with a criminal record
Pros and cons of hiring someone with a criminal record. Wednesday – 9/19/2012, 11:41pm ET. WASHINGTON – One quarter of all Americans have a criminal record, according to national task force. And many of them are employable, yet struggling to find work …
Read more on WTOP

Police Exam Guide – How To Pass The Police Test
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Police Exam Guide – How To Pass The Police Test

What do you do when you’re a journalist with an editor demanding an exclusive story for the front page? At News of the World you employed a foul-mouthed private investigator with a criminal record to steal the information you needed. As this investigative doc shows, the News of the World had for many years operated an industrial-scale phone hacking enterprise to get their scoops, hacking even into the phones of murder victims.

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Who Is The Real Stephen Harper?

Anyone attempting to get a read on Canada’s PM, Stephen Harper, will quickly realize that this is a man who is far from transparent. Some have argued that his dominant trait is a Machiavellian willingness to play the political game in order to maximize his winning potential.

The inconsistencies between Harper’s declared political standards and his behavior in parliament were clearly demonstrated this week. His attack on the Liberals for their position on anti-terrorism measures due to expire this month, took the form of a smear directed against the family of backbench MP Navdeep Bains.

The PM made the accusation that the Liberal opposition to the anti-terrorism measures was driven by their desire to prevent further investigation of Bains’s father-in-in-law, Darshan Singh Saini, who is a potential witness in the RCMP’s probe of the 1985 Air India bombing. MP Bains asked twice for a retraction, characterizing Harper’s remarks as an “attack on my integrity and the integrity of my family”. Harper twice refused to comply.

Personalizing the debate about anti-terrorism measures in this fashion is unbecoming in a national leader. The title of the Toronto Star editorial for February 23 2007 is “How much lower will Harper go?”. That pretty much describes the reaction of quite a number of Canadian pundits to his tactics on this issue.

It is important to recall that this is a Prime Minister who came to office as a reformer guaranteeing a new era of political civility. In targeting the Bains’ family in this fashion, he is employing tactics that are anything but civil. In its editorial, the Toronto Star characterized his approach as “the equivalent of of a hockey goon, trying to beat the Liberals by throwing a vicious sucker punch …”.

This is also the PM who has given the green light to some of the most negative attack ads we have seen in Canada. One French language ad insultingly characterized Stephane Dion, the Liberal leader, as “vendu” or “sellout”.

The contradictions between Harper’s declared principles and his actions, are borne out by his flip flops on policy. His political positions appear to be driven by expediency and a ruthless win-at-all-costs agenda.

He recently declared Quebec to be “a nation within Canada”, arguably a form of “special status”, something he is on record opposing. In 2004 he endorsed official bilingualism. Yet this is the same politician who was well known for scoffing at the very notion of bilingualism. In the Calgary Sun in 2001 he is quoted as saying “As a religion, bilingualism is the god that failed”.

On the issue of human rights we find the same contradictions and the willingness to alter political positions in order to court approval. He is on record calling for an end to Human Rights Commissions. In the past he referred to them as – “an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society”. He even characterized them as a form of “totalitarianism”. Despite these sweeping condemnations, we have seen Harper recently position himself as a human rights champion in his relationship with China. The obvious inconsistency between these two positions can be explained by his former opposition to the cozy business connections former Liberal PM Paul Martin enjoyed with the Chinese. So once again the motivations seem less high minded than an exercise in political oneupmanship.

On the environment his positions have also morphed so as to accrue political capital, given the increasing number of voters who are are now concerned about climate change. Harper has moved ninety degrees from characterizations of Kyoto as a “boondoggle” and “a socialist scheme”. Nowadays we find an entirely new tune. Despite his former attacks on the Liberal’s environmental position, he announced a green energy program in January 2007 – one which is basically a new version of the Liberal program which the Conservatives canceled. It’s difficult to overlook the fact that this is the same PM who shortly after his his election win, quietly canceled 15 federal programs that were designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The champion of the “new” federalism, eager to court the Quebec vote, is the same man who sounded like a Western separatist when he called for a “firewall to be built around Alberta”. He even went so far as to propose replacing the RCMP with provincial police.

Despite assuming positions on human rights and the environment that play to progressive credentials, there is little progressive in his views on gay marriage. At one point he threatened to use the Notwithstanding Clause to overturn the Supreme Court’s definition of marriage. He is also on record as stating that it is “vile” to make any comparison between civil rights and gay rights.

On health care the flip flop is virtually a cartwheel plus a back somersault. Harper has a history of hectoring the federal government to get out of the health care business. In 2001 he joined in a letter writing campaign to petition premier Ralph Klein of Alberta to drop out of federal health care altogether. When Klein proposed Alberta initiatives in 2004 that directly contravened the Health Act provisions, Harper refused to stand up for the federal program. Yet these days he is lauding it as invaluable, even saying that his family has long been dependent upon it.

It’s precisely this type of reversal that generates cynicism in Canadians who have been following Harper’s path to the PM’s office. When his position changed as a consequence of being in power, so too the positions that got him elected began to change. In some ways it appears he is attempting to neutralize the Liberals by taking over some of their causes. In any other politician this might be viewed as typical posturing and simply confirm the cynicism a lot of people have about politicians in general. But in Harper’s case a long history of crusading for right wing causes distinguished his course. That was what defined him as a politician. So this sudden readiness to discard or minimize causes that he presented as matters of high principle, is a problem for many who see his moves as a cynical attempt to retain power at all costs.

On the basis of these and other inconsistencies, many Canadians rightly wonder what Harper really stands for.

Aidan Maconachy is a freelance writer and artist based in Ontario. You can view his blog at http://aidanmaconachyblog.blogspot.com/

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation ( PARE ) is an occupational test used to assess a person’s ability to perform the physical demands of Police work. The PARE is used in the selection process of the RCMP applicants, as part of the graduating criteria for cadets at Depot in Regina and throughout the career of the RCMP regular members. The PARE is also used by other law enforcement agencies throughout CANADA such as Parks Canada, The Canadian Senate Protective Service, UN, Corrections Canada etc.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by : Can RCMP officers have tattoos on their shoulders?
I have a tattoo on my shoulder and want to be an RCMP officer after university. You can’t see it even with short sleeves on, I’d have to wear a wifebeater or roll up my sleeve to see it.

Best answer:

Answer by The West Coast Avenger
Most agencies do not want offensive tattoos exposed, Some don’t want any exposed.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
RCMP given audit of bankrupt development authority
Percy Paris says the audit of the South West Shore Development Authority conducted by Ernst & Young has been handed to the RCMP. Paris says it's up to the Mounties to determine whether any laws have been broken. Earlier today, the provincial …
Read more on Cape Breton Post

Go here to join the clan: gta-rcmpclan.ca Video showing what happens at the RCMP clan Depot (training academy). This depot features Class 003 which ended in 2 cadets successfully completing Depot and 2 cadets partially completing Depot. Special thanks to Asst.Comm.Smiddy for being the main instructor at this Depot. Special thanks also to Sgt.Bonehead, Sgt.Manning, Cpl.Robert, and Cst.Harry. This is a special video 🙂

The True Real Practical Relevant Meaning Of Comfort – And We Each Need A Word Of Comfort

apply for a pardon
by lisby1

We hear a lot about Iraq these days and much about Baghdad. There is quite a bit about this geographical area in the Bible. Turn with me to one scenario in Isaiah Chapter 40. There are relevant and practical lessons here for each one of us in these present days.

What is the background to Isaiah Chapter 40 and what could it possibly have to say to us today?

The people of Israel have been captives – prisoners – exiles – in Babylon – modern day Iraq – for around 50 years.

They had been disobedient to God – the Father of our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. They had been given many opportunities to repent – to turn back to God – to say sorry for the way they had been living. They had refused to hear various preachers and prophets sent by God.

How long would they be prisoners? How long would they have to suffer? They were so sad, they could not sing.

There is a lot of sadness around today, with few signs of victory.

The good news is that God’s Anger does not last for ever! God gives His man Isaiah a word to preach – a message to proclaim. It is a word of comfort.

If you need a word of comfort today this word is for you – comfort means to fortress – to strengthen you – the word means “to be with strength” – to make you strong and impregnable like a castle.

God says – Preach to my people – a word of comfort. Tell My People I love them – tell My people – “This is Your God speaking!” O to hear the voice of God – and we hear the voice of God through the Word of God.

Isaiah – comfort My people – comfort My people. Tell my people they have had enough suffering – speak tenderly to my people. Fill them with courage so that they can face what they have to face.

When you comfort someone you do not molly-coddle them. You don’t wrap them in cotton wool and keep them from the truth.

Comforting is putting strength into people’s hearts, and Jesus Christ teaches us that the Holy Spirit is our Comforter. The Holy Spirit gives strength for today and strength for to-morrow.

To tell people that things are all right when they are not is deceitful misleading and lying. God had punished His people Israel for their sins – but now they were being wronged – they were being persecuted in that land of Babylon – and God will save His People when they are wronged. That is our God. “Our God reigns”.

God turns from judgement to mercy – from punishment to pardon – from causing His people suffering to saving them from unjust suffering. Now, that is righteousness – a word we seldom here mentioned today..

Tell my people – speak tenderly to them – let them know that they will soon be going back to Jerusalem.

These are verses to read when you are going through it – when you are being persecuted – when times are difficult. They begin with a whisper and end with a shout.

God is wooing His people – tell her that her hard service is over – it has been completed – her period of suffering and warfare is past. It is the word used for conscription – tell her that she is being demobbed – set free – released from this painful past. She is about to go home – back to Jerusalem. The warfare has stopped – she has paid for her sins – that is past.

Isaiah – cry out – call out to My people – tenderly. “In the desert prepare for the way of the Lord – make a straight smooth road for ME.”

Isaiah – be like a prophetic bulldozer – flatten the bumps – fill in the potholes – I am coming through the desert to My people – and men will see the glory of the Lord.

These words were applied to John the Baptist as he prepared the way for the coming of Jesus. When Jesus comes again it will be like a spiritually dry barren wilderness – but everyone will see it – everyone will know that HE has returned – and the glory of the Lord will be revealed.

God says to Isaiah – CRY OUT – but Isaiah is not very sure what to preach. Tell the people that all men are like grass – their fame and glory is very temporary – they are like flowers in the field on a hot summer’s day. Suddenly they disappear. Tell My People that the Word of the Lord stands for ever. People come and go – but the word of our Lord stands for ever.

Do you need a word to comfort, strengthen and uphold you today? Then, here it is.

Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves on The Children’s Panel in Scotland, and has travelled extensively over these past years teaching, speaking, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 visits to Israel conducting Tours and Pilgrimages, and most recently in Uganda and Kenya, ministering at Pastors and Leaders Seminars, in the poor areas surrounding Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

He broadcasts regularly on WSHO radio out of New Orleans, and writes a weekly commentary at http://www.studylight.org entitled “Word from Scotland” on various biblical themes, as well as a weekly newspaper column.

His M.A. and B.D. degrees are from The University of Edinburgh, and he continues to run and exercise regularly to maintain a level of physical fitness.

Sandy Shaw

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by candy_Apple: Can i apply for a pardon do i have a right to have my background cleared.?
I was charged with drug charges about 3 yrs ago. but the judge threw the case out because it was based on gossip. and also have charges from 12yrs ago when i was a young offender..can i apply for a pardon in saskatchewan for free r do i have 2 pay for one. as far as a pardon goes i have no knowledge of what it is only that if i get one my record will be wiped clean.

Best answer:

Answer by Kojak
Pardons are not sold….. ( unless Clinton is in office)….. A pardon is the forgiveness of a crime and the penalty associated with it. It is granted by a head of state. You in effect are admitting you committed a crime and want that crime expunged.

You said the “crime” was thrown out because of lack of evidence….. so there is no “conviction” to be pardoned….. as a juvenile offender (12 years old)…..your records are sealed….. you can apply for a pardon, ….. claim to have lived an exemplary life and deserve a pardon (your resent legal problems might refute that claim??) but if it is not granted you just admitted guilt.

I think you should let sleeping dogs ….sleep

What do you think? Answer below!
Gov. Bobby Jindal signs bill that will fold Board of Parole into pardon
The state's Board of Pardon, which traditionally makes recommendations on which … The bill, sponsored for the United States Humane Society, will not apply to …
Read more on NOLA.com

Skinit Pardon My French Vinyl Skin for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Get Real With Weight Issues

Okay, now, be honest with yourself and answer me this question: Did you, in your high-school-hood, ever have that feeling where you stood sheepishly afar and stared in jealousy at the “kul” and athletic kids gathering together and giving you or everybody else a look that stirred, truly, annoyance?

I bet you did (otherwise you wouldn’t be here, would you?) Pardon me! Well, but I was no exception either. Lemme tell you that I just hate that moment when I was skulking in a corner at my prom, in a shirt that only fitted Pavarotti and no one else while everybody else glided around, looking so fabulous.

High school was truly a miserable time for us, but let’s face it, it’s worse when we get in college and then get a job, we are shunned – by our darn weight. Not sure about how you feel but I was literally left out of any party just because I can’t squeeze in the latest trend on page 20 of Vogue. We may have the money, but happiness?

It’s all about looking slim and fit now, folks. It’s the real world where the inner beauty, oh yes, is still important but only comes in handy when you make a Gisele-Bundchen gracious and glamorous entrance. Old folks would be sulky and start to boo it, but yes, it’s the REAL world, it’s the harsh truth. Jogging 3 miles a day won’t help, Atkins puts our brains in danger and intense diets will bring us down at any time. Polysuction? How many people are actually willing to have a stick shoved into their body? To put it in a nutshell, it is not as easy for us as you can see in theory.

But there is a way to get through without all those painful procedures, please visit my site for more information: [http://getrealwithweightissues.blogspot.com/]

Luke Mike

Article Source:

Question by Joltin_George: Who do you think George Bush will pardon right before he leaves office?
I heard on Fox News that Bush has is planning to use his Presidential Pardon ability on several people on January 19th. Who do you think it will be?

Best answer:

Answer by Anna P
EVERY president does about 100 pardons before leaving office. This is nothing new nor unusual.

What do you think? Answer below!
11-year-old gets 'presidential pardon'
GOLDEN VALLEY, Mn. – An 11-year-old boy gets a presidential pardon from Barack Obama for missing school. Usually when someone gets a presidential pardon – they've been accused or convicted of a pretty serious crime. Skipping school usually isn't on …
Read more on 9NEWS.com

Je me rappelle le jour Où je t’ai vu mon amour Au détour d’une ruelle Qui aurait pu imaginer Que le destin Fougueux comme je l’étais Aurait pu nous rapprocher Tu m’es apparue si belle À mes yeux comme une étincelle Qui me donne un nouvel avenir Tant de plaisir Je t’aime au-delà de toutes mes limites Tu es ma n°1 baby Je te suis jusqu’au bout Amant ou bien ami Tu seras la seule, je l’avoue [Refrain] : Je me vois Marchant sur nos plaines Pas sans toi Je te voudrais mienne Crois en moi Et que ces mots soient gravés dans de la pierre Oh promets-moi Je me vois Comme dans un poème Pas sans toi Vivre dans la bohème Crois en moi Et que ces mots soient gravés dans la pierre Oh promets-moi Je ne dirai plus les mots Qui touchaient avant J’en ai bien dit trop J’ai fait du mal et perdu trop de temps Aujourd’hui, j’ai tant de regrets Tromper celles qui m’aimaient Blessées de mots cruels Ignorer leurs “stop” Pour tout le mal que j’ai bien pu te faire Je demande pardon Crois moi que j’en ai souffert autrefois Tu es ma n°1 baby Je te suis jusqu’au bout Amant ou bien ami Tu seras la seule, je l’avoue [Refrain] Donne-moi une dernière x3 Chance Tu es ma n°1 baby Je te suis jusqu’au bout Amant ou bien ami Tu seras la seule, je l’avoue [Refrain]
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Penis Enlargment Training Really Great Dating Advice For Those Who Really Want To Get Real

Article by margeneprukop

Be honest how many of these penis male enlargement mistakes are you making? The simple truth is many of the male enhancement products you see in ads these days are nothing more than gimmicks aimed at your pockets than your manhood. If you are serious about boosting your penis size you’d do well to avoid these 2 over-hyped methods (and I will also reveal what has worked for me big time – pardon the pun!)

Are you sick and tired of being undersized where your penis is concerned? The simple truth is more than 80% of all men are just like you feeling insecure about the manhood they have been naturally endowed with. But did you also know that you can naturally transform the size of your penis and finally reverse a lifetime of shame… and get lots of new found confidence to boot?

Many men today are looking for a penis male enlargement exercise that will help them to achieve bigger and better gains on the size of their manhood. While the average penis size can be sufficient for love making…. many men feel that they would like to gain more size on their manhood.

Are you happy with the size of your penis? Do you wish that there was a guaranteed way to enlarge your penis safely? Look no further – It is now guaranteed and safe to add up to 4 inches to your penis size in just a matter of weeks! The best part is you can start TODAY adding length and girth to your penis size. Enlarge your penis now >>

If you are like most men you found yourself wondering at some point in your life whether your penis is large enough. If you found that you wish to make your penis bigger you should read this article to find out what methods are just out there to get your money… and what is the one safe method that really does work.

I had been trying to increase my size for years when I finally found something that worked. I almost couldn’t believe it at the time because when I first began using natural enhancement I didn’t really think it would work. I’d already tried countless methods that hadn’t improved anything at all and so I felt skeptical. But I was amazed at the results and if you want a guaranteed way to grow your penis then I suggest you copy exactly as I did.

In this article I’m going to answer 2 very common questions I get all the time regarding penis male enhancement exercises. First off even if you’re new to penis male enlargement you’d probably have heard about the growing popularity of penis exercises as a genuine approach to add size to your manhood.

Many men out there want to have a bigger penis. A lot of them feel jealousy at the thought of their women having exes who are more well endowed than them. A lot of self esteem and self confidence issues crop up which leads them to take action towards getting larger.

Make U Penis Bigger Penis Enlargement Guide

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