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What to Look For in Lift Recliners

Article by Linda Bruton

In the past, lift recliners were predominantly used for people with medical issues who wanted the comfort of reclining but needed assistance to get out of the chair. However, what the industry is experiencing now is a rise in sales, even in this challenging economy, due to a broadening consumer base. Now young mothers who relax with their newborns at feeding time are realizing the comfort and convenience of lift recliners, along with the Sunday afternoon armchair quarterback and the truck driver just coming home from a long haul. They too are enjoying the ease and cushiness of their recliners – if they can oust their teen gamer enthusiast, that is.

As well as an ever-increasing marketing base, the manufacturers of these recliners have also made the purchase price so affordable that it has given their sales a real “boost,” if you’ll pardon the pun. With a price range from 0 to ,500, almost anyone can enjoy the helping hand offered by lift recliners. If that isn’t enough incentive to look into one, how about the fact that they are now designed to be as fashionable as they are functional? From luxurious leather to practical and easy-to-clean microfiber, and most everything in between, from large to small recliner, your recliner can hold its own with contemporary to traditional decor.

Lift recliners come in a more affordable two- or three-position lift that move from upright to a 40 to 80 degree recline, as well as the Cadillac models that will recline to a 90 degree level, allow you to raise your feet higher than your heart, and come with variable massage speeds and heat settings. One of the most therapeutic lift recliners is the zero gravity lift, which has been designed to provide relief from spine and back issues while improving circulation and expanding lung capacity. These types of lift recliners are not only the most comfortable, but they are also the most likely to be covered by your medical insurance because of the multi-functional, physical relief offered to a patient who suffers chronic pain and discomfort.

The manufacturers of lift recliners have considered every kind of consumer, from the physically infirm to the lazy day luxury lover. Many of their lift recliners include battery back-up in case of power failure and easy-to-operate and store hand-held controls. As well as offering greater independence for the user who can now get out of his or her chair with little to no assistance except the built-in lift, the caregiver is also freed from the fear of muscle or back strain from pulling or lifting their loved one. A word of caution, though! You may find that your lift recliner is so comfortable that you’ll have to give your dog a quick dump out of the chair before you can climb in for a catnap.

About the Author

Looking for a luxurious recliner to relax in after a hard day’s work? Check out our reviews of Berkline recliners and rocker recliners at my site.

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