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Recovering From a Pennsylvania Drivers License Suspension

If you are one of the thousands of drivers in Pennsylvania who have had your license suspended, then you need to be cautious of the steps you take toward restoration. The steps taken leading up to restoration of your driving privilege can be a very slippery slope. You can end up hurting yourself by taking steps that can result in even more suspension time being added to your driving record.

Most suspensions are caused by moving violations that have been ignored and forgotten. These traffic tickets are reported to PennDOT by the courts waiting for response on the citations. This reply to the court is key, as this will determine what gets reported to the DMV as a conviction. It is actually the conviction that results in a term suspension being assessed by PennDOT. When the court notifies PennDOT of convictions like “Driving Under Suspension” or “Reckless Driving” a mandatory license suspension will be assessed ranging from 6 months of suspension time up to 5 years of license revocation.

These older tickets need to be researched to determine what penalties you may incur. Traffic ticket penalties range from monetary fines and community service to license suspension and even possible jail time. With penalties like this, is it worth taking chance? Either you have to know what you are doing or seek professional license restoration help.

Falling into the “Just Pay” trap will result in all of the issues above effecting your license. This can be the worst step you can make yet this may be the one piece of advice each agency will give when looking to restore your license. You have to understand the paying your tickets is one way of responding and removing the indefinite suspension, but doing so will also have you found guilty and may result in the additional penalties associated with each.

Besides the license suspension and fines, you can have other issues with your drivers license by improperly resolving these old tickets. You can be subject to increased points added to your driving record and these points can result in higher insurance or even additional suspension if over 6 or 11 are accrued.

So what should you do now?

Request a copy of your restoration requirements letter from PennDOT. This letter is a basic outline of what notations are holding your license in suspension, and what PennDOT expects you to clear prior to having your license restored. This letter is free, and you can request it be calling PennDOT at their customer service number 1-800-932-4600 or visiting their website at You may also request your restoration letter from any of a number of messenger services throughout Pennsylvania, at an added cost.

Once you know what has your license suspended you are then ready to take action. At this point you should consider hiring a license restoration professional to improve your chances of getting your license back. Finding a professional is as simple as using your favorite search engine. However, if you decide to handle these issues on your own, you should be prepared.

Research the violations, don’t just blindly pay these traffic tickets. make sure you know what violations will cause a suspension. Some of the top violations that cause suspension are;

Driving Under Suspension
Driving Without Insurance
Reckless Driving
Fleeing a Police Officer
Driving With Suspended Registration
Driving Without a License

You should consider fighting these violations, even if you believe you are guilty it might be worth considering a hearing. These hearings can result in removal of suspension time and removal of points. On older traffic tickets you may even be able to have the charges dropped because of the age of the citation. Some of the more serious violations can result in revocation if convicted of 3 or more in a 10 year period. These major violations result in being noted as a habitual offender with PennDOT and change your suspension into a more serious revocation. This revocation allows for enhanced penalties and longer suspension time.

All you need to remember is that there is professional license restoration help if you need it and not to go blindly paying old tickets or you could end up worse that you started.

Vince is a drivers license expert in Pennsylvania. Owner of License Restoration Services Inc. and handles drivers issues throughout the state. has years of experience correcting all of the problems listed in the article, and has successfully saves thousands of years of suspension time. Pennsylvania drivers have been trusting License Restoration Services Inc. to keep them driving legally and guiding them through the issues surrounding their license for over 10 years.

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Question by Mommy Dearest: How long does a suspension stay on your driving record?
My suspension was back in late early 2009 and lasted two months. ( I fell asleep behind the wheel & totalled my car, and had to go thru a series of tests before I was able to drive again). This is the only thing on my record, how long does it take to come off.
I live in California

Best answer:

Answer by red top
it depends on the state your from

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