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Choose a Redesign That Won’t Cause Down Time

Article by Art Jones

The concept of a branding or company redesign on an existing storefront is exciting for the business. One problem that a lot of companies have, however, is the costly down time during the change-over. Some design companies can implement changes without their client losing revenue from closing their doors during construction phases. There are many ways to do this.

SectionsDifferent parts of a business can be changed while the business remains open. This usually involves rearranging the operating portion of the establishment without closing it completely. Areas will be cordoned off one section at a time until the new look is completed. Meanwhile, the rest of the establishment will carry on, business as usual.

After-hoursWhen performing redesign work is impossible during regular hours of operation due to safety hazards or high noise levels, the work can be done when the business’ doors are regularly closed. This may mean that wholesale ceiling or floor changes are made at midnight when the bank or retail outlet is not open anyway.

CustomersThe primary concern is to not inconvenience the customer. They don’t care if someone is remodeling. They need what they need when they need it. Their favorite retail outlet’s shiny new floors are of little or no consequence. The store’s retail interior design is nice to look at, but not crucial to their current mission. If they cannot get it there, they will likely go somewhere else.

WorkersEmployees are the most inconvenienced during a remodel. Their routines are adjusted. This can wreak havoc on simple things, like not having a safe place to stow their coat or purse during working hours, or not being able to hear the radio or television broadcasts they listen to every day. Disrupting routines causes distractions and mistakes that may filter down to the customer.

ClosureOn the other hand, completing remodeling projects by closing a business means no income for the company or its employees. When given the option, most would choose to remain open with inconveniences and awkward routines while earning money. While a business is closed, the larger concern is where are the customers going? When people are diverted from their routines, they find new ones. If one bank is closed, they will visit another. When that bank branch design is complete, will they return to it or continue going to their alternate location? This is one of the risks associated with a commercial remodeling or redesign project.

CostsKeeping a business open during a project has its advantages and disadvantages. The largest is cost. Management must decide whether the presence of contractors is more or less detrimental to a business than closing it down. While customers are generally understanding, it may be helpful to post signs, such as “pardon our dust,” or “we are getting a make-over.” When people are kept in the information loop, they are more likely to take an interest in progress than leave in annoyance. For example, changing an entranceway during a remodel may be frustrating for someone who cannot find their way into a building. An explanatory sign at the old entrance pointing to the new one will solve that problem. Inviting them to keep up with the company’s progress will make them feel included and informed; and, therefore, more likely to return.

About the Author

Author is a freelance writer. For more information on retail interior design please visit http://www.i5design.com/.

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