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American Torture – Reflection Not Retribution Says President Obama

Considering America’s heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity, it is a bit hypocritical and ironic for President Obama to not offer an apology but merely encourage reflection rather than retribution. While I agree retribution is not the path of peace, nor the way to correct past wrongs; it is worthy to note reflection alone will not produce reformation.

What you fail to confront, you cannot correct. President Obama and the American intelligence community (and individual compliant operatives) need to take a deep look into their heart and soul to see exactly what it is they are about. If covert operations and and intel is merely about propping up U.S. imperialism and keeping the dollar afloat globally as a currency, then don’t expect an apology.

If self-righteousness is the order of the day, then President Obama may want to keep encouraging the CIA along their dehumanizing way. If not, at some juncture our President will have to stand up to the Bush administration and provide more than a pardon.

The world is waiting for justice, truth, and freedom (not just rhetoric about freedom) to prevail. President Obama is positioned to show the world what freedom truly is and is not. If he plays the politician and tries to please both parties (thereby preventing justice) he will do the world, the American people, and himself a great disservice.

Justice must be served, wrongs apologized for, restitution paid, crimes punished, and the people of the world (despite their geographical location or socioeconomic pedigree – or lack thereof) protected.

Paul F. Davis is the author of United States of Arrogance and worldwide speaker who has touched over 50 countries & 6 continents

Paul empowers people to love passionately, work together globally, and live their dreams fearlessly.

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Question by : If an illegal alien in the USA is working hard and/or going to school, should we pardon them?
i say no. they are still here illegally…doesn’t matter.

Best answer:

Answer by You heard it here first Folks!!!

They are illegal, end of story.

Go be hard working and go to school in Mexico.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Headland Area Chamber of Commerce seeks new businesses
It is important to us that our members have the tools necessary in achieving success when doing business in our community.” The chamber also supports its members by referring them to potential customers, such as where to get their oil changed, where to …
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I Beg Your Damn Pardon–Was It Something I Said?: The Poetic Prose and Unchained Thoughts of a Contemporary Black Man

I Beg Your Damn Pardon--Was It Something I Said?: The Poetic Prose and Unchained Thoughts of a Contemporary Black Man

“We’re proud to introduce a new, controversial, dynamic book featuring hard-ball prose, and social/racial storytelling delivered with deadly force – a Hell-fire and brimstone style. No other opinionated writer can stand up against the wit and versatility that comes through this obviously caring, unchained package af experiential thoughts and urban prose.

“Engaging and clever as any recent radical Black writer, produced by the same concrete jungles that have given America Jazz, H

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Reflection on Human Nature

pardon granted
by lisby1

Yesterday was Sunday, and I sat for quite a long time pondering what it takes for a person to act as Christian in his walk as he claims to do in his talk, and my derived conclusions about the matter weren’t at all comforting. Reality and the devastating wave of human nature capsized and inundated the fragile boat carrying my last perishable cargo of optimism. Reflections of over a half-a-century of dealing closely with human beings, who have pompously worn the symbol of Jesus on their forehead but, by their behavior, have displayed an affinity to Satan, poignantly gathered in a still stream of conscious recollection, which were as vivid as they were provocative.

If the Judeo-Christian God has freely granted mankind the agency to gradually destroy itself, by first eviscerating its own collective soul through murderous strife and then its material substance through a systematic obliteration of planet ecology, the great master of the universe must know that the world in on its last legs. Yet, with all of the pain and suffering that the practice of abject evil has brought upon the family of man, much more oblivion is inexorably anticipated as the creator of heaven and earth permits the procurator of perdition, man himself, to have a final say in the destruction of this third rock from the sun.

Amazingly, most of the violent deaths which have occurred in the past five-thousand years of human history have been attributed to religious conflicts, of one type or another, more than to any other cause. Recorded history, anthropology, and archaeology reflect this sobering fact. Though the physical, cognitive, and spiritual multi-dimensional nature of modern man makes it possible for a person to be both good and evil at almost the same moment, the conflict that will inevitably result from such an embroilment is utterly indeterminable. From a survey of the historical course of humanity, from Herodotus to the present, religious evil has manifested a much more pervasive influence over human affairs than the power of secular good. This type of crude anti-social behavior conforms exactly to the purest, vilest depiction of human nature. The old, but trite, biblical scripture, “though the spirit is indeed willing, the flesh is weak,” clearly shows the mortal struggle, or, rather, the excusable dilemma, between a greater good and a lesser evil, which has dominated every military confrontation initiated and controlled by underlying religious hierarchal power.

In 1945, when atomic energy was consummated with the success of the U.S. Manhattan Project, and suddenly there was no longer a genuine need for “the bomb” with the surrender of Germany,” General Leslie Grove, the chief military officer in charge of Manhattan, manipulated Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer into finishing “the bomb” through equating American military control of nuclear energy with what was “right, just, and decreed by God.” The report written to President Roosevelt by a group of concerned atomic scientists at the University of Chicago, called political subversives by the FBI and U.S. Army Intelligence, which declared the moral evil of using the atomic bomb against the Japanese, never reached the White House. It was, instead, intercepted by Grove and condescendingly shown to Oppenheimer with the general’s admonition that, “I’ve always believed that the Lord was behind us in this endeavor.” Grove knew that the inflation of Oppenheimer’s ego was the key to the ultimate finalization and use of “the bomb” on Japan. While most of the scientists at Los Alamos were ambivalent and morally uncertain about the military use of atomic energy, it was the cajoling of Oppenheimer and the play on the brilliant doctor’s vanity by Lesllie Grove that led J. Robert to push the project staff to its successful completion.

Invoking a Judeo-Christian mandate by deity, and propagandistically influencing a nation to overwhelmingly believe that God had singularly delivered the power of the atom into American hands was surely as dramatic a play on political pragmatism as the Nazis causing a nation of Germans to believe that the Jewish people were sub-human. As a result of Truman’s decision to use the atomic bombs, which were dropped on two Japanese cities, over 200,000 innocent Japanese people were murdered in the blink of an eye, and thousands of others died later from radiation poisoning.

And so it is that, even now, there are people pretending to be good when they are intrinsically as evil as ancient sin. As there are crimes in the streets committed by desperate men and women driven by physical and mental addictions to rob, kill, and pillage, there are crimes in the suites of high skyscrapers and regal centers of government calculatingly committed by cunningly wealthy men who publicly portray the epitome of moral and spiritual virtue. Which are worse, crimes committed by people driven by poverty and utter social desperation to rob and kill, or those planned in conspiratorial circles and clandestinely carried out by men and women of affluence? These criminally gifted charlatans are capable of deceiving their many supporters into believing that what they do is beyond reproach, when, in fact, their ultimate goals are exactly opposite to the public good. People such as James K. Polk, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Spiro T. Agnew, John Poindexter, Oliver North, Ronald Reagon and, of course, George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld are on this long list of the rich and infamous.

History records that Polk lied and deceived Congress into declaring war against Mexico in 1846. Wilson blatantly lied to the American people, pretending to support neutrality during WWI while secretly preparing for American entry against Germany in 1917. Franklin Roosevelt made secret negotiations with Winston Churchill for American entry into the war against Germany, while manipulating Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor with a foreign policy of economic intimidation. Then Roosevelt knew within forty-eight hours that Japan was going to attack at dawn on December 7, 1941, but ordered that the naval command at Pearl not be warned. Lyndon Johnson knew about the Pentagon Papers and lied to the American public about the status of the Vietnam War. Over fifty-eight thousand Americans died in the protracted Southeast-Asian melee. Almost everyone knows about Richard Nixon, Water Gate, and how Nixon should have been prosecuted instead of pardoned by Gerald Ford. Spiro T. Agnew feigned his honesty and integrity as a public servant and stole money from the taxpayers. Admiral Poindexter lied to Congress and covertly led the Iran-Contra mob in their illegal operations.

Oliver North, a disgraced U.S. Marine, lied to Congress and acted illegally to destroy evidence of his, and others, involvement in the Iran-Contra conspiracy. Ronald Reagan comically scratched his head and, after being asked about his involvement with Iran-Contra, looked convincingly perplexed and replied, “I can’t remember what I did.” And he was believed by Congress, when he was a supposedly accomplished actor.

Of course, we now come to George W. Bush and company, the oligarchy within a republic that has done more since “Dubya’s” inauguration in 2001 to criminally subvert the American nation than other presidential administration since Franklin Roosevelt. Iraq has become another Vietnam with every indication that a permanent American presence in the Middle East is imminent, and that an anti-American terrorist insurgency around the world is proliferating. There is, however, a profound and utterly disgusting difference between those crimes perpetrated in the streets and the crimes planned and executed from the penthouses. This is the awful fact that, while nearly all of the street crime offenders are arrested, tried, and convicted for their violent crimes, the Ivy League offenders, the Skull and Bones conspirators in the centers of corporate capitalism and state and federal government, are seldom indicted, arrested, tried, and convicted for their crimes. If anything, they are allowed to continue their illegal escapades with mere slaps on the hand if they, per chance, are called to account for their conduct.

To walk in the likeness of Jesus doesn’t require perfection, but, rather, that a person try, in every way, to be basically honest and to love his neighbor as himself. Of course, people trying diligently to walk the talk will err from time to time in their attempts to do what is right. But the “masters of deceit”, as the great deceiver, J. Edger Hoover, so vehemently penned, will continue to deceive the American public and work against the ultimate good because of their immunity in a republic that was originally geared to accommodate the wealthy and politically powerful.

Norton R. Nowlin holds M.A. and B.A. degrees from the University of Texas at Tyler. He lives with his wife Diane and works as a paralegal specialist with the Board of Veteran’s Appeals in Washington, D.C. Mr. Nowlin is a regular op-ed columnist for the “Times of Snohomish County,” published by the “Seattle Times.”

Article Source: (শাহরিয়ারের স্বপ্নবিলাস) Dhaka, 20 July 2011 President grants mercy to Laxmipur AL leader Taher’s son in death row President Zillur Rahman has granted mercy to AHM Biplob, a son of ruling party leader Abu Taher of Laxmipur and a death row inmate in much-talked-about Nurul Islam murder case. The clemency came into effect from July 14. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday defended the presidential clemency to ABM Biplob saying that he was a political victim of BNP-Jamaat coalition. National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) chairman Dr Mizanur Rahman also defended the clemency for killer. Biplob, however, is in Laxmipur District Jail as he received a life sentence in two other murder cases. The Divisional Speedy Trial Tribunal of Chittagong on December 9, 2003 condemned five people including Biplob to death for kidnap and murder of Nurul Islam. Nine others were sentenced to life and two to five years in jail in the same case. On September 18, 2000, advocate Nurul Islam, Laxmipur BNP’s the then organising secretary, was abducted and then hacked dead. His body was sliced into pieces and dumped in the river Meghna. The tribunal in its verdict acquitted 15 of the 31 accused. Abu Taher, the then general secretary of Awami League’s Laxmipur district unit, and his wife Nazma Taher were among the acquitted. However, Biplob surrendered before the tribunal on April 6 this year after absconding for over 10 years. Abu Taher then appealed to the

Question by I sat on Morgans Applesauce: During/after the Civil war, what was the general pardon for offenders, granted by the government?
Question says all.

Best answer:

Answer by Bobby T.
Even while the Civil War was in progress, the federal government offered amnesty to Confederate citizens in an attempt to encourage loyalty to the Union and to begin the process of reconstruction. The Confiscation Act of 1862 authorized the president of the United States to pardon anyone involved in the rebellion. The Amnesty Proclamation of December 8, 1863, offered pardons to those who had not held a Confederate civil office, had not mistreated Union prisoners, and would sign an oath of allegiance. Another limited amnesty that targeted Southern civilians came into effect on May 26, 1864.

On April 9th 1865, when Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, the men and officers were “allowed to return to their homes, not to be disturbed by United States authority so long as they observe their paroles and the laws in force where they may reside.” This stipulation allowed Confederate soldiers to return to their homes without the threat of trials for treason.

On May 29, 1865, President Andrew Johnson provided for amnesty and the return of property to those who would take an oath of allegiance. However, former Confederate government officials with the rank of colonel and above from the Confederate army or lieutenant and above from the Confederate navy, and people owning more than $ 20,000 worth of property had to apply for individual pardons. Though it was difficult for ex-Confederates to ask for a pardon for something they did not believe had been wrong, thousands did ask for and receive amnesty from President Johnson.

On Christmas Day 1865, Johnson granted an unconditional pardon to all Civil War participants except high-ranking military and civil officials. In May 1872 the Congressional Amnesty Act gave the right to hold office again to almost all Southern leaders who had been excluded from public office by the 14th Amendment. The Amnesty Act of May 22, 1872 was a United States federal law that removed voting restrictions and office-holding disqualification against most of the secessionists who rebelled in the American Civil War, except for some 500 military leaders of the Confederacy. The original restrictive Act was passed by the United States Congress on May 1866.The 1872 Act affected over 150,000 former Confederate troops who had taken part in the American Civil War.

Give your answer to this question below!
OUR VIEW: Presidential pardon is wrong solution for former Alabama Gov. Don
And not because of those tired, old excuses that many elected officials use to justify their refusal to exercise their very legitimate power to grant pardons and clemency. In essence, they like to say, commuting a sentence or granting a pardon would be …
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Convict pardons, 1 January 1810-31 December 1819: Granted by Major-General Lachlan Macquarie, Governor of New South Wales

Convict pardons, 1 January 1810-31 December 1819: Granted by Major-General Lachlan Macquarie, Governor of New South Wales

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President Must Apologize People of Sri Lanka For Imprisoning General Sarath Fonseka - JVP Lal Kantha

VIDEO: President Must Apologize People of Sri Lanka For Imprisoning General Sarath Fonseka – JVP Lal Kantha. According to Lal Kantha (JVP) Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa must apologize people of Sri Lanka for imprisoning General Sarath Fonseka, the former Commander of Sri Lanka Army who lead his forces to defeat LTTE terrorists. He made this comment referring to a video (link where President Mahinda Rajapaksa says that the existing Constitution describes a clear process to follow if former Army Chief Sarath Fonseka appeals for a pardon. He says that he would evaluate it if and when such an appeal is made using established regulations. The President made these comments when he met leading Buddhist Clergy of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Trincomalee and Vavuniya Districts in Polonnaruwa yesterday where he looked into issues faced by the Buddhist monks of the above areas. (source: 2 Oct 2010, Daily News “Constitution describes pardon procedure'”. The Government declared, just after victory over LTTE, that General Fonseka was the best Army Commander in the world and the President must apologize people for imprisoning their Army Commander who lead his forces to eliminate 30yrs terrorism. Despite intervene of several politicians to negotiate to grant a presidential pardon to General Fonseka president Rajapaksa evade pardon to General Fonseka referring procedures mentioned in Sri Lanka constitution which says it is will of the

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