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Employment Screening – Getting It Done Right

Employment screening means, essentially, checking out a job candidate’s background. Is the person who he or she claims to be, with the qualifications stated in the resume or job application? Does the candidate have any criminal convictions or other disqualifying qualities or issues?

It’s easy to get employment screening done nowadays – a few mouse clicks will get you an online report on just about anybody via one of the hundreds of Web-based employment screening companies out there. But, frankly, many of the screening services being offered online are cursory and, well, unreliable at best. Are you sure you’re really getting a valid, reliable screening report? Will it stand up to scrutiny if a legal issue (e.g., God forbid, a lawsuit) ever happens to your company? To judge this, you need to know a little about employment-related background checking, which is what this brief article is about.

First, you should be aware that pre-employment screening in the U.S. is closely regulated by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and various state employment laws. The law does of course permit employers to conduct background checks on potential employees, but employers are required to disclose in writing to the job applicant that they intend to do so, and if an “adverse action” is taken due to information found in the background check (i.e., the person is not hired), then the employer has to inform the applicant of this and disclose the specific unfavorable information uncovered.

Oftentimes, such unfavorable information consists of a criminal records finding. A thorough pre-employment check should always include a comprehensive criminal records search. If your job candidate has been convicted of fraud or other serious crimes in the past, this is obviously relevant to your employment decision (although the law requires you to consider each case of a criminal record finding on an individual basis in terms of its seriousness and job relevancy.)

It’s also important to be aware that many “third-party” pre-employment screening services (especially Web-based companies) do a less-than-adequate job of searching criminal records. They simply don’t cast a wide enough net in their searches. Most conduct criminal records searches only in the state-of-residence or even just the county-of-residence of the job applicant. So your applicant may have a fraud conviction, or even a lengthy rap sheet, in another state, but come up clean on the pre-employment check.

Many people with criminal records are quite aware of this shortcoming, and simply move out-of-state when job hunting.

That’s why your screening company should run a national database criminal records search as part of the screening process. Unfortunately, the best national criminal records databases currently available to the public are incomplete. They omit data from numerous counties across the country and sometimes contain out-of-date data. So it’s important to supplement the national database criminal records search with onsite searches at county courthouses in your job applicant’s counties-of-residence. All reputable pre-employment screening agencies have this capability.

Accepting your screening agency’s “standard” pre-employment screening report, if it checks for criminal records only in your applicant’s state-of-residence, is clearly inadequate. Your otherwise-impressive applicant may have a history of serious fraud convictions or other crimes in another state.

But even the criminal records searches described above are not enough. To be really thorough, your screening agency must also check:

— Aliases. Has your job candidate been convicted of a crime under another name?
— Warrants. Is your candidate wanted somewhere in the U.S.? Although you can’t legally deny an applicant a job for this reason, you can suggest that he/she reapply once the criminal warrant is cleared up. The same is true if the applicant is out on bail pending prosecution. You can ask the candidate to reapply after appearing in court and clearing the matter. (Note that you can’t legally inquire whether your candidate is in a drug rehabilitation program, however, as this may fall under the Americans With Disabilities Act, and compromise your position should litigation ever occur.)
— Federal convictions, such an income tax evasion, mail fraud, drug trafficking, and immigration law offenses.
— International “wanted” lists, such as Interpol’s.
— And yes, even terrorist watch lists. Why not? — it’s easy to do.

Unfortunately, very few pre-employment screening companies are this thorough. To most, pre-employment screening is a “volume” business and each applicant you submit gets a quick and cursory (not to say “quick and dirty”) once-over. However, if you specifically request the above additional searches, most will comply.

After An Employment Offer Has Been Made

Past workers’ comp claims are the most obvious type of public record to research at this stage. You can’t legally check to determine if your job applicant has a history of making workers’ compensation claims prior to making an offer of employment. Workers’ compensation history searches must always be conducted post-offer. However, this type of information can obviously be a valuable tool in your fraud-fighting arsenal. Not only can it identify habitual claim filers, it can also help your company avoid placing new employees in positions that may pose risk of re-injury.

Note, however, that employers may not rescind an offer due to finding claims and must make a reasonable effort to accommodate a previously-injured worker. Even so, a workers’ comp history search can be useful at the time a new employee is brought aboard in verifying his/her employment record supplied on the job application. If an applicant has failed to list a previous employer against which he/she filed a claim, this says something about the employee’s integrity and likelihood to file future claims.

Currently, workers compensation history data is available in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wyoming. California requires prior written approval by the California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers Compensation Electronic Data Exchange (EDEX). Your pre-employment screening agency should be able to provide the needed forms.

Workers compensation searches are not available in: Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

So criminal records (if thoroughly researched) and workers’ compensation histories can be extremely helpful — what other types of public information might be useful in the investigation of a suspicious claim? There are innumerable categories of records and searches that could be mentioned. Here are a few to consider:

— Civil Suits. You can research civil suits online through most counties’ websites. A good listing of county websites and phone numbers is available on Background Check Gateway.
— Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites. Did your candidate post pictures of himself/herself surfboarding off Malibu while collecting disability? Interesting.
— Newsgroups. Did you know that at Google Groups you can search someone’s postings to newsgroups (of which there are thousands and thousands nowadays) going back years? Yet many people have no idea their postings are public information which can easily be tracked by their name or email address. What’s your candidate talking about these days in the NASCAR Enthusiast newsgroup?
— Blogs. Same principle. If your candidate, like millions of us, keeps a chatty public diary online (i.e., blog), you can listen in via IceRocket.com.
— Career sites. Is your candidate applying for other jobs by posting a resume on Monster.com or other career sites? It might be revealing to find out what qualifications he/she is claiming in those applications.

— Real Estate. Has your candidate recently taken out a mortgage on a new house or condo? This can be an indicator of financial stability, an important qualification for many types of positions. You can research this at SearchSystems.net, among many other sites.

Accessing public records used to be an incredibly difficult chore. Your main tool in the “old days” was shoe leather as you plodded from courthouse to courthouse digging out dusty records. Now, with the Internet, it’s easy. You can access public records on your job applicant or employee which are scattered nationwide in minutes. Give it a try and you’ll soon wonder why you never made full use of public records as an employment-screening tool before!

Joseph Ryan is director of Washington Research Associates, Inc., which provides employment screening services for small business clients at http://www.E-EmploymentScreening.net.

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A top official of the Miss South Carolina pageant has been charged with “sexual battery” involving a young girl in an Easley hotel three years ago, according to warrants. Joseph Pettigrew Sanders, 44, of 237 Sanders Road in Liberty, was charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor under the age of 11 in connection with a 12-year-old girl’s complaint this summer that she was molested in an Easley Comfort Inn sometime during 2005, according to arrest warrants. Also charged is Anita Jordan Gearhart, 52, who faces two counts of unlawful conduct with a child, according to warrants, which list her address as the same as Sanders’. On Friday, Easley Police Maj. Tim Tollison said Sanders is associated with the pageant but that the alleged misconduct didn’t occur as part of pageant activities. Joe P. Sanders III, the pageant’s president and CEO, on Friday referred questions from The Greenville News regarding his son to his son’s attorney, William Coates. Coates couldn’t be reached Friday for comment. The Associated Press reported that Coates said in a statement that his client denies the charges and expects to be exonerated. When asked by The Greenville News if his son was still affiliated with the organization, the elder Sanders asked: “Is he still on the Web site?” A Google search snapshot of the Miss South Carolina Organization Web site on July 11 showed a page reflecting “Joseph P. (Joey) Sanders IV” as vice president and executive director
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Question by crazytrain_23_78: Why aren’t libs cheering Obama’s successes nearly 3 years in instead of?
being hypocritical in each and every question they ask? I mean he was the great saviour right? Tearing down corporate control of Government…. Bringing America back together….Transparancy in government… No political lobby in the white house….etc..etc…blah… blah….blah.

Lib: you know republicans are corporate puppets and slaves to the bankers dont you? Realists: Umm Obama’s 2nd largest contributor has been Goldman Sachs…..Yes….that goldman Sachs. Also close to the top..J P Morgan Chase…Citigroup….UBS… and Morgan Stanley. Again yes…. that Morgan Stanley.

Lib: All republicans are for keeping guns legal and arming criminals! Realist: Obama and Holder has overseen thousands of assault weapons being given directly to the Mexican Cartels and criminals. Not in a round about way… nooo….DIRECTLY to the Mexican Cartels. One of which has killed an American Border agent and countless other unreported civilain deaths.

Lib: Republicans are the party of NO! Realist: Oh please. Liberals held super majorties in Congress from 2008 to 2010 and couldn’t even PASS A BUDGET! They only succeeded in putting this country in debt faster than not only one single president… but all other presidents combined. this included funding the War of 1812, Civil War, WW 1, New Deal, WW 2, Korea, Putting a man on the moon, Vietnam, Cold War buildup, Space Shuttle Program, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Liberals: Bush sunk this country! Realist: The country was fine up until what party completely took over Congress? What party did the people that gave a vote of confidence in Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac belong to? What party said that banks should lend money to people that didn’t qualify for loans to buy homes they couldn’t pay for? And Obama is trying to blame republicans in the house when his own jobs plan will not currenly pass the democratically controlled Senate as it stands?

Libs: People should pay their fair share! Tax the rich! Realist: Most of the people screaming this DONT EVEN PAY TAXES. How much taxes are the “occupy Wall Street” crowd paying? Hard to pay it when selfishly demanding their debts be forgiven while holding signs and sipping corporate scum coffie and using their corporate scum phone, tablet, and I Pod. Truth..Nearly half of the people in this country don’t pay a dime of income tax…..Yet…..It is “fair” for successful people to pay more? How about this liberals…put down the signs…take a shower….search for a job instead of wasting time and killing business where people have shops needing … and take a piece of advice from JFK. When you don’t contribute… shut your trap about someone not giving enough.

Libs: The big bad corporations take jobs overseas and Obama will stop that. Realist: Obama’s…ahem…Jobs czar has sent GE jobs overseas while he has served as the jobs czar for the adminstration. At the very same time, Obama is in full favor of keeping people in South Carolina unemployed while his adminstration blocks the opening of a Boeing plant in South Carolina. No laws are being broken by Boeing as the union plants are still operating a full capacity. Oh yea… and GE paid very little or no tax last year…again…as Emmelt is serving as jobs Czar. Hilarious. Sounds like a sweet deal for GE doesn’t it libbies?

Libs: Obama cares for the environment! realist: BP and it’s employees has donated more money to Obama than ANY other canidate..ever…ever ever. BP also spent nearly 16 million on lobbying in 09. Remember about the statement about lobbying and the white house? And again what company’s well pumped millions of gallons of oil in the gulf? And how fast did Obama respond??

Libs: The Stimulus saved the world! Realist: One of the great lies of the administraton. His so called trained economists told him the stimulus would no let the unemployment rate go above 8%. Oh but it did, quickly, on his and the full liberal watch, and has remained as the money has ran out. But somehow, Obama has his sheep believing that it was just a small miscalculation that the unemployment rate went so high, but it did what it was supposed to do nonetheless. that’s hysterical.

So what happened to the Hope and Change Motto? It was driven into the ground in 08 wasn’t it? If this presidency has been successful, why not stick to it? If this presidency has been so successful, then why not tout his accomplishments instead of asking trolling questions about republicans??
Dead on Kev my man…dead on.
I dunno IChee… I seem to remember about terrorist needing due process remember? Remember how horrific it was to hold terrorists in Cuba denying them due process and Obama was going to try them in the US? Mark down another Lib lie and failure.
Boy..the silence sure is telling guys. You have answered my question by not saying a word. Oh feel free to keep up your hypocritical trolling questions.

Best answer:

Answer by Kevin
since when have you ever seen or heard of liberals taking responsibility for their failures?

it’s much easier to blame others…

Give your answer to this question below!
Federal report tracks N.Y. crime guns to many states
ALBANY, N.Y. — Most guns recovered from New York crimes last year originated in states with fewer legal restrictions, though the largest single source remains New York itself, where 1595 were first purchased, federal data show. The Bureau of Alcohol …
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Robert Dodson Law Personal Injury Columbia Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer in Columbia South Carolina robertdodsonlaw.com Welcome to the law offices of Robert Dodson A personal injury law firm Which represents the hardworking individual, with a laser-like focus, with a solid dedication, and extensive experience with insurance companies, You can rest assured, that our personalized service, will aggressively pursue, what you deserve. Follow, like, connect and search for more information, and contact us today to get a free initial consultation.
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How to Check Criminal History – Check Criminal Records Online Right Now

Checking people’s criminal histories has never been easier than what it is today. If you wish to check someone’s criminal history, you can do so today and you’ll never have to leave your computer when doing it!

How to Check Criminal Records Online

The mistake that many people make when they want to start checking criminal history records is that they look from all the wrong places. Either they want to find a free criminal background check or they just end up using a bad criminal background check service.

First of all, there are no free services that allow you to check criminal records. Secondly, if you end up using a bad service, you may not get the information that you are looking for, which would really be a shame.

What you want to use to find out someone’s criminal history is a service that is reliable and offers you all the information that you are looking for. This is the way for you to find out what you wanted to find out about a certain person.

With the best criminal record check services you get tons of information. With them you can search for criminal record information, inmate information, absconders, arrests records, court records, convictions, sentencing files, sex offender information and much more. You basically get all the criminal history information that you could ever wish for.

The best services that allow you to start checking people’s criminal record information, will naturally charge you a small one time fee. However, if you really do need that information, it is well worth your money.

Mr. Charles Gordon thanks you for reading. If you wish to check criminal history records right now, he recommends for you to get immediate access to this criminal record check service. It is currently the very best of all such services and it will give you all the information that you could ever possibly want.

Article Source:

www.presstv.com Is being poor a crime in America? Are poor people also the majority of drug users? These questions and much mo0re are discussed in this episode of American Dream.

Question by E-Street Band: What can i do with a security services management major, or criminal justice, what jobs can i get and rise to?

Best answer:

Answer by GarrettM
was actually a Loss Prevention Associate at Wal-Mart. It was my job to stop shoplifters. There were so many rules to follow and it seemed the suspects had more rights than I did. I was recently fired because I mentioned to a Pregnant customer , that it was not a good idea to drink the stolen alcohol in the store. She became highly upset and because she was pregnant ,as per Wal- mart rules I didn’t detain her. She became enraged and kept saying she didn’t steal anything…she didn’t think drinking wine coolers counted. I was confident that I would be ok since She was the one that broke the law and I followed the book. All my immediate managers agreed. The woman ended up calling corp and they PAID HER a sum and agreed to fire me.

What do you think? Answer below!
Man accused of more than 50 hunting, fishing crimes
The Maine Warden Service says 38-year-old Joseph Deleskey faces charges including possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, criminal trespass, hunting deer after having killed one, and driving deer. The indictment was the result of an 18-month …
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Statistics in Criminal Justice

Statistics in Criminal Justice

  NEW AND REVISED THIRD EDITION This book introduces basic statistics and statistical concepts, with each chapter building in sophistication to prepare for the concepts that follow. Emphasizing comprehension and interpretation over computation, the book still takes a serious approach to statistics, tailored to the real world of crime and justice. The updated and expanded 3rd edition includes additional chapter-end exercises; expanded computer exercises that can be performed in the Student

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Throughout the video the cop treats the victim like a criminal.The cop tries to justify his actions by blaming the victim for telling lies to the police in the past.The victim was never convicted of any crime.The victim proved in court that the Brantford Police misstreated him,that the Brantford Police on many occasions did not act to protect and stop the victim from being threatened and harassed.The court found that police reports(Mark Baxter included) were not truthfull and counterdicted what was on video.All of this is a matter of public record.The case was in front of two courts and two judges.Both judges agreed 100% with the victim,and NOT the Brantford police.This news group was given hours of footage from thoes cases and will be publishing more videos to show the REAL TRUTH.

Pardons Are a Privilege Not a Right in Canada

It may just be that the Canadian justice system could include more people in the process of rehabilitation and reform by seeing that they are guided through the pardon system and motivated to become productive citizens more efficiently. The system for discharging former convictions leaves the onus solely on the released offender to take care of the proceedings. This article will explore ideas that could result in a greater awareness of this privilege and services to assist them. Perhaps there would be less recidivism if loans and counseling were available to make sure everyone has a chance to get their pardon as soon as they are eligible.

Those who have been incarcerated or been assessed fines or probation for criminal offences are left with a criminal record that can affect future employment and ability to travel. If there is a job for which you must be bonded, the criminal record will prevent you from being hired. While it is true that most people who managed to get into trouble aren’t executives, if they were they wouldn’t be able to sit on a board of directors. They wouldn’t be able to buy a franchise or obtain a liquor license to open a restaurant or a bar. There is even difficulty enrolling in an education program.

There are two respective waiting periods to apply for a pardon after the sentence has been completely satisfied: five years for Indictable Offences and three years for the less serious Summary Offences. The reason that counseling and assistance for getting Canadian pardons should be available for borderline offenders is that it will provide less opportunity for another slip-up that would result in another charge, especially for those who may have some resentment towards society if they feel shut out. It doesn’t take much for a flash of temper to ignite some situation out of proportion.

Criminals who have been guests of the state for any length of time usually have a different perspective on how they should be treated so there should be a social worker or other third party assigned to notify the offender that the waiting period is up and that assistance is available if the fee is the only problem. It may be that they haven’t been told of the benefits of asking for the pardon.

There are many pardon services companies in operation to do the work and streamline the application. It would seem logical that the fees on applications collected by the National Parole Board could go back into looking for more people to pardon as soon as possible, even if they have to lend them the money. This could create a greater percentage of former offenders with clear records who are ready to go full steam into any work they like. Moreover, they may need to travel out of the country to work and require a U.S.A. entry waiver to cross the border or go through an airport.

Of course a pardon is not an automatic right but a privilege that must be earned. If some flexibility was put into place however, it could make a positive difference in hundreds of lives. Part of building a career is motivation and not everyone can be self-motivated, they often need a hand up.


Pat Boardman is an SEO Consultant writing in regards to Assured Pardons who help those with criminal records get a pardon, U.S. entry waivers, and to help with criminal record destruction to clear arrest records.

This song is from the soundtrack, One from the Heart. One from the Heart album information: One from the Heart is a soundtrack album of Tom Waits compositions for the Francis Ford Coppola film of the same name. It was recorded from October 1980 to September 1981 and released in February 1982. It was during this period that Waits met his wife Kathleen Brennan, an employee at the studio where it was recorded. Crystal Gayle features prominently on the record, performing either solo or in duets with Waits. The soundtrack was nominated for an Academy Award for Original Music Score. Tom Waits information: Thomas Alan ‘Tom’ Waits (born December 7, 1949) is an American singer-songwriter, composer and actor. Waits has a distinctive voice, described by critic Daniel Durchholz as sounding “like it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a car.” With this trademark growl, his incorporation of pre-rock music styles such as blues, jazz, and vaudeville and experimental tendencies verging on industrial music, Waits has built up a distinctive musical persona. He has worked as a composer for movies and musical plays and as a supporting actor in films, including Down By Law and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his soundtrack work on One from the Heart. Lyrically, Waits’ songs frequently present atmospheric portrayals of grotesque, often seedy characters and places — although he
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Question by «»RUBY«»: Twenty million people in the USA illegally and because of the high numbers?
our government is considering giving them amnesty. Wow! So if hundreds of thousands of legal citizens just decide to no longer pay federal taxes, they will pardon us won’t they?Is not paying your federal taxes any more illegal than entering the USA illegally? How could it be any more WRONG?
‘fierce’ gutless guy- Why do you attack me and call me the names you call your wife? You are such a loser. You would be dead if you called me that name in the presence of my husband. You are obviously one of the illegals or a supporter of them. Name calling is so typical of their childlike mentality. They (you) want someone else to feed them, clothe them, house them, take care of them, just like little children. Their days ore numbered in the USA. I guess you imbeciles will go out kicking and screaming just like little wimpy kids. LMAO *\(^_^)/*
No my people are not immigrants. They were the first people to inhabit this land. YOU are the invader!!
agnostic “lack of” logic–You insignificant excuse for a ‘man’. Grow up and stop calling people names. You sound like you belong in Mexico with those people of childlike mentality, who call names when things don’t go their way. whine whine whine, cry me a river, oh boo-hoo,
agnostic – Who am I to deny them? I’m a legal, law abiding, tax paying, voting, citizen of the USA. MY country has laws against illegal entry, and WE have DEMANDED those laws be enforced and ILLEGAL people are getting DEPORTED every DAY, you can go with them. Illegal people are OUTTA’ HERE!! LMFAO!!

Best answer:

Answer by socalgal
They aren’t giving anyone amnesty.

What do you think? Answer below!
US talking to Israel and others about Syria's chemical weapons
U.S. officials worry Israel could feel compelled to attack and destroy Syria's chemical weapons if Israel feels directly threatened as the violence in Syria grows and the Assad regime's grip on power weakens, a senior U.S. official told CNN. Defense …
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Songwriter Denouncing Citizenship To Avoid Taxes

*”Denise Rich, the wealthy socialite and former wife of pardoned billionaire trader Marc Rich, has given up her US citizenship – and, with it, much of her US tax bill.” Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss just how loathsome this woman is and talk about how President Bill Clinton is related to the story. *Read more: www.msnbc.msn.com Support The Young Turks by Subscribing bit.ly Like Us on Facebook: www.fb.com Follow Us on Twitter: twitter.com Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here: www.current.com
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Right Techniques Helpful In Leads

how to get a pardon
by JStove

People on the road to facilitate develop into involved in pursuing a complex Marketing Business are departure to hold to some tools in order to manipulate their contract. Now there are lots of opinions as to unerringly what tools you are going away to need, although there is no question in provisions of the essential ones that you preference have to assert. In this object I will outline the must have Network Marketing Tools that every MLM’er must have in order to run there commerce.

Effective lead generation for real estate should be in tune with current market lifestyles. If people today are more inclined to use the Internet for their home buying and selling processes, the enterprising agent should consequently utilize online tools for their sales and marketing services to connect more with potential clients.

Free lead generation will always come by virtue of online social networking. To generate leads you have to join a site with numerous members and make sure that the people you are networking with are interested or rather they are related professionally or socially with the product you are marketing. The reason for these is to ensure that you keep getting advice and ideas from people who are well conversant with the product. A small business can grow massively from lead origination. There are free lead generation tools that can make your business or product sky-rocket in terms of making profits and reaching a huge target market. Lead Generation Software is an easy way to achieve success.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the topic lead production tools accessible today? proviso you do, you are not alone. When it comes generating leads, it can be there inflexible just before work out pardon? tactics so well so tools are right used for your needs. How greatly should you draw upon accepted marketing tactics? Do you be knowledgeable regarding enough around round about of the newer internet marketing tools then tactics on the way just before utilization them effectively? And, how make you appreciate which tools are right for partnership customers in the same way as contrasting near consumer marketing?

First step in every sales process is to create sales leads. These leads are the ability clients for a outcome or service. Targeted leads will help your organization to get a high conversion rate. Many small firm owners are able to generate generic leads but they have little sales conversion rate. You can even purchase sales leads. You can pay for the services that provide leads. Clearly define your requirements to have targeted leads. You can, for example, state the fact that you are targeting companies with one thousand employees or more. Your sales victory potential will increase manifold if you use these sales leads well. It’s foremost to contact a respectable company for purchasing list of sales leads.

Effective lead generation for real estate should be in tune with current market lifestyles.

Article Source:

Dashing pilot Arun – Rajesh Khanna loves Vandana Tripathi – Sharmila Tagore, they become very intimate, and as a result Vandana gets pregnant. Arun and Vandana have a quiet wedding ceremony in the temple, and Arun leaves to re-join his duties. Unfortunately, Arun is killed, and Vandana is unable to convince anyone of her marriage with him, and as such must re-locate to hide her shame. She gives birth to a baby boy, whom she must place in an orphanage to be adopted. Unfortunately for her, the boy, Suraj, is adopted by someone else. She manages to find out their whereabouts, and gets a job as a servant. When she is about to be molested by Shyam, a relative, Suraj witnesses this, and kills him. Vandana takes the blame for this killing and is sentenced to imprisonment, leaving her son and her life behind, for a crime she did not commit. When she returns everything has changed, and she is unable to locate the family where her son was. Fantastic music and a dashing leading man aside, the main reason why Aradhana works is perhaps because of the wonderful story line and direction.

24-Year-Old Gets 3 Life Terms in Prison for Witnessing a Drug Deal: The Ugly
Applications to the Office of the Pardon Attorney, the branch of the Justice Department that reviews commutation requests, have reached thousands each year. “The federal prison system has grown five-fold," says Michael Santos, a long-term prisoner who …
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The Michael Feinstein Anthology

The definitive collection of performances by the Grammy nominated singer features 43 tracks from 14 albums released by Elektra, Elektra Nonesuch, and Atlantic labels from 1987-1996. Plus 8 previously unreleased live tracks only available here ‘Rhode Island is Famous For You’, ‘S Wonderful’, ‘Alexander’s Ragtime Band’, ‘I Love A Piano’, ‘Patisserie’, ‘Get Out And Get Under The Moon’ (with Page Cavanaugh), ‘Love Is Here To Stay’ & ‘Violin’ (with Liza Minnelli). 2 Digipacks housed in a slipc

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That's What Makes the World Go Round

That’s What Makes the World Go Round from ‘The Sword in the Stone’.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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How to Find the Right Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Wedding

what is pardon
by skampy

Article by LucasScott

The kind of bridesmaid dresses your bridal attendants should should wear depends on the type of wedding you end up having.

What’s your wedding theme?

Do you have a particular theme in mind? For instance, if you had a nautical theme for your wedding as a whole, you might want to have special sailor-style dresses for your bridesmaids.

Likewise, an Irish theme wedding might have bridesmaids in traditional Celtic apparel. A casual beach wedding calls for sundresses in a fun print or perhaps a solid linen to match your flowers.

Plan your bridesmaid dresses based on your budget

You should select bridesmaid dresses that are not only complementary to your wedding dress and overall wedding theme, but you also need to consider whether your choice of dress is also affordable for your bridesmaids, who often don’t have the same budget as you do for your dress.

If your bridesmaids cannot afford a fancy dress, you should pay for them yourself rather than force them to forfeit their role in your wedding. More than one wedding has been ruined because of hurt feelings, and it’s easy to overcome them if you show a little sensitivity to your bridesmaids’ needs.

Bridesmaid dresses for a large wedding?

If you have a large wedding party, you might want to select different dresses for your attendants other than the maid/matron of honor. Then you can come up with a special dress for your maid of honor that has extra-special touches to let her shine.

Large bridesmaids?

Pardon the pun in that subhead, but sometimes your bridesmaids have figure problems that you don’t. In those cases, you should try to ensure that they look their best in the bridesmaid dresses you choose for your bridal attendants.

Slightly overweight bridesmaids will feel uncomfortable in tight bridesmaid dresses that don’t complement their figures — and your tomboyish friends won’t want to wear lilac ruffles and frills.

Shoes to match your bridesmaid dresses

On the one hand, you want all of your bridesmaids to dress similarly to create an overall image for your wedding. But shoes are a very personal thing. What one person is comfortable wearing might cause tremendous pain to another bridesmaid.

As a result, your bridesmaids’ shoes should be selected based on their style and comfort level. To make things simpler and ensure that your bridesmaids’ tootsies are comfy enough to dance all night at your reception, you can ask them to choose shoes to suit their tastes in an appropriate color if you’d like — taking the pressure off of you to choose for them in the process.

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