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The How-to Guide on Runescape

Article by Youxijingling

Tired of seeing your friends on Runescape with much better armor, and more money than you? Well buddy, today’s your lucky day. I’m going to teach you how to be a awesome player on Runescape. Starting Out: Once your finished the tutorial on Runescape you’ll probably have no clue on where to make cash, get some stats up, and do some fun quests. If you wanna be a skiller, not a killer on Runescape, this is what you do. If you first start out i would recommened the two following quests to do first. Cook’s Assistant, and Sheep Shearer. I would recommend doing Cook’s Assistant first, (because Sheep Shearer is a bit more hard work). You go inside the Lumbridge Castle, where eventually you will find the Cook (the man you start the quest for) who is in distress because he doesn’t have enough ingredients to make his cake for the Duke Of Lumbridge. He will ask you to get him one Super Large Egg, Extra Fine Flower, and a Extra Quality bucket of milk. These items can be obtained at the Lumbridge Mill, The area where the cows are (just by northwest of Lumbride, by the goblins), and any place in Lumbridge Where there are lot’s of chickens near by, (one of them is near the cow farm place). Once you have obtained the items, go back to the Lumbridge Castle and give him the items, you will be rewarded with 300 cooking experiance (pardon me if i spelled it wrong). Twenty cooked sardines, and a couple hundred coins. That should get you started, and to get an easy 20k (K stands for thousands) is the Stronghold of Security, And the Safety Area with cockroaches. After you’ve done C.A (Cook’s Assistant) remember those sardines you got? You must bring at least well, all of them for The Stronghold of Security, because while running through all the floors, high level monsters WILL attack you. After a series of panicky running from high level monsters (such as zombies). After you have completed getting through all the floors, you will be rewared 10,000 coins and a series of boots, from which you choose (fancy boots, or fighting boots). For the Safety Thing (it’s located north of the Barbarian Village, if you can’t find it ask one of you higher level friends on Runescape to help find it for you, they’ve probably done it before), you don’t need any food, unless you attack a high level cockroach, then your dead. After walking through a series of cockroaches and opening the jail door. You will recieve another 10,000 G.P (Gold Points) and cool gloves called Safety Gloves. Easy 20,000 coins or what? To keep making G.Ps i would recommened taking up sorts of quests, killing monsters, and skilling (such as woodcutting, or mining, or fishing,Runescape Money). Your Now Decent: After a series of leveling up, and money making. You find that your money making skills aren’t as effective as they used to be, That’s because the higher level you are, the more better weapons and armor, and more G.P you need. Now your in Varrock still cutting down what?, Oak trees? And you have 60 woodcutting, or 40 fishing? Buddy! the levels your at you can make double the G.P then you have! At 60 woodcutting you can chop down a tree called Yew Trees, they make around 10-20k per inventory! At 40 fishing, you can fish lobsters! Which Free to Play players go gaga for. And you now at the level your at you can kill level 28 Hill Giants, you can find them in a dungeon close to the Barbarian Village. Their big bones can make you a really decent profit! And if you have 40 defence you can wield the best armor in Free To Play worlds, (Buy Rs Gold, because i still imagine you’d be a non-members by now, if you are a member at this kind of level, waste of your money!). Rune Armor. If you become a high enough level and earn enough Quest Points, you can wield the awesome Rune Platebody! AFTER finishing Dragon Slayer, the most hard, most cool quest of all in F2P, when you finish it, you will always remember how exciting it was slaying Elvarg. The level 83 dragon which you must defeat. So you really should be doing this when you have stats around this level. Now you need some membership: What is membership you ask? It’s a different kind of version of F2P (free to play) but in membership A.K.A P2P (Pay to Play,Runescape Gold) There’s more weapons, more quests (ALOT more quests) and new kinds of magic spells. Membership for 1 month will cost .95, for a year it costs . So kind of annoying you gotta pay for it, but it’s so awesome and worth it! Plus in P2P there’s new member skills! Such as Theiving, Summoning, Hunter, etc. Once your members have a blast training all those new skills, and all those new quests. You have become pro: Congratulations, you are now good player in Runescape, you have learned all the basics, how to make the most money. And gotten the bragging rights to rub it in your friends’s faces. Oh yeah did i mention Pking? Pking stands for Player-Killing which is really fun, because in Pking you can kill other players and get THEIR stuff! So Pking is one of the most fun things in Runescape (well in my and most people’s thoughts). -Hope this guide was helpful!

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