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Expungement Services – Difference Between Expunge and Sealing Records

Most of the people around the world are not having much knowledge about expungement services. However, some of those people are having knowledge regarding these services. The exact meaning for this expunges means to erase or seal. Unfortunately, due to some issues, some of the persons are involved in some criminal activities. However, these people would not like to treat them as a criminal for all his life. Most of them are doing not want to follow this record with him forever. One important point to consider that the criminal arrest or some records will definitely create hectic problems in personal and professional life. Wherever you go through your criminal record will follow you and creates so many issues. The main disadvantage with these records is you are unable to get a professional job. Most of Employers in the country would like to give the opportunity for the people who do not have any criminal back ground. And the society is also not ready to help in any way. Most of the people would not like to keep relations with them. Sometimes, even friends and relative are maintaining some distance to looking at his as an infected one.

These types of treatments will start feeling frustrated. However, there is some excellent legal organization are offering some fine services would definitely help you to erase your past criminal record. Please make sure that you are not spoiling your professional career with criminal records. Everyone hopes are to erase these criminal records. However, with these services, you are able to clear your records legally, and you will get a right to obtain a good professional career. After erasing your past criminal records, you are able to start leading a fresh life without any issues. Most of the times you will get a professional job depending upon your qualifications in well established companies. For this instance, there are so many legal firms are offering these wonderful services to their valuable clients. If you are arrested ad not convicted in a crime, you can expunge or seal the record of your arrest. However, you need to so many things before selecting the best legal firm for your needs. First of all, the firm should be licensed one, and it is able to provide excellent customer services with professional employees.

When it comes to expungement, you are able to apply for an expungement if the judge dismissed all the charges in the case other wide the judge dropped by the state and did not proceed to trial. When it comes to sealing, if you are guilty in a charge after a trial, then you are able to apply for expungement by paying some amount to the court. And also if you are completed all parts of your sentence, and paying all fines, then there is a chance to erase your records. Finally, there are some well established and experienced laws firms are offering some excellent expungement services to their customers. For more information and details, please visit their valuable website.

Myrecordcleared mission offers criminal record expungement and clemency opportunities to the millions of persons with criminal records.To know more about how to expunge criminal records, make sure you visit our website.

Article Source: http Private Investigator Investigation Investigative Services Toll Free:(800) 215-9996 Phone:(949) 833-0505 Fax:(949) 833-0511 CA PI Lic. #16757 – discreet and confidential consultation. Former NYPD Sargent offers investigative services in California, across the Nation and International. Private investigator Mission Viejo Investigation Investigative Services Orange county private investigator school private investigator fees private investigator equipment private investigator license private investigator salary private investigator jobs how to become a private investigator private investigator cost Venezia Investigative Services is a professional private investigations firm based in Orange County, California. Venezia Investigative Services is licensed by the State of California through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Venezia Investigative Services has been providing investigative and intelligence services to the legal and business community since 1995, offering a complete portfolio of investigations and litigation support to law firms, individuals, municipalities, corporations and insurance companies. Our work has been noted on television, radio, magazines, trade journals and newspapers. Our investigative staff is comprised of top-level investigation professionals with diverse backgrounds and unequaled investigative skills from the law enforcement community to the business industry. With

Question by Deana: Are there any good people search services where I can do background checks, find criminal records,etc.?
I have tried a few services, like net detective, and found that they only provide the names of other services or tell you how to obtain public information. The resources they refer you to, of course, charge for their services as well. Does anyone know of a service in which you can find the information you want solely through them?

Best answer:

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Make it a crime to manipulate Libor
The BBA will now be cleared off the Libor pitch and external regulation imposed. That is clearly necessary. But a mass of technical issues remain for Martin Wheatley, the Financial Services Authority official leading the inquiry, to address in his …
Read more on The Guardian (blog)

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How To Beat Collections

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Complete video at: “Inside Job” director Charles Ferguson names a few of the known crimes investment banks were involved in that contributed to the economic collapse — all of which remain unprosecuted. —– Could the global economic meltdown of the last few years have been prevented? Academy award-nominated filmmaker Ferguson believes that the crisis was no accident. His latest documentary, “Inside Job,” makes the powerful case that an out-of-control finance industry took advantage of a deregulated atmosphere and purposely sought to get rich at the expense of others. Through extensive interviews with financial insiders and government officials, Ferguson crossed the globe to find proof that the financial industry intentionally engaged in unethical behavior. His gripping account of the global recession is sure to evoke feelings of disgust, anger, and concern that this all may happen again unless our regulatory system is changed. Ferguson’s previous film, “No End in Sight,” was nominated for an Oscar. “Inside Job” is already being touted as an early favorite to win this year’s award for Best Documentary (Feature). – The Commonwealth Club of California
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Sealing and Expunging a Criminal Record – Benefits and Reasons for Denial

As a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale, I oftentimes receive inquiries regarding whether a client is eligible to seal or expunge their criminal record. I created this “cheat sheet” for my clients to understand the benefits of sealing or expunging a criminal record and the common reasons for denial.

Due to the economic downturn, the unemployment rate in the United States is hovering around 9%-10%. As a result, employers can be very particular with their new hires and may preclude hiring an individual with any criminal record. Worse yet, with advances in technology, employers can inexpensively uncover your criminal history from anywhere in the United States with no time limitations. I recently had a client fired from his job for not disclosing a misdemeanor marijuana charge from 1978! In addition to employers, criminal background checks are common when applying for housing, professional licenses, security clearance, and certain bank loans. I have even heard of potential dating partners researching an individuals’ criminal history before dates.

When you expunge your criminal record, your criminal history is no longer accessible to the public. Such criminal history includes your Court Case number, your Jail file, and the police record of the incident (i.e. probable cause affidavit). Please be aware, that if you were arrested for a crime, even if the charges were never filed or your case was dismissed for any reason, the record of your arrest and Court Case remains public access until you expunge your case. It is worth repeating that even if the State Attorney’s Office “dropped” or announced a Nolle Prosequi (“Dismissal”) of your case, the record of your arrest and Court Case are still available for employers to view until you expunge your case.

In most situations (including all expungements), you may legally deny that you were ever arrested for the crime that you had sealed or expunged. Think of the value of not having to tell an employer of your youthful indiscretion or poor-behavior that is currently leaving an indelible mark on your resume. The cost-benefit of spending a few hundred dollars to hire an attorney to seal or expunge your record could potentially net you tens of thousands of dollars in the future. Please note, in Florida, it takes approximately 6-7 months for a Court to expunge your record. As a result, be proactive – do not wait until you are applying for a new job before petitioning the Court to expunge your case.

Common Reasons for Denial
I receive dozens of phone calls a year from individuals who were improperly advised by their previous criminal defense attorney that they can seal their record of the arrest. I am always amazed when criminal defense attorneys misstate the law on sealing as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement provides a detailed explanation on their website of which crimes are ineligible to be sealed or expunged.

By far, the most common inquiry I received concerns the criminal offense of Driving While Under the Influence. In the State of Florida, anyone who accepts a plea to Driving While Under the Influence receives an Adjudication of Guilt. An individual cannot receive a Withhold of Adjudication to Driving While Under the Influence, unless the State Attorney changes the charge to Reckless Driving. The law is clear that an individual CANNOT seal or expunge their record if they have ever been ADJUDICATED guilty of any criminal offense, including Driving While Under the Influence or Driving While License Suspended.

The second most common inquiry concerns individuals who were improperly advised by their previous criminal defense attorney that they can always seal the record of their arrest if they received a WITHHOLD of ADJUDICATION to the charge. Again, I consider this legal malpractice considering the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s website specifically enumerates which crimes are ineligible to be sealed, regardless if adjudication of guilt was withheld. Of note, all the ineligible offenses are listed in Fla. Stat. 907.041.

Criminal defense attorneys most often misrepresent that the following crimes can be sealed if the client received a withhold of adjudication: (1) Burglary of a Dwelling; (2) Any act of domestic violence; and (3) Stalking. These charges cannot be sealed even if the charge is a misdemeanor and you received a withhold of adjudication. In addition, an individual can only seal or expunge their record on ONE occasion. An individual cannot seal a charge in 2010 and expect to seal another charge in 2011.

Although you do not need an attorney to petition the Court to seal or expunge your criminal record, it is my recommendation to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle this matter for you. Most attorneys in Florida will charge anywhere between $ 500.00 – $ 1,000.00 for this service. As making sure you correctly seal or expunge your criminal record could be one of the most important decisions you make in your lifetime, it is beneficial to make sure it is done properly.

The information in this article site was developed by Lyons, Snyder & Collin, P.A. for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. The transmission and receipt of information from this article does not form or constitute an attorney-client relationship with Lyons, Snyder & Collin. Persons receiving the information from this article should not act upon the information provided without seeking profession legal counsel.

The author Philip M. Snyder is a founding partner of Lyons, Snyder & Collin, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer Philip M. Snyder handles all criminal defense matters including sealing and expungments, domestic violence and restraining orders. The Fort Lauderdale law firm of Lyons, Snyder & Collin, P.A. is located at 312 Southeast 17th Street, Third Floor, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316. Telephone: 954.462.8035.

Article Source:

title: Criminal Minded 08 / artist: KRS-One / year: 2008 / directed by: Rik Cordero and Nancy Mitchell /
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by : What are the best countries to live in, even though I have criminal record?
I understand that there are some countries that I am unable to live in with a criminal record, what are the best countries I live in with a criminal record?

Sensible answers only!

Best answer:

Answer by DANIELA R
If you have a criminal record,then,Afganistan is your country.

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Law allows sharing of juvenile criminal records
School officials and law enforcement authorities in Illinois will be allowed to share juvenile criminal records on a limited basis under an Illinois law signed Monday, legislation that was sparked by a 2008 knife attack on a suburban Chicago teacher.
Read more on Quad City Times

Are you interested in becoming a firefighter? This video takes you through the recruitment process (Part one of two)

Expungement Vs Sealing a Criminal Record

Have you ever been arrested or charged with a crime, but not convicted? Do you have one mistake on your record that seems to constantly come up and negatively affect your life? If so, you may want to consider applying to have your record expunged or sealed. Expungement or sealing is a one-time opportunity available to anyone who has an arrest or charge without conviction. If you are eligible for either option, both can help you restart your life and clear your reputation.

Expunging a Record

Expungement of a record means that the criminal history of your arrest or charge will be physically destroyed and no longer available for public access. In fact, for both an expungement or sealing, once the action is granted it is illegal for anyone with knowledge of your record to even speak of it. Your record will only be available to courts, government agencies, and criminal justice systems. With very few exceptions, after a record is expunged you may deny its existence when applying for a job, loan, school, scholarship, and more. You will be able to live your life once again without a mistake from your past hanging over your head.

Sealing a Record

While your record is not destroyed as with expungement, sealing a record makes it confidential. This action has the same effect as expungement by no longer making your arrest or charge available for public access. Like expungement, your record will only be available to courts, criminal justice agencies, and government bodies. The requirements for getting a record sealed are slightly less stringent than for having it expunged. You still must not have been convicted of any crime, cannot have had a previous record expunged or sealed, and must not currently be on probation.

For expungement, the charge must have been dismissed or dropped. For sealing however, some charges for which the adjudication was withheld can be removed from public record. To have the record sealed it must be a qualifying offense under Florida law. A criminal defense attorney can inform you of whether or not you qualify to have your record expunged or sealed.

For More Information

Having your record destroyed or made confidential can give you a fresh start without the burden of a single mistake or misunderstanding haunting your life. To learn more about the expungement and sealing process and how you can initiate an application to have your record removed from public access, please visit the website of the experienced West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyers Eric N. Klein & Associates, P.A. today.

Joseph Devine

Article Source:

Question by : how do i start the process of expungement of an old criminal case?
To start, I need to know how to get the actual records to know what exactly were the charges against me. One was federal and one was the state of California, from 1994.

Best answer:

Answer by divot
Generally one requests state records from the clerk of the trial court. Some federal records are on the internet. Google PACER. You may wish to pay an attorney who does expungements in your state (CA?) for a consultation to see what can be done in your situation, so you don’t waste your time and money getting unnecessary records.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer Offers Best Defense Lawyers for DUI Cases in PA
His firms years of combined experience and his especially impressive career ensures smooth processing for his clients as an Expungement lawyer in Pennsylvania. Edwin L. Guyer, founder of the Firm, stated, “In case you or a loved one has been arrested …
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Expungement of California criminal convictions for immigration purposes

Expungement of California criminal convictions for immigration purposes

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Expungement in Utah - Part I

For more information please visit Founding attorney, Mathew Higbee, was quoted on KSL radio regarding recent changes to Expungement law in Utah. Please Visit for more updates in regards to expungement in other states.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Sealing Or Expunging Your Criminal Record – How To Protect Yourself

There are a lot of record sealing and expungement services available, which is a great thing for you, the consumer, since the existence of choice and competition make these services much more affordable. However, it is often difficult to know from a website alone if you are dealing with a reputable company. Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect yourself. If you follow most or all of the below suggestions, you will be able to identify the companies with bad reputations or complaints and be in a better position to make an informed choice about various service providers.

Protect Yourself With These Tips

Visit consumer complaint sites. Be wary of using the services of a company or individual that has a lot of written or filed consumer complaints.

Visit the Better Business Bureau. If a company has a lot of complaints and a low rating, stay away.

Consider hiring an experienced attorney. Rates are similar to non-attorney services, and you get the benefit of someone who is licensed to practice law (and record sealing/expungement is a legal process). In case you have to appear in court, you may not want to end up there alone.

Caveat to #3, make sure the attorney is licensed and has an office in your state.

There is no money back guarantee if your case is denied. Lawyers familiar with Florida law, or the law in your state, should be able to determine your eligibility before you have to pay and are willing to assume the risk if they were wrong.

The company wants you to apply for a pardon or directs you to other services. Unlike getting a record sealed or expunged, obtaining a pardon is a very difficult task and not many are granted. Beware of companies that tell you otherwise.

Do NOT pay extra to have your record sealing or expungement request expedited! This cannot be done in most states. In Florida, for example, neither the FDLE nor the courts accept extra payment for expedited services; they handle requests on a first-come first-serve basis. Which means if someone is asking you for money to “speed up” the process, they are just asking for more money for themselves since the only thing they can control is the speed of their own work!

Sealing or expunging a record can be a great investment in your future, and if you follow the above advice, you can be assured that you are on the right path to having a clear past!

For more tips and information, go to

By: Karen Kilpatrick, Esq.

Article Source:

Question by : can i re-enter the usa with a drug related criminal record.?
While i was doing an exchange program in the usa in 2008, i’ve been caught with 0.7 grams of weed in the giant sequoia national park.
i’ve spent a night in jail, and been sentenced to pay a bill of roughly $ 250, by the federal court of fresno.
i paid it, and left the usa a few days after, on my normal booked flight to come back to france.

My question is: will there be any check from the border police and other customs agents that may prevent me to re- enter the us territory:
– for short length stay – holidays
– for long stays – work…

if so, how long is the police able to prevent me from entering the usa – is there an expiration date for this kind of offenses?
can i do anything to be granted pardon or something similar, so that my records get whitened?

if no, what should i do if i still have to come to the us for, say emergencies or job reasons? lie on the green question sheet in the plane?

thanks for responses and advices…

Best answer:

Answer by Malukchuk
Your fine, it was not a felony. Heck we just let a known terrorist (the detroit terrorist) on our watch list enter the states today.

Just to be sure go to the US Customs and Border Patrol website. Whatever you do don’t lie on the sheet.

If you were booked (photographed and finger printed) there will always be a record of your arrest with our data base. A good customs agent might discover the lie for a simple arrest and deny you entry.

What do you think? Answer below!
Harper pardons farmers convicted years ago of selling grain in the US
"These people were not criminals. They were our fellow citizens," the prime minister said to cheers from hundreds of invited farmers who gathered to support the change to the wheat board. Jim Chatenay, one of the pardoned farmers, said he was …
Read more on Edmonton Journal

Season 1 Episode 9—-In a protest march against the use of napalm in Vietnam, Murray punched a cop. Although it has been pardoned, his “criminal record” may cost the bar its liquor license.

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Changing Your Life by Sealing Your Criminal Records

A criminal record is a stigma placed on the individual with the record that follows them throughout their life and is often an oppression that keeps them from ever finding real success. Even if that individual is never convicted of the criminal charge they were arrested for, this negative mark remains on the official record the rest of their lives. Sealing records gives that individual a chance to put the past behind them and make something better for their life.

The term “sealing criminal records” is exactly as it sounds; the actual record is placed into an envelope and sealed and cannot be viewed. Sealing is different than expunging a record as the expunged record is destroyed as if it never existed. Either way, this process gives people a second chance and allows them to pursue job opportunities, citizenship, a college education, and apply for bank loans; all of which are not generally possible if a criminal record is on file.

There are specialized attorneys who devote their entire practice to helping individuals in the process of sealing criminal records or getting their records expunged. These attorneys are very knowledgeable concerning criminal law and are very empathetic to their clients who only wish to get out from under the stigma their past mistakes have left on them. Individuals who are seeking to get their records sealed should not trust this service to a non-specialized attorney; there are many fine details that the lawyers specialized in this process are aware of whereas the non-specialists might not be. These fine details can mean the difference between getting your records sealed or not.

When somebody makes a bad decision in their life that leads to a criminal arrest and they face the consequences and pay for their bad decisions, they should also be given a chance to start fresh without the past continually slapping them in the face. Sealing criminal records is an important part of putting that past behind the individual and giving them an avenue to show society that they have learned from their mistakes. The sad truth is that the job market is so tight right now and potential employers are hesitant, at best, to even give a second look at an applicant who has a criminal record, no matter how long ago the offense took place. They will seldom allow the applicant to explain the details of the offense nor will they care if the individual was actually convicted or not. Just having a negative mark on as a criminal offense, convicted or not, is enough to disqualify a person for a job. The same applies for people who wish to attend a university; colleges are very hesitant to admit those with a criminal record. It makes it highly improbable to ever rise above the stigma; that is why it is so important to pursue the sealing of criminal records and move forward in life instead of continually being held back.

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Sealing Criminal Records.

Article Source:

Question by sircharlesthepimp: Confusion on my criminal record, just talked to my lawyer and even more confused now?
Long story short, thanks to my ex-girlfriends mom I was arrested when I turned 18 for being with her daughter (even though she was only 2 years and 2 months younger and was about to turn 16).

The charges were Misdemeanor Lewd and Lacivious Battery and Felony Child Abuse.

The L&L Battery was dropped and the adjudication of guilt was witheld on the Child Abuse due to the circumstances surrounding the case.

My lawyer told me if someone were to run a basic conviction check on me, nothing would come up.

He also said I can have my record sealed, because I was never formally charged b/c a conviction and guilt was witheld.

Thirdly, I was also told I can still get a passport b/c (as above stated) I was never technically convicted.

Are those statements true? Can someone help?

Best answer:

Answer by wartz
If adjudication was withheld, there was no conviction to find. If the case was filed in other than juvenile court, there may be a file that is open to the public but that is all.

Give your answer to this question below!

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