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Polish to English Translation of Frequently Used Sentences

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If you want to learn Polish to English translation of just a few common words because you need to visit the place for a holiday or on a business tour, then there is no need to go for any classroom training. You can simply check out some websites or Polish to English translation books and can easily learn common polish words and sentences. Here we have listed some common words and sentences that will help you during your visit to Poland.

How are you?–Jak się masz? or Co słychać?
Good morning–Dzień dobry
Good evening–Dobry wieczór
Thank you —Dziękuję
I’m sorry–Przepraszam
What’s your profession? –Jaki masz zawód?
Let’s talk –Porozmawiajmy
I speak Polish –Mówię po polsku
I speak English -Mówię po angielsku
I’ve got a problem –Mam problem
Are you OK? -Wszystko dobrze?
Could I speak to Monika? –Czy mogę mówić z Monika?
Please, repeat it –Powtórz to, proszę
Driver’s license –Prawo jazdy
I beg your pardon! (expressing anger) –Wypraszam sobie!
What’s your phone number? –Jaki masz numer telefonu?
What’s your address? –Jaki masz adres?
What’s your name? –Jak się nazywasz?
I like meeting new people –Lubię spotykać nowych ludzi
Have a great day –Przyjemnego dnia
Don’t worry–Nie przejmuj się
Have a cup of coffee–Napij się kawy
Have a cup of tea–Napij się herbaty

The Polish language has difficult pronunciations as compared to Western European languages. You can also buy some audio CDs or download some Polish to English translation audio files.
There are more than 46 million people who speak Polish in Poland. Amazing thing is that there are more than two million people speak Polish outside of Poland, in countries like Canada, the USA, the UK, and Germany. The United States alone has around one million Polish speakers!

Polish is the mother tongue of almost 99 % people living in Poland.
As the Polish culture was strongly influenced by few cultures especially during the nazi times and world war era, thus the Polish language includes many words taken from other languages. These include: Russian, Latin, French, German, Italian, and English.

The Polish alphabet has 32 letters, 9 vowels and 23 consonants:
a, ą, b, c, ć, d, e, ę, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, ł, m, n, ń, o, ó, p, r, s, ś, t, u, w, y, z, ź, ż
The letters q, v, x are not normally used in the Polish language except in words taken from English and other languages, e.g., fax, veto, cv.

Polish is often said to be one of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn. Particulary difficult is the pronunciation of sounds; and the complex gender system (with five genders!).

Adelajda Rymut is a Polish Translator working with www.78international.co.uk translation agency, specializing in English to Polish and Polish to English translation. It provides its clients with high quality Polish Translation at surprisingly reasonable price.

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