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Albuquerque DUI Lawyer Shares the Importance of Expungement

Why is DUI Expungement important? It is important because the meaning of the word is to cancel, blot out, erase or strike from the record. An Expungement means a mark removed from the criminal record. Expungement is vital to the DUI process so that you can go back to your normal life. DUI Expungement allows people to live their lives without a record of their DUI. In many states, people who plead guilty to DUI have no chance to have the charge removed from the criminal record.

You must do everything you possibly can to have your DUI expunged from your criminal record. It might make your life more difficult of you have a DUI on your record. Currently, the majority of today’s companies are doing background checks within the application process. It is not unusual for landlords to do background check on possible renters.

Applicants with DUI convictions on their criminal records are looked down upon by landlords and employers.

A DUI Expungement provides people a second chance. After the DUI is removed from your records, there is no record of your arrest. This also allows the convicted person to avoid having to disclose their conviction. The guilty person can deny a conviction with this. If you have a DUI conviction, you will be subject to all kinds of inconvenience and hassles in your academic standing as well as your employment status.

You might be able to get a DUI Expungement under the following conditions:

• The dismissal of your DUI charge 

• A not guilty finding in your DUI charge

• You are pardoned of your DUI charge

• You are a victim of identity theft, and it wasn’t really you who was arrested for DUI

• It is your first drinking offense and you are a minor

• You have successfully deferred your sentence and you are a minor.

Every state has their own DUI Expungement laws.

A few jurisdictions might not permit courts to remove DUI records. In jurisdictions allowing for DUI Expungement, it is normal for the person in question to begin the process with a petition filed to the court. This petition is a request for an order expunging the charges. Then the court decides if the person can meet the requirements in the Expungement law. Once an individual meets the statutory requirements, the court puts in an order allowing an expungement.

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Louisiana incarcerates more people than any other state the country and more people than anywhere else in the world. Even an arrest that the District Attorney declines to prosecute will create a criminal record. Criminal records are often the basis for denying employment, even if the job at hand is unrelated to a previous arrest. Expungements seal records of the accused, but does not destroy them. The value of expungements for people arrested is in their ability to find work afterwards based on a perceived criminal history.

Question by a Swirling Mass of Contradiction: Can you answer my expungement question for a Virginia felon?
We have searched online and gotten some “restoration of rights” instructions paperwork… but, what are the steps to pursue and expungement of a felony criminal record? or is expungement even a possibility? here are the details:

the offenses: robbery; use of a firearm in the commission of..; and malicious wounding. All charges were in 1998, he served 7 yrs, and was released on 2005, then had his probation terminated early for good behavior.

any advice?

Best answer:

Answer by rejectedsoul
give it up felonies cant be expunged


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Poll: Should convicted felons get a second chance at a clean slate?
Convicts, five years after their probation, imprisonment or parole has concluded, have the option to file for an expungement of their record, so long as they have received no more than one felony and that charge doesn't carry a possible maximum …
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Erasing Your Criminal Background Legally: The Ultimate Guide to Second Chances – North Carolina Edition

Erasing Your Criminal Background Legally: The Ultimate Guide to Second Chances - North Carolina Edition

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