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We Have a Most Gracious Powerful and Loving God Who Sets People Free From Sin – Sins and Addictions

Almighty God has given us the waters from which we are to drink, and through Jesus Christ, our loving gracious God has provided us with the Bread of Life. It is all there is Christ Jesus so there is no need to battle and struggle, and yet man does struggle with all this he can at times find it so hard.

The invitation is to you, and what we do with the invitations which God gives is our responsibility. This is where strong clear courageous leadership is so vital and so needed.

I have been reading and studying the prophetic words of that amazing leader, Isaiah. God poured His truth into him and Isaiah poured it out for our edification and instruction and blessing. These thoughts emerge from Chapter 55 in Isaiah’s prophetic book.

God is saying, “Listen and listen to Me, and eat what is good”. Some people do not believe or realise that what God has for them is good. He has not one bad thing to give them.

Listen with a listening ear, wanting to hear from God, and wanting to believe what God has to say, and not to miss it. Listen, waiting to accept what the risen and living Jesus has to say through the Holy Spirit.

Listen to me. That might be regarded as some as arrogance, but not so.

You will be satisfied. This richest of fare won’t make you overweight, nor will this drink harm you in any way. You can drink what Jesus offers you and never go over the limit.

Verse 3 has such simple words of one syllable. It is astonishing how simple Isaiah makes God’s holy word at times.

Isaiah goes on to speak to the people of Israel, reminding them of who they are and what He is going to do, and He speaks too about the influence they are about to have.

All this came so very true in and through Jesus Christ, some six hundred years later. It was a long wait, but it was certainly worth it.

In verse 6, Isaiah issues a word of command that has blessed thousands over the years.

We cannot find Jesus just when we want to, or when we decide.

There comes that moment when Jesus calls, or when God draws near, or when God speaks, and when the Holy Spirit moves. Our response is, “Come Jesus and save me and rescue me and deal with me and forgive my sins and fill me with the Holy Spirit.”

There has to be a calling in some shape or form, and that might mean losing your dignity. Is it not better to lose your dignity for a very brief period and thereafter to know that you are spiritually secure and safe in Christ?

In verse 7, Isaiah is so clear and specific, and he spells it out in such detail. “Let the wicked forsake he way and the evil man his thoughts.” There has to be this turning to the Lord, and the response and reaction and consequence is that He will have mercy on that man who turns to Almighty God, for He will freely pardon. The words could not be simpler. The instructions could not be more simple or straightforward. Yet, people struggle with this.

All tied up in this too is deliverance and it can involve deliverance and being released and set free from some addiction. Clinics can be exceedingly expensive and it is possible to be set free through Jesus Christ without money and without price.

Do read the whole Chapter. It could prevent you from wasting thousands of dollars and pounds!

The order is, turn to God, and receive mercy and pardon. Check it out. These are real riches.

Here in Isaiah is the clear notion of repenting and turning around, and beginning to walk in a different direction. Then, we can walk in the light of God and be released from sin and darkness and fear and some debilitating addiction.

We have a gracious loving powerful God and He does not tease!

Sandy Shaw

Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves on The Children’s Panel in Scotland, and has travelled extensively over these past years teaching, speaking, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 visits to Israel conducting Tours and Pilgrimages, and most recently in Uganda and Kenya, ministering at Pastors and Leaders Seminars, in the poor areas surrounding Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. He broadcasts regularly on WSHO radio out of New Orleans, and writes a weekly commentary at entitled “Word from Scotland” on various biblical themes, as well as a weekly newspaper column. His M.A. and B.D. degrees are from The University of Edinburgh, and he continues to run and exercise regularly to maintain a level of physical fitness.

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NINOY AQUINO's memorable speech (7/9) in Los Angeles (2-15-1981)

For comments and ratings, please refer to the first part (1/9) of this speech. Thank you. THE LONG WAIT IS OVER! The so-called “Holy Grail” of Ninoy Aquino videos is finally online and can now be seen EXCLUSIVELY here on NINOY AQUINO TV! On February 15, 1981, less than a year after he went on a furlough to seek medical treatment in the United States, Ninoy Aquino has been invited to a freedom rally symposium by the Movement for a Free Philippines (MFP) before a capacity crowd of Filipino and American guests at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles, California; where he spoke with enthusiasm and humor about his life and struggle under the martial law dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, his pompous and ambitious wife Imelda…and much more! The presentation you are about to see has been made possible through the efforts extended by our dear friend, MARVIN MATIAS, whose invaluable contribution has paved the way in making this priceless piece of history available to millions of our countrymen. May this video serve as an instrument in remembering a great man of principle and courage who died for the cause of freedom, and at the same time, rekindle our collective minds of what we can do if we choose to be a hero for our country. Your participation will be forever appreciated by your friends here on Ninoy Aquino TV (NATv). Thank you very much. Pardon the video and audio quality! The material is quite old! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! FOR POSTERITY, INFORMATION AND
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Question by GatorsFaN1224: Does anyone know a website where i can watch these shows for free?
PTI pardon the interruption, around the horn, and sportscenter.

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Answer by zebraprintprincess

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Volunteers Needed For Pardon Gray Day
Volunteers are asked to sign up for one or more blocks of time between 10 a.m. and noon, noon and 2 p.m., and 2-4 p.m. Those volunteering for two or more blocks get a free lunch. For more information on volunteering, contact Wayne Browning at 816-0126 …

Kiss It All Better - He Is We (Lyrics)

I couldn’t tell you the last time I mad a He is We Lyric video! Anyways, this one is by request. Feel free to request any other song, also pick up he is we’s new album on itunes! Here is the link to make it easier –
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Pardoner, Sins Best Friend

Now, good men, God forgive you your trespass,

And guard you from the sin of avarice,

May my holy pardon save you all,

So you can offer coins,

Or else brooches, spoons or rings.

Bow down your heads before this holy bull!

Come up, you wives, and offer of your wool!

Your names I’ll enter on my roll, now,

Into Heaven’s bliss you will all go..

For I’ll absolve you, by my special power,

You that make offering, will be as clean and pure

As you were born.- And lo sirs, thus I preach.

And Jesus Christ, who is our souls’ physician,

So grant you each his pardon to receive;

For that is best; I will not you deceive.

In medieval times Pardoners were people who sold pardons or indulgences as a way for people to lessen their time in purgatory for the sins they had committed. These pardons were certificates from the Pope and pardoners themselves were sanctioned by religious houses given them the backing needed to sell these items. Pardoners became unpopular because many of them were seen as little more then frauds disguised as men of God. This image of unholy man playing at God’s work is the one Chaucer gives us in his Pardoners Tale where the last fifteen lines demonstrate not only how morally bankrupt the pardoner is as he tries to absolve others of their sins but it also is a reflection of the corruption in the church at that time as well.

The Pardoner begins the last lines of his tale by suggesting that the pardons he offers will be able to save those who purchase it from the sin of greed,

Now, good men, God forgive your trespass,

And guard you from the sin of avarice,

May my holy pardon save you all…

Having the Pardoner suggest that his pardons would be able to save anyone from any sin, including greed is a complete stretch of what Pardoners were supposed to be able to do. Buying a pardon might be able to lessen the time one spent in purgatory but in no way would be able to save anyone from their sins. To have the Pardoner make such an obvious lie, given the fact that we know he is well versed in Catholic doctrine due to his ability to quote scripture in his tale, Chaucer is making a statement about the credibility and the moral fiber of this man claiming to be a servant of God. More importantly the Pardoner is preaching against a sin that he admittedly embraces. His focus on greed is also important because his tale was a sermon on how greed can only lead to death, yet in having the Pardoner first relate a tale of the danger of money and greed and then portraying him as being as greedy as the men in his story Chaucer uses him to portray the dissatisfaction that people had with pardoners and money loving church officials at the time.

The Pardoner asserts his authority to be able to sell pardons when he tells the
patrons at the tavern,

So you can offer coins,

Or else brooches, spoons or rings

Bow down your heads before this holy bull!

Come up, you wives, and offer of your wool!

This official edict of his ability to sell pardons goes right to the heart of the corruption the church would have been experiencing at the time. With the Pardoner being as morally bankrupt as he is having church sanctioned authority to participate in what amounts to a government sanctioned swindle, Chaucer indirectly questions the morality of those in position of power in the church. By having the Pardoner wield his “Holy Bull” around Chaucer suggests that whoever gave him this authority knows of his corrupt nature and is just as corrupt as the Pardoner. However, Chaucer’s attacks seem to be aimed at the people in the church not Christianity itself. Never once is there a questioning of Christian teachings or principles, just those delivering the message. The Pardoner offers wonderful lessons on the dangers of gluttony, gambling and swearing, quoting scripture, and imparting ideals that should be followed, yet he is a man who indulges in the same sins he preaches against. This raises the question of how well those in the church were following the teachings of Christ that would later lay rise to Luther and the Reformation.

Also in these lines the Pardoner shows his method of ensuring that no one can claim that they don’t have the means to pay him his fees. In his prologue the Pardoner makes it clear that he doesn’t care about those that he’s selling his indulgences too. That they can be poor and if they can’t feed their families because of the money they give him for his pardons so be it, it is not his concerns. There is a sense of urgency in the lines as he requests these goods, as if by offering many ways for people to pay he is eliminating any possibility that someone would be able to say they don’t have the money or means to purchase a pardon and in turn fulfilling his own greedy desires he expressed in his prologue.

As he continues with his final plea to the patrons in the tavern he ratchets up the sell by making even more extraordinary promises on what he is able to do for one’s soul,

Your names I’ll enter on my roll, now,

Into Heaven’s bliss you will all go.

For I’ll absolve you, by my special power,

You that make offering, will be as clean and pure

As you were born.-

Here the Pardoner promises to absolve the patrons of their sins, a statement that is in direct contradiction of Catholic doctrine as only priests are ones that would be able to offer absolution. Part of the dissatisfaction with Pardoners was that there was confusion on what “powers” they had and what they were really capable of doing. Chaucer’s Pardoner is no exception. He, as his tale established, is clearly a man well versed in church doctrine so he knows he has no power to absolve anyone of sins and it is just a device to assuage the concerns of anyone who may be skeptical of him and what he is selling. He even offers to place there names on his roll as another way to look official and to reassure the patrons of his authenticity. Also, his willingness to deceive those that are relying on him for their salvation is similar to the three friends in his story. They thought nothing of deceiving and killing each other to fulfill their greedy plans and while the Pardoner isn’t a murderer he demonstrates once again how willing he is to deceive for his financial gain.

As he ends his speech the Pardoner reminds the patrons of the salvation that really matters,

And lo sirs, thus I preach.

And Jesus Christ, who is our souls’ physician,

So grant you each his pardon to receive;

For that is best; I will not you deceive.

The Pardoner seems to catch himself in these lines. The previous lines of the speech are all a push, one that starts small and then reaches a crescendo with the promise of absolution but then he brings it back to Jesus Christ seemingly as way to add another of validation to his request. As the “Holy Bull” acted as church sanctioned authority, reminding everyone of their Lord and Saviour gives him the spiritual authority as well. The lines seem to be delivered a bit tongue and cheek. It’s as if the Pardoner has realized he’s pushed things to far so, as any good shady salesman would, he reassures those he’s trying to sale of his honesty. The line is interesting, however, in that the pilgrims know that the Pardoner is a liar, so his assurance of, “I will not you deceive,” seems to be for reassuring the patrons at the tavern as much as it acts as a capstone a, ‘See, I told you I was good at this,” to the pilgrims who know his true nature.

Chaucer offers us an interesting window into the politics of the medieval world with his Pardoner’s Tale. The satire and unflattering portrait of this holy pardoner offers a look at the problems facing the church at the time as well as one of the best villains in English literature.

T.S. Johnson is a Florida Based Freelance Writer for Hire, Providing Nation-Wide, Professional, Freelance Writing Services. For All of Your Writing Needs Visit Today!

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Question by Foxhole: Will Joe Biden pardon Obama when its revealed he was born in Kenya ? why does the “one” hide his BC?

Best answer:

Answer by geri.
Oh give it a rest. I thought this birth certificate thing was over.

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Warning Call for Summertime Travelers
With summer road trips on the minds of many Canadians, one Vancouver BC based company – Express Pardons Canada – hopes to raise awareness of the real issue of being turned back at the US Border. With 4.2 Million Canadians (1 in 7) having a criminal …
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Pardon: Webster’s Timeline History, 450 BC – 2007

Pardon: Webster's Timeline History, 450 BC - 2007

Webster’s bibliographic and event-based timelines are comprehensive in scope, covering virtually all topics, geographic locations and people. They do so from a linguistic point of view, and in the case of this book, the focus is on “Pardon,” including when used in literature (e.g. all authors that might have Pardon in their name). As such, this book represents the largest compilation of timeline events associated with Pardon when it is used in proper noun form. Webster’s timelines cover bibliogr

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Pray (for LJ) by Pardon My Striptease

AVAILABLE ON ITUNES NOW! (lyrics below) ONLY 99 CENTS AND ALL PROCEEDS TO BC CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL ! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Pardon My Striptease will release this song as a fundraiser to support their singer, Andrew Putt, while his daughter battles cancer. All proceeds will be shared between Andrew Putt’s family + the BC Children’s Hospital. Andrew’s family now wishes all the proceeds be donated to the children’s hospital, so that is the new plan! Help support the good people supporting our beloved Lilee! #prayforlj Edited by Adam Besse Lyrics: I can’t fight this feelin I won’t stop this bleedin Won’t you come now Come save me somehow I’m stuck in this ratrace I’m a silent disgrace I’m somewhere I can’t say I know you’ll find me someday And its where I’ll hide Its where I’ll pray Its where I’ll say goodbye to my yesterdays Its where I’ll hide Its where I’ll pray Its where I’ll say goodbye to my yesterdays Won’t you help me escape From this selfish embrace I need someone to blame Why’s it always your name I know you’ll see me at night Bring this habit to life Why don’t you put up a fight In here I feel so alive And its where I’ll hide Its where I’ll pray Its where I’ll say goodbye to my yesterdays Its where I’ll hide Its where I’ll pray Its where I’ll say goodbye to my yesterdays This is where I’ll hide Its where I’ll pray I’ll say goodbye To yesterday Its where I’ll hide Its where I’ll pray I’ll say goodbye To yesterday And its where I’ll hide Its
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Bless God for Pardoning All Thy Sins

Excerpt from CHIKA: A Documentary Performance Chika Honda was born in Japan in 1956. She took her first overseas trip as part of a tour group to Australia. During a stop over in Malaysia, her suitcase was stolen, and was replaced by a local tour guide. When she arrived in Melbourne airport, the customs found heroin under the lining of her suitcase. She was arrested, charged, and convicted for importation of heroin. This case later became known as ‘The Melbourne Case.’ Chika has maintained her innocence of the crime she was convicted of. Whilst serving her jail sentence, she became a Christian. She was released on parole in 2002 and was deported. Chika currently lives and works as a waitress in Omiya. Japan. Her lawyers have written to the United Nations Human Rights Commission and are preparing an application for pardon.

application for pardon
by lisby1

(Psa 103:3 KJV) Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;

By the pardon of sin, that is taken away which kept good things from us, and we are restored to the favor of God, who bestows good things on us. Think of the provocation; it was sin, and yet pardoned: how many the provocations, yet all pardoned! God is still forgiving, as we are still sinning and repenting. The body finds the melancholy consequences of Adam’s offence, it is subject to many infirmities, and the soul also. Christ alone forgives all our sins; it is he alone who heals all our infirmities. And the person who finds his sin cured, has a well-grounded assurance that it is forgiven. When God, by the graces and comforts of his Spirit, recovers his people from their decays, and fills them with new life and joy, which is to them an earnest of eternal life and joy, they may then be said to return to the days of their youth,

(Job 33:25 KJV) His flesh shall be fresher than a child’s: he shall return to the days of his youth:

How he furnishes himself with abundant matter for praise, and that which is very affecting: “Come, my soul, consider what God has done for thee.” “He has pardoned thy sins; he has forgiven, and does forgive, all thy iniquities.”

(Psa 103:3 KJV) Who forgiveth all thine iniquities,….

The psalmist explains here what he means by benefits, and gives a particular enumeration of them; and begins with the blessing of pardon, which is a special and peculiar benefit; it is according to the riches of divine grace, and the multitude of tender mercies; without which all outward blessings signify nothing; and, without a sense of this, a man is not in a suitable and proper frame to bless the Lord; and this being the first benefit a soul sensible of sin, its guilt and is concerned for, and seeks after; so enjoying it, it is the first he is thankful for: this is rightly ascribed to God; for none can forgive sins but he; and what he forgives are not mere infirmities, peccadillos, the lesser sins of life; but “iniquities”, grosser sins, unrighteousnesses, impieties, the most enormous crimes, sins of a crimson and scarlet die; yea, “all” of them, though they are many, more than the hairs of a man’s head; he abundantly pardons, multiplies pardons, as sins are multiplied, and leaves none unforgiven; original sin, actual sins, sins of heart, lip, and life, of omission and commission, all are forgiven for Christ’s sake: and the special mercy is when a man has an application of this to himself, and can say to his soul, as David to his, God has forgiven “thine” iniquities; for though it may be observed with pleasure, and it is an encouragement to hope in the Lord, that he is a forgiving God, and has forgiven others, yet what would this avail a man, if his sins should not be forgiven? the sweetness of the blessing lies in its being brought home to a man’s own soul: and it may be further observed, that this is a continued act; it is not said who has forgiven, and will forgive, though both are true; but “forgiveth”, continues to forgive; for as there is a continual virtue in the sacrifice of the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world, and in his blood to cleanse from all sin, so there is a continual flow of pardoning grace in

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