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Hand and Skin Care for Bouldering

Article by Dane Whitley

Although a big deal for an irregular climber or someone just starting out, maintaining a level of conscientiousness of your hands is a good idea for anyone who is trying to improve in climbing ability. Over the course of a long enough timeframe, your hands will toughen up enough to withstand the rigors of climbing, the moisture sapping habits of climbing chalk, and the roughness of limestone, granite and other surfaces. Until then, it’s vital to learn what can be done about ripping, tearing and the degrading of skin that is bound to occur during climbing. Some may argue that this is a bit of an effeminate concern… it’s not. Torn skin is more than just painful, it’s also hazardous given the risk of infection.

Sometimes, it’s almost impossible to prevent tears and skin injury. Fortunately, as long as you continue to climb, their frequency decreases!


A pretty common occurrence, at least at the outset. They seem to happen most often from 1) rock faces with jagged holds and 2) at the close of an otherwise brutal session, as a result of a dyne combined with eroded layers of skin. This is taken care of by taking fingernail clippers to the dead skin that will eventually harden and fall off. Carefully clip the base, just before the skin still attached to nerves. Usually within a sixteenth of an inch is sufficient that the remaining skin is out of the way, but not too painful to remove. Also, wash your hands/fingers ASAP, as it were any other cut or abrasion. If you’re insistent upon on climbing through tear, then you’ll definitely want to tape over it! As soon as you finish your climb, consider picking up climber’s balm of some variety. Similar to lotion, and no doubt specifically marketed to climbers, Climb On! actually works very well.

Split Tip

This is the more progressive version of the flapper. As previously noted, you’re susceptible to flappers as your skin degrades, and especially so if you’re pulling down more demanding problems. On the other hand -pardon the joke- the longer your climbing session, your skin will weaken, and thus you’re likely to see the tips splitting open at some point. Not as intimidating as a flapper, it’s still a bit distracting. Not to mention it’s still an opportunity for harmful bacteria to exploit. Needless to say, it’s advisable to clean it when the opportunity arises. Try to control the bleeding if it’s opened and you’re climbing in a public place, especially if you insist on pushing through. Streaking rocks and rock faces with blood may look somewhat cool, but it generally tends to be unpleasant for others. You might take a few days off to let it heal, if feasible (as much as it pains me to say). Fortunately, these smaller rips don’t tend to be that deep and don’t take as long to heal as flappers.

Calloused fingers are helpful, and to some extent, necessary. Eventually, after enough climbing, you will develop some on your hands and fingers. Once they do, however, keep in mind that they are still connected to the rest of your skin. Ripping one of these makes for a pretty rough day . Sand/file/puma them down, just to be safe. Letting them thicken up too much will eventually make them a liability.

Regardless of whether or not your hands have experienced tearing or splitting, keep your skin hydrated between sessions (and clean is advisable, however optional). Magnesium carbonate (chalk) is an awesome way to increase friction while climbing, but it still removes moisture from your skin. And even though we all want to have strong grip and low friction during a climb, keeping hands and fingers in good condition between sessions is the best way to catalyze the process of skin regeneration.

Visit for more information about bouldering, bouldering locations, gear and other such goodness.

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About Skin Yeast Infection And Being Aware Of The Various Symptoms Of Yeast Infection

Article by Helen Knox

Yeast is a fungus. Yes that’s something you should know about. Why? Well, because knowledge is a part of finding an answer to your problems. The reality is, vaginal infections do vary. Regardless of some inherent similarities, there are totally different causes of the infection and each one might require particular kinds of treatment. If you don’t know which one is which, you may end up applying a different treatment which may cause more hard that good I bet. Yeast infection signs don’t have much distinctive characteristics which would allow you to distinguish. In fact, we do encourage that you have your physician examine your condition to get more accurate diagnosis and thus a more effective treatment.

Yeast, or Candida as it’s recognized scientifically, are current on any normal human skin. Additionally, moist areas just like the mouth and more particularly the v_agina, are widespread places where yeast can grow. Do not be alarmed. In keeping with research, numerous women carry yeast in their vaginal area. In actual fact it is stated that nearly 50% of ladies have yeast. So, if it is normal why the infection? There are literally several causes, one of which is when there may be an excess presence of yeast in the area. Another one is when new yeast materials are positioned into the same area.

Some other causes include taking oral contraceptives, diabetes mellitus, use of vaginal sprays like fragrance and even hygiene sprays for women.

There are a number of tell tale indicators that you just might need some infection in your delicate parts. But like what have been talked about earlier, the signs of vaginal yeast infection have quite a few similarities with signs of different infections

The primary sign of possible yeast infection is experiencing itchiness in that region. There may be a number of different circumstances where itchiness is the first indication. That may be, however combining itchiness with the following other symptoms would show you how to narrow down your list of culprits and eventually determine the disorder as yeast infection. Other symptoms include burning, and soreness. A good indication also can be if ache is being experienced during intercourse.

Typically, pain is also felt during urination. You might wish to have yourself checked since pain should never be ignored. If you feel pain, and this applies to all components of your body, consult your doctor quickly. The matter may be worse than you earlier thought it was.

Also, the presence of vaginal discharge may be a good indication as well. Take note, nonetheless, that vaginal discharge shouldn’t be all the time observed in ladies with yeast infections. Nevertheless, it is one thing that you should take note of. The discharge is commonly odorless and has a whitish color. The appearance and texture is just like, pardon the comparison, to cottage cheese. Vulvodynia is the term used to describe the ache experienced within the vulvar area.

After understanding the signs and, after all, correct consultations from your physician, hopefully your yeast infections might have been cured completely. There are times, nevertheless, when yeast infection happens with the same women. An estimated size of 5% will experience problems of recurring yeast infections. The reasons why yeast infections recur could also be as a consequence of more underlying medical conditions that you simply have.

For the most part, it could be best to observe intently your health and the various yeast infection signs to get to know what steps you would wish to undertake next.

About the Author

To read more about Boric Acid For Yeast Infections or Treating Yeast Infections, please visit our Website:

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New Puppy Rules – How To Save Your Skin

how do i get a pardon
by JStove

Article by Bart LeToad

If you have a puppy, all you have to do is look down at your hand covered with teeth marks and you’ll understand why I gave this article its title. One of the hardest things to do is discipline your new puppy. After all, they’re so cute and cuddly. It makes it hard to get on them when they are chewing your hand into hamburger meat. Pardon the pun, but if you don’t nip this problem in the bud real quick. It can cause problems later on down the road.

If you’re puppy was still living with its mother and litter mates, its mother would cure them of its nipping problem. Since it’s not easy for us to show our teeth and ground to get our point across. There’s a few things we can do to get our message read loud and clear. Quite simply, you want to mimic the mama dog’s behavior in trying to stop your dog from nipping. When you’re puppy nips too hard, you want to say a command in a loud enough voice to startle the puppy. That doesn’t mean scream at the top of your lungs. You just want to get their attention. Once you’ve reacted you want to discontinue playing the game. It really doesn’t matter what your command is my personal preference is to say: No!. Be easy! Obviously the “no” command is one that you will use often, and soon he will relate be easy as meaning he is biting too hard.

I personally don’t mind my puppy using my hand as a chew toy. I feel by allowing him to use my hand is doing the same thing as mother would be doing. If he bites too hard, I react like the mother would and pinch him on the lips until I get a yelp. This is what is mother would do and it gets the point across that he’s being too rough. Now if you are like my wife and a mosquito bite pretty much puts you in bed, and I suggest you pick out a toy to use to play with your puppy.

Some folks believe in using a nose tap as a means of breaking your dog of the nipping habit. This really isn’t a form of punishment, but rather an attention getter. Remember that it’s only effective if you use a stern voice and command along with it. To use this technique simply wait to the next time you dog bites. It his or her attention and tapped him on the nose with your index finger, while giving your command. No be easy! Remember now that you’re not trying to break his nose are giving him black eyes are way out of line. You merely want to get his attention.

Just like with your child it is important to be consistent with your puppy. You have to be consistent about disciplining your puppy as soon as the nipping behavior starts. He can’t play with them and let them nip one day and not discipline them and on the next day be playing with him and decide to discipline. Like young children puppies don’t understand “sometimes it’s ok”. So try remain consistent, and let your

About the Author

You can find popular pet training brands such as Petsafe, Dogtra and Innotek at our website.

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Skin Care Tips For Over 40’s

Article by John Davids

It’s an age old problem (pardon the pun), but is there anything we can do to prevent the appearance of those deep lines and dry skin that age us prematurely, or is it all in our genes? When you were young you thought that you were invincible (skin included), and probably even spent hours in the sun tanning your body to a golden brown colour.

Now that we have reached our 40’s, we are paying dearly for our earlier indulgences with skin that appears to be turning to leather before our very eyes. Is there anything we can do to regain that suppleness and elasticity in our skin?

Firstly, you need to be aware that there are two main factors that will affect the aging of your skin; intrinsic (genes) and extrinsic (external reasons, such as exposure to the suns rays). While some deterioration of the skin cannot be avoided with the aging processes, there are certainly ways in which we can lessen the effects. Such as:

Try and minimize your use of repetitive facial expressions, e.g. Frowning. raising your eyebrows and even smiling repeatedly can cause deep lines around your eyes and mouth and across your forehead.

Adjust your sleeping position, eg. don’t sleep with your face pressed into the pillow, instead simply rest the side of your face on the pillow? Pressing your face into the pillow could eventually result in the dreaded “sleep lines” across your cheeks and chin. You could also try sleeping on your back to minimize these types of wrinkles.

If you do smoke – Quit Now! Nothing ages your skin more than smoking – it will rapidly add unsightly lines and wrinkles, add a yellowish tinge to your skin and give your skin a leathery texture Almost as soon as you quit smoking, you will start to see the lines and unhealthy colour and texture of your skin begin to fade away.

Try and minimize your sun exposure, and when you do head outside ensure that you apply a sunscreen and make it a part of your overall skin protection regime. Make sure that the sunscreen you use is a broad spectrum (UVA and UVB) sunscreen preferably with an SPF of 30+.

Now we know that you cannot do anything about the genetic factors that contribute to your aging skin, but you can try and reverse some of these effects with medical treatments such as dermabrasion, chemical peeling, botulinum or injectable fillers.

You could also consider some of the newer treatments like radio frequency which are rapidly taking the place of more invasive procedures like a complete face lifts.

Eating habits can also have a significant impact on the aging process. Due to today’s stressful, fast-paced environment, we find it almost impossible to reach the recommended daily allowances of vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals, antioxidants, etc. in our diets. Adding quality supplements to your diet to overcome any deficiencies can have a dramatic impact on your skin.

Be aware that your skin is the largest organ in your body. So it only makes sense that you should give your largest organ (your skin) the best possible food and supplements available to keep it performing at its peak.

So if you want to maintain your body, including your skin in top condition, then you need to eat healthy, add some supplements to your diet and exercise regularly. It’s not enough to have a good long life, you want to have quality as well.

So quitting smoking, sleeping well, eating healthy and exercising regularly are the keys to living a longer, healthier, happier, higher quality of life.

About the Author

John has been writing articles on health, fitness and parenting for over 3 years now. After travelling frequently with his young son over the last two years he has set up to provide tips and information on FAA approved car seats

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