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He Goofs When He Speaks – It’s Embarrassing

I once knew a friend who goofed a lot when he spoke, having been raised in the indigenous language and further more not having access to a good education based on the low financial standing of his parents. At first he took the goofs as part of life and would shrug his shoulders, but as he grew, he paid seriously for the goofs. He became the object of ridicule, jesting, unbounded laughter, with some shouting “bomb! take cover” in his class and then it happened in public places.

Gradually, his self confidence began to wane as he recoiled into his shell. He hardly spoke in public and lost a few opportunities that could have changed his life for the better. He just couldn’t stop goofing. He’d become a shadow of himself. We’d reunited years later and he spilled out his woe of goofing tales to me at the restaurant.

The waiter returned with more change, informing him of an error he’d initially made.
“so how much is my changes?” he asked the waiter
The waiter had been stunned, wondering if he had heard correctly
“I beg your pardon, sir”, the waiter replied

He looked at me and his eyes simply said ” I’ve goofed again”
I saw the flicker of pain and i quickly covered up for him. I counseled him for about an hour, telling him that he was already half way through solving the goofing problem
“how?” he asked sadly
“once you realize and accept that you’ve got a problem and you know what it is, you’re half way there” I replied

I went on to tell him of those who taught themselves to read, those who were determined to speak the English language fluently in the face of challenges. They left no stone unturned in their quest to hold their heads high in public.

Verbal means of communication can be very challenging especially when not speaking in your indigenous language. Your local dialect or the one spoken while you were growing up somewhat comes naturally to you. However, the official one becomes a headache, in this case English) especially when you were raised in an environment it was rarely spoken as against the indigenous ones. In Nigeria, there are three major tribes speaking these languages (Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo) and over 200 ethnic groups with their peculiar dialect.

English language is taught in schools and used primarily as a means of communication in every day life in Nigeria. Children who attend A-List schools in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt have been known to possesses good oral and written communication skills ( which helps in the long run as employers look out for such). The popular vernacular a.k.a pidgin English is a watered down version of the English language and is generally spoken through out the country, with its roots in old Bendel state (now Delta and Edo states). Warri, however, has overtime become synonymous with it, naturally breeding stand up comedians in the country.

Over the years, there has been a raging controversy between teaching children the English language from the word go or starting of with the indigenous ones then later on introducing the English language. The school of taught canvassing for the use of the latter perhaps came on the heels of the children’s inability to have a meaningful conversation in their mother tongue, which invokes ridicule, embarrassment, gradual loss of ones’ cultural roots, inability to pass across a private message in the presence of strangers/visitors amongst others to parents. There was even a move to have a Nigerian lingua franca combining the three major languages which was thrown out of the window.

They insisted that certain countries spoke their own languages e.g China, India, the Middle East and were not subjected or mandated to speak the English language over and above theirs. But in a country with over 200 ethnic groups, shouldn’t there really be one language that links everyone? Besides, the issue of language superiority comes into play, as no tribe sees languages of others superior to theirs. I’m an advocate for a combination of training a child in both, starting however on a high note with the English language and then regularly injecting doses of indigenous language into him/her. Then the child as he grows up becomes good at both, and not just in one.

Those who have been bitten by the goofing bug are easy to fish out, they run but can’t hide. They fail to articulate properly, mix up tenses which births the errors, and it becomes really hard for people to understand what they’re saying because they’re always going back and forth on the same words, trying hard to search for the right words to say. Here are a few tips to help those who goof:

1. You’ll have to “come down to the level of a child and learn the basics from the very beginning”. This is really hard for some to do, but the foundation is very important in building any structure and if you really want to learn, you’ll throw away the garment of pride and put on humility’s.

2. Hire a private tutor if you can afford it or attend some public classes designed for this purpose

3. work a lot on pronunciation techniques, start with two, then three letter words, till you begin to expand the base, also know the (vowels / consonants) and the rules governing the use of each

4. learn new words every week and their meanings e.g 20/30 new words between Monday and Thursday, and on Friday get someone to test you

5. learn the rules governing the use of tenses, (present, past, past participle and when to apply them) and in general grammatical rules. Get good foundational books for such eg “First Aid in English”

6. Read comprehension passages (remember from the basics) and answer them

7. Engage in writing compositions, it could be as simple as “A day I will never forget” (this is an effective tool for developing your creative mind because you can deploy the words you have learnt and use correct tenses in writing the story)

8. Don’t learn under pressure, let it flow naturally

9. Have a few friends you know who are willing to help correct (not laugh) at you when you speak with them. Also listen to what they say. Learn new words from them, from the eloquent ones around you, and from those on TV. Also try reading newspapers (aloud) and check up new words in the dictionary

10. Get a good dictionary and make it your companion. You could even have a pocket sized one you can conveniently carry about.

11. Get good books/ audio tapes that deal with how to speak well. The internet is a good medium to get good books written by professionals for this purpose.

12. Get rid of the “goofing fear” because it would only slow you down. You’ll be struggling within to say the right words, and remember, not everyone is patient enough to hear you out, even if what you’re about to say would make a whole lot of sense

13. Give yourself time, it’s good to set a goal and say “by the end of this year I won’t be goofing anymore”, but what happens if that does not happen? You’ll be hit once again by the frustration missile! Just settle it within you, that with time you’ll get there. You’ll be surprised you’d have stopped goofing and wouldn’t even know!

14. Above all, enjoy the lessons, but remember that the bulk of the work rest on your shoulders.

It’s been three years since we had the conversation and i now look at my friend with pride. His confidence in public meetings has been turbocharged, he elocutes properly and is articulate, because he dared to try, and gave it his best. So if you goof or know someone who goofs, just pat him on the back and counsel him with the aforementioned. You’ll be surprised at the results at the end of the day, because you were confident that he could be better. You might just be the next person to put a smile on someone’s face.

This is a clip from the Robin Swoboda Show on Fox 8 in Cleveland.

Question by wondering: How & where can u.s citizen apply for a pardon? person has a us criminal record so he has to apply inUSA.?

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Answer by afcruchief
watch “TERRORSTORM” on google video. its free.wake up and pass it on sheeple.

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Rakhi speaks in relation to her insaaf on envision

Article by abid

You know how to detestation her, you know how to love her, but you cannot take no become aware of of her, is the adage which is accurately predestined for Rakhi Sawant. This girl sets the TRP high, of every waterway that she appears on. This article girl is all set to have visitors her addressees once yet again. Her new show named ‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf… Dil se’ will be launched surrounded by few months. Talking on the subject of the give you an idea about, she strut out her empathy out, totally source of revenue up to the show’s title.

The variety of qualities you have, muscular, bold and self-determining, why did you opt for a give you an idea on the subject of by way of such a somber content?

People presuppose that I am especially comical; well I am not reminiscent of with the intention of. One cannot give you an idea on the subject of his tenderness in municipal. Since my babyhood I have seen numerous sins episode during obverse of me, I have tolerated numerous equipment in my life, which has completed me so muscular that at the second I can scrap any fixation that comes my way. The prototype of the give you an idea about, willpower be how all the suitcases (social problems) are solved in my style that is Rakhi Sawant approach. I am not several quantity holders or any colorless neckline guy with stars on my shoulders, but I am the one who has gone from end to end these conditions and so, I imagine I can do impartiality through out organism bias.

What sort of luggage you determination be trade with, in the give you an idea about?

I will transaction with all class of community cases approximating eve mockery, casting couch, added marital dealings, child ill-treatment and numerous more. I am not disappearing to present any finding on legal basis, but I will be commerce with the dead on an affecting level. In attendance are many suitcases I can’t even call to mind now. But the large amount fascinating one which I learn by heart is, on the subject of this wife, who actually abused her companion and harasses him imperfectly. I won’t be industry with any treacherous cases, which could outcome in keep watch over case and court matters.

What variety of outfit you would be seen exhausting, in the give you an idea about?

As I encompass not ongoing bombardment for illustrate, I in truth don’t be on familiar terms by way of pardon? Kind of clothes I motivation be tiresome but in attendance won’t be little of a transform in my manner. I will be what’s more tiresome my hot dresses or sarees. It all depends on the natural history of the case. I will be myself researching on the belongings, and settle on my outfit according.

Don’t you imagine citizens will get tired of something?

I am in no doubt they will not; it determination be one hour of full amusement; subsequent to all it’s my demonstrate. And how can citizens expect no entertainment from my demonstrate. My addressees will positively get pleasure from this through out a doubt and found believing in me.

What will be the arrangement of illustrate?

I can’t say a large amount on the arrangement of illustrates but I will be for all time position by the conviction. I will construct both the parties feel contented and then will ask them to put ahead their issues. They will encompass to move toward in through their proofs, and depending on the circumstances I will present my concluding verdict.

But sooner than occupation them on the give you an idea about, I will for my part research on the case. I boast never taken the off beam persons elevation in my life, no matter could you repeat that? Happens.

Tell us impressive about your family member with see in your mind’s eye?

I am Imagines’ descendant (Mein Imagine ki beti hun)

Would you approximating to be a division of an additional season of Swayamvar?

Why not? I will do an additional Swayamvar if it happens. To be understandable, I always sought to be with this accurate person, but regrettably I never had that accurate individual in my life. Even despite the fact that I said that I would like to walk down the aisle, but it’s not obligatory to. Why be supposed to I blight my life? When I am on household terms with that a big name isn’t proficient or the precise one to settle with.

Would you approximating to articulate little vocabulary for your addressees?

Dear Audiences I am on familiar provisions with, I’m sorry? You reflect about me? But I am could you repeat that? I am and I am in reality swollen with pride to be in the vein of that and I won’t transform at any summit of point in time.

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