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How to Talk to Any Woman You Encounter on the Street

Article by Scott Patterson

One of the most challenging things for men in the dating scene is approaching women on the street. Like any learned skill the more you practice approaching women the better you will get. So the easy solution in learning how to talk to women on the street is to simply approach more of them. But this is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes you might be walking in one direction and she is walking opposite and toward you. It can be very awkward because she’s going one way and you’re going the other way so it’s not very natural to just walk up and say something. Or is it?

The reality is that you can approach anyone, anywhere, and virtually at any time. The biggest obstacle to talking to women on the street is between your left ear and your right ear. If someone ever told me that they could never approach a woman on the street I would simply ask them “who taught you to think that way?”

Okay, let’s get to the nitty-gritty. It is very important when you approach a woman on the street that you approach from an angle so she can see you. If you come from her blind spot then make sure you say “excuse me” or “pardon me”. This way she will know that you’re there and she won’t turn around and smack you with her purse. Some dating coaches will advise you to pretend and ask for directions, but most women can sniff out phoniness better than a trained dog sniffing for illegal drugs. It’s just not the best approach.

What’s far more effective is approaching naturally and communicating that you both have a short period of time and that you may never see one another again. A great way to break the ice is to simply say “excuse me” and then say, “Gosh, you look like you’re in a hurry to get somewhere.” And she’ll respond accordingly. You can also say something like, “Y’know, normally I’d walk up to a pretty woman like you and invite you for some great conversation and some drinks, but I’m running late for a meeting. Since we’ll probably never see one another again, let me ask you, do you have e-mail?”

So what you can do from there to simply pick out a pen and paper or your cell phone and asked her what her e-mail address is. You might get a little resistance at first because she doesn’t know you. But you can her assure her that you will send her an e-mail with a funny story and if she doesn’t like it then you to do not have to meet for drinks. Once she gives you her e-mail address it is for important that you do not wait too long to e-mail her otherwise she will forget who you are. So what you should do is either send her an e-mail later that night or the next day.

So what do you send her? Send her a funny story. You can go to any news website or entertainment website and find at least one or two interesting stories in the news. You can highlight it and then you can copy it, paste it, and then send it to her. Now imagine on one weekend if you spent the whole day just accumulating e-mail addresses. The chances of you getting a date out of those e-mails increases substantially. Most men are too afraid to do this because they lack the confidence and they only lack the confidence because they don’t practice enough. So, what’s stopping you from practicing right now?

About the Author

Scott Patterson is a master at meeting, approaching, and attracting women. To find out how you can pick-up ANY woman in 7 simple steps, check out his free ecourse

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The Crave For Crazy Street Fights By Teenagers

Article by Sean Lee

Nowadays a never ending supply of gruesome street fighting can be seen plastered everywhere; online, DVD’s, cell phones and posters of crazy fight scenes. And yes, many of these street fights are dominated by teenagers, fights involving young school going boys and girls. They may be simply brawls in the school yard or tough street bouts; just ask a teenager what’s the latest rave in the street fight world and the answer will be in the tip of their tongue!

Technology has advanced a lot; a fact well known and say,’ misused’ by teenagers. There have been many instances when a school hatred end up in a promise for a fight, and soon in front of their pals they beat the crap out of each other, cheered on by friends and instead of quelling the bashings, the kids start videotaping the fight. They no longer have to be a spectator, sitting quietly in their respective rooms and watching professional underground street fighters slugging each other. No, they want to be a part of this crazy world where pardon and second chance is rarely heard.

Some opine that certain websites draw the teens to crave for aggression and challenges even more where even young boys and girls are seen bashing each other in the streets. There is also the so called ‘Happy Slapping’ video where kids are seen knocking the crap out of unsuspecting victims, the clips of the attacks are then sent in real time to their friends. These street fights are all so crazy, no rules, no one to stop the fight and they just love it!

It’s not just the WWF, wrestle mania that the youngsters are looking for. Many street fights are spontaneous ones and when people are fighting they just simply forget where exactly they are and also that they may get seriously hurt too. All caution flies away when they are out in the streets, kicking and knocking each other as if there’s no end. Maybe the teens crave for this kind of spontaneity, not staged Hollywood movies. It’s such a passion for them and for some it’s a hobby to catch these street fights anyway that they can, passing on to their friends, giving nicknames to the fighters turning them into heroes.

The illegal aspect to the street fight also seems to fuel them to go after the crazy street fights even more. There’s the fear and also the excitement of being caught, the underground and secretive side to it attracting the youngsters. It’s that time when caution flies out the window and passion takes control of their judgment.

Street fights of teens have also led to deaths too. Some street fights are so crazy; it’s quite shocking indeed. There are many unrecorded street fights of teenagers, many hidden due to its linkage with criminal activities, but then some videotaped street fights of young kids are available where they just kick and stomp fallen fighters, limp less body being dragged away leaving trails of real blood on the sidewalks, kids howling in pain after dislocating their wrists, blood oozing out their broken nose and the list goes on. It’s really crazy the way teens crave for these kinds of fights!

About the Author

http://www.FightClubNews.com brings you the 4-1-1 on insider fight club news. Fight clubs are gaining in popularity, and we want to bring you the most up to date information online! Come by today and grab our free guide “The 411 On Fight Clubs”! Also be sure to check out our latest information page on crazy street fights.

MIRACLE ON 44th STREET (Excerpt of “An Italian Immigrant” soon to be published)

Immigration pardon
by SS&SS

Article by Lisa Jey Davis

Copyright (c) 2007 Lisa Jey Davis

I walked down Maiden Lane on my way home from work and headed toward the subway. It was a beautiful summer day in June, 1942. I loved the feeling of the warm sun on my face as I walked. Was it only because I was able to leave work early today that I am noticing the grand weather we are having?

It was only a temporary job. I was so sure when I took it, that I would find something else before the two weeks were up, but now it was over, and I was painfully unemployed. How on earth would I help support my mother?

As the subway neared Time Square, I decided to get off. There was no need to rush home to the Bronx, and cranky old Aunt Lib just yet. Besides, I loved Time Square. It reminded me of everything I wanted: the glitz and glamour of life as an actress on Broadway.

Walking by the Astor Hotel on Broadway, I picked up a copy of Actor’s Equity, a theatre trade magazine, which told of rehearsals and upcoming auditions. I noticed that a talent agency was auditioning for some plays on the 7th floor of the Sardy building on 44th street, across from the Shubert Theatre, so I went to check it out. I quickly learned that all the auditions were for summer stock up in the Catskills, and my heart sank. I couldn’t go up to the Catskills, work for free, and support my mother at the same time!

I got in the elevator to go down, and at the 5th floor, everyone from the audition got out. I thought I’d better get out and see what was happening! I followed everyone past a secretary into a huge waiting room. We waited, and waited. After sitting there for two and a half hours, I finally got the nerve to ask an old gentlemen next to me, “Pardon me, but who are we waiting for?”

He said, “We’re waiting to see Mr. Simpson”

I replied, “Is anybody going to see him?”

He said, “You’re new. Why don’t you go see the secretary and see if you can see Mr. JJ?”

I didn’t know who Mr. JJ was, but I figured he would be a good person to start with. I went over to the secretary, and asked her about it. She took my name “Nereide Padalino,” and disappeared.

Ten minutes later she called my name and took me down a maze of passageways – lined with movie and theatre star photos. She led me into an impressive office with windows overlooking 44th Street. “Mr. JJ” was none other than JJ Shubert, and was sitting at his desk in his shirt sleeves. He stood up immediately and apologized, explaining that he tore his jacket on a nail and sent it down to the tailor to be fixed (in those days it was impolite to be in the presence of ladies without wearing your suit coat). “Well, Miss Pah-dah-lino,” he attempted, “What can I do for you?” He smiled nicely.

“Well that’s just it Mr. JJ. I sure hope you can do something for me! I have to get a job to help my mother, but I want to get into show business!” I blurted.

“Well, what can you do?” he asked.

I eagerly offered, “I had the lead in the high school play, and I sing in the church choir.” Talk about an inexperienced, ingénue, country girl!

He was sweet, nonetheless, as he said, “Come with me.” He stood up, took my hand, and led me down the hall to Simpson’s room, where old Simpson was sitting there with a big grand piano. The big boss Mr. Shubert, told this schnook, who kept all those people waiting in the other room, “Simpson, play a few notes for the young lady.”

Simpson played a few notes, and I did some trills for him, “Tra la la la.” Mr. JJ said, “That’s just fine.” He took my hand again and led me back to his office. We sat down and he looked at me and said “Let me see what I can do for you. Why don’t you give me your phone number and I will call you in a couple of days if I can find something.” And that was it!

I went home to Aunt Lib’s house. It was already after 6pm and she was furious!

“Young lady! Do you realize what time it is!? Where have you been!?” she screamed.

“I was with Mr. JJ Shubert.” I replied.

“Come off it!” she retorted, “You’re in New York now! Who do you think you are, you hillbilly? Somebody just told you he was JJ Shubert! There are a lot of con artists out there now!”

“I swear! It was Mr. JJ!” I defended. I relayed the whole story about his office and where it was located. So, she called her best friend Eva. Eva had a niece who was one of the famous Rockettes.

She hung up the phone and huffed, “Eva said there is no way on earth you got in to see Mr. Shubert. Her niece said he is the hardest man in show business to get to see!”

“Well, he told me he’s going to call me in a couple of days. He’s going to see if he can find me a job.” I responded.

“We’ll see about that! You gotta be careful who you talk to!” She snapped.

After a couple of days, and no phone call, I went down to see Mr. JJ again.

I said directly, “Mr. JJ, you said you’d call me. I’ve been waiting! I’ve got to get some work!”

“You know Nereide,” he said kindly, “This being June, there are no shows opening at all in the summer, except the summer stock in the mountains.”

“Well, I can’t wait. I have to get a job now. I have to help support my mother.” I pleaded.

“Well Nereide, what else can you do?” he asked hopefully.

“I took short-hand and typing in school. I can do some secretarial work,” I said enthusiastically.

He called his secretary in. “Give this young girl a pad and a pencil,” he said. “Take this down,” he said in his dictation voice. He proceeded to dictate a very short letter of about three sentences. I was so nervous, I had to memorize it! I couldn’t even write.

“Okay. There’s a typewriter out there. Type it up and bring it to me,” he said in a mock-authoritative voice.

I went out and typed it. Would you believe I made three errors on it? I took it into him. He didn’t say a word, he was so kind.

He asked, “How much were you making at your last job?” I only made eighteen dollars a week, but I lied and told him twenty. “Alright” he said, “You can start working here.”

I should have been thrilled, but I was relentless. I reminded him “But, I want to get in show business.”

“Well, nothing starts rehearsing until September. So, until then you can work here in the office,” he answered me, closing the deal.

I settled quickly into my new job. I was responsible for typing the re-writes for the man who revised the operettas into modern language for the librettos. JJ was always sweet and very polite. He was like a father to me.

As time passed and summer was coming to a close, I asked, “Mr. JJ, when are they starting rehearsals? I am doing all the scores for these plays and things.”

He asked “What do you want to do? You want to go with the cast of The Student Prince, Blossom Time, The Merry Widow or Gilbert and Sullivan?”

I was so green, I said, “Well, who are Gilbert & Sullivan?”

He said, “It’s a repertory company. They do about eight to twelve plays.”

I thought for a second and replied, “That sounds interesting, because then you wouldn’t be bored with the same thing every night! I think that sounds like the one I want to do.”

He smiled, and asked, “Are you sure my dear? It’s a very hard life in show business.”

I quickly replied, “I know but I’ve got to try it. I’m dying to get on the stage!”

It was settled. Mr. JJ sent me to Murray Korman Photography Studio to get some professional photographs taken. He even had Murrary Korman send him the bill. I said goodbye, and I never saw Mr. JJ again.

I walked right into the chorus line of the Gilbert and Sullivan Repertory Company. I never even had to audition. My friends in the chorus later told me “We heard there was going to be an office stooly coming in.” They soon learned I wasn’t. I was so thrilled to be a part of it all and to live my dream. I worked very hard, and loved every moment.

About the Author

Lisa Jey Davis is a professional freelance writer, website owner and motivational speaker. Having worked as a marketing and PR consultant for several years and in television production with networks such as MTV, CBS, the NFL and others, Lisa Jey knows what people like. She packs her message with candor and hilarious anecdotes. To find out more about Lisa Jey, visit http://www.lisajeydavis.com/

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