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License Suspension, Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program, Ignition Interlock and More!

Welcome to the Aftermath of DWI/DUI in Virginia!

One of the first things that hits you, after the alcohol in the blood has subsided, is that your driver’s license may be suspended for one year if you are convicted under the strict DUI/DWI laws of Virginia.

However, you are free to petition the court for a restricted license, but the granting of such is at the discretion of the presiding Judge.

So what is a restricted driver’s license?

This type of license allows you to move around in a limited manner, rather than completely stopping you from driving your car.

For instance, with a restricted license, you can commute to and from work, as well as drive around during working hours (if the trip is related to work and you have a note from your boss or some other confirmation of purpose (exactly what you want to ask your boss for, right?)).

With a restricted Virginia driver’s license, you are also able to drive to/from the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program and other court ordered probation activities.

A restricted license will permit you to drive to and from school, medical care and to transport your children to/from the same kinds of things.

If you are convicted of DWI/DUI with blood alcohol concentration of .15 or greater, then your restricted license will be contingent upon an ignition interlock system being installed in your car.

This system automatically records the driver’s BAC through a breath analyzer every time the car is started. The driver also has to blow into the breath analyzer every 5 to 20 minutes (more fun, right?)

As the Holidays approach, more and more police and law enforcement will be on the roads looking to bust drunk drivers in Prince William County, Manassas, Warrenton, Culpeper and Fauquier County, Virginia.

In fact, roadblocks are already being planned, as well as other tactics to find and apprehend folks drinking and driving. (Statistics show that DWI/DUI arrests are at their highest rates of the year in Virginia during the Holiday party season-no surprise, right?)

Remember-all of these penalties, costs and inconveniences (by the way, I haven’t even mentioned the costs of a good Virginia DWI/DUI lawyer or the exorbitant insurance rates you will be paying) can be avoided by simply calling a cab or car service, using the designated driver system or crashing on your friend’s couch for the night.

James Parrish is a DWI/DUI attorney in Manassas, Warrenton, and Woodbridge, Virginia. Mr. Parrish formerly represented law enforcement agencies and instructs law enforcement officers. His law firm offers free consumer’s guides on various aspects of the law including DWI/DUI, reckless driving, dog bites/attacks and automobile accidents.

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Question by Yahoo Answers Staff: Do I have the suspension record?
9 in 10 months. Is anyone even close to pissing off Yahoo! that much? I mean, not counting the trolls.
Not in 10 months you haven’t.

Best answer:

Answer by Faith loves black butterflies★゜
your mom must be proud.

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Ontario beef industry assesses fallout from processor's suspension
Liberal Interim Leader Bob Rae is quoted in Hansard, the official written record for the House, asking the government to explain about the CFIA being informed by American border services on Sept. 4 that products from XL Foods were contaminated with E …

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Getting Back on eBay in One Day After an Unjust Suspension

You first of all you need to know that they have a cross link system, among other systems. You cannot use anything associated with your last account. Do not use your spouse’s name with the same address previously listed on the old eBay account because now that partner’s name is tagged. Don’t use that tagged partner’s name with a new address, because now that new address is tagged. Don’t use the same computer with the same IP to open a new account under a new name and address, because the new name and address is now tagged. Don’t use any software (turbolister etc.), pictures ads, or anything associated with your last account. You can sell the same products but for pictures always use eBay’s image hosting and always use different ads.

What happens is eBay’s tracking software looks for certain things in order to catch a suspended user opening another account and once It does It raises a red flag. Then a eBay employee will look into the red alert and If you didn’t take all the precautions they will easily catch the connection to your suspended accounts and suspend you again. If you follow the steps outlined here you’ll remain under eBay’s radar and your account will more than likely never even be reviewed by an actual eBay employee.

Not a registered user – this is the most shocking, distressing, anxiety causing situation for anyone that relies on eBay to make a living or supplemented income can ever experience. It’s like being fired from a job you love. You’re losing hundreds or thousands of dollars a week!

I have been suspended from eBay twice. Both times for being linked to suspended accounts I had nothing to do with. After being suspended I anxiously searched to find out what I could do and of course I could get no response from eBay. It’s very rare for eBay to reinstate a suspended account even If they find they made a mistake. eBay won’t admit any wrong doing on their part.


Follow these instructions step by step or you’ll just get suspended again and have to start all over.

Many people think you have to re-format (reinstall windows) prior to opening a new account but I didn’t do it and so far I’m all good. As a precautionary measure it wouldn’t be a bad idea though. Especially if your pc is running really slow and your hard drive is full, reinstalling windows will make it run like new. If you want to do this and need help, email me and I’ll give you instructions and a copy of windows XP professional (for a small fee) if you need it.

It is a very rare occasion that eBay ever reinstates a suspended account, so even if you think you can prove your self innocent, it will take weeks to months and you have to give up all of your personal info. Copies of your birth certificate, social security card, drivers license etc. Even after all that you will more that likely still not get reinstated. eBay does not care about the small sellers.

1) Clear your tracks:

You’ll need to get a new IP and clear the spy’s, web-beacons and cookies.

Download Firefox with Google Toolbar. Firefox browser is an alternative to internet explorer. Firefox is free and is an absolute must! After you download, go to “tools” at the top of the browser, then click on “options” – “Privacy tab ” and check the box that says “Always clear my private data when I close Firefox”

eBay tracks and monitors your activities through your cookies. They also have the added advantage of monitoring your surfing habits with the cooperation of many associates and affiliates remotely monitoring your activities without you even being logged into eBay! Seems like an invasion of privacy to me but true never the less.

Aside from setting Firefox to clear all cookies and temp files every time I shut down, I also run a free program called crap cleaner which I have found the best for removing cookies temp files and more. I run It at the end of everyday and I always close fire fox after logging out of eBay to erase all cookies before I do any other surfing. This way eBay can’t track your activities. Believe me this is necessary if you don’t want eBay monitoring your surfing habits.

2) Change your IP Address

NOTE: eBay has launched a “Trusted Selling with Identity Confirmation” in efforts to fight the problems of account hijacking in which fraudsters take over users’ accounts to list scam auctions. This is proof that eBay monitors your computer! eBay said it has started recording which computers members typically use to conduct their buying and selling activity. In June ’08, eBay began verifying sellers are using the same computers they have used previously. If sellers list items using a different computer, eBay will make an automated call to the seller for confirmation so it is important to have a good phone number now. It is not difficult to obtain 2nd phone lines, virtual phone numbers, or cell numbers. This new system may also prompt the seller to verify their identity in other, as yet not specified ways.

There are a few ways to change your IP.

(If you have Dial-up your IP automatically changes every time you log on.)

Windows – Computer connected directly to the modem

1. Get to a command prompt. (START, run, cmd).
2. Type “ipconfig /release” (without the quotes, on the command line by itself).
3. Type “ipconfig /renew” (without the quotes, on the command line by itself).

Windows (second option) – Computer connected directly to the modem

1. Get to a command prompt. (START, run, cmd).
2. Type “ipconfig /release” (without the quotes).
3. Shut down computer.
4. Turn off computer.
5. Turn off all ethernet hubs/switches.
6. Turn off cable/DSL modem.
7. Leave off overnight.
8. Turn everything back on.

Network with Router

1. Log into the router’s admin console. (Often [])
2. Release the IP address. (Method varies by router manufacturer)
3. Turn off router, Ethernet hubs/switches, and the cable/DSL modem.
4. Leave off overnight.
5. Turn everything back on.

If you are using a cable/DSL modem and a router, you may wish to connect your computer directly to the cable/DSL modem. Please note that this could significantly impact your system security. This allows your ISP’s DHCP to issue you a new (hopefully changed) IP address based of the (hardware) MAC address of your computer’s Ethernet card.

If all the above has not worked to change your IP address and you have a router, check and see if there is a “Clone MAC Address” option. Using it should change your IP address; however, you’ll only be able to do it once (in most cases).

These will not work in all cases. If all else fails contact your internet service provider (ISP) and ask them if they are able to change your IP address or how long your connection needs to be off for your IP address to change.

3) Get a NEW email address: I suggest

4) Get a new mailing address: UPS store, PO box, etc. NOTE: standard postal mail boxes are a flag, preferably use a non government ran mailbox.

5) Get a new phone number: new cell number, second line, is easy.

6) Fully uninstall all auction software, I use Vendio and eBay Turbo Lister, don’t use eBay Turbo Lister again for multiple accounts. For security purpose, download and use eBay Turbo Lister for ONE account only. there are other programs for your secondary accounts.

7) Create an account with auctiva free auction software, templates and image hosting will help your business. Auctiva’s has scrolling gallery that helps you cross-market and increase customer traffic. It saves you much time and money.

8) Create a auctiva token for each eBay account you have by using a new auctiva account for each.

9) Get a new prepaid or gift card. You can get PayPal verified without a checking account. I’m surprised more people don’t know about this.

You’ll need a debit card with a direct deposit option. I don’t know how many offer this but the one I use is I.C.E Visa. You’ll need 2 cards. First you’ll receive your temporary cards. You’ll have to wait until you receive your permanent cards to use them because the address wont match on the temp cards. Use one card to register PayPal and as a seller on eBay and use the other one to get PayPal verified. Your Ice cards come with a routing and checking number. you’ll enter these numbers as your bank account numbers and select the add funds to your PayPal account to verify option. Then when they add the funds to your card your verified and they are none the wiser.


1. Use Firefox instead of internet explorer to adequately remove your cookies and surfing tracks. The reason to delete your browser cookies and saved passwords is because eBay leaves cookies on your PC with your eBay user name and password and some browsers automatically log you in which could obviously jeopardize any new account you establish.

2. Uninstall any eBay related software such as turbolister

3. Change your IP address

4. Use a friends Id. Create a new identity that you can also use everywhere else, not just on eBay.

5. Get a new email address, Gmail or yahoo and ad this to your PayPal account to prevent connection with old email address for accepting your eBay payments.

6. Get a new phone number or as they simply put it use call forwarding to save you the hassle of changing your existing number such as ( or get prepaid cellphone.

7. Get a gift card credit card which has visa or MasterCard logo.

8. Then apply for new your eBay and PayPal account using total new identity information. To verify your account if you are a seller you need to enter bank details and unfortunately the majority of these publications advise using bogus information to do this. (to my surprise and ethical delight this is not always necessary though)

9. Make sure you use eBay image hosting instead of on your own server. Every image you use can be identified right down to what type of camera was used if necessary.

10. Start selling slowly.

11. Don’t use anything at all that was related or that you used on a suspended account. Pictures, etc.

Good luck with your love hate relationship with eBay.

For a huge eBook with complete details and many tips and tricks on how to get back on eBay undetected that are not mentioned here, get eBay Stealth.

To get eBay stealth free, go to []

All you have to do is sign up for one offer and you will get it free. I suggest the netflix free trial offer. Netflix is awesome and I have kept my membership to this day after originally signing up just to get the free ebook. All you have to do is sign up for the free trial.


Article Source: One of Britains true electronic music and techno pioneers, with a career that has spanned 20 years and counting, Luke Slater is a national treasure. Born in Reading and raised in Horley, Lukes early sound dalliances with his dad’s ancient reel to reel tape machine and his drumming stints led to work in local record shops including self set up infamous Jelly Jam in Brighton. By 1988 Slater was fully immersed in the embryonic acid house scene DJing at London’s seminal Troll at sound shaft Heaven. Luke soon began releasing original tracks under various monikers and his single debut came in 1989 in the form of Momentary Vision. After releases on DJax as Clementine, on GPR as 7th Plain and Morganistic (with Alan Sage) and especially on Peacefrog with nearly a dozen of releases as The X-Tront and as Planetary Assault Systems, Slater’s trajectory through the early to mid nineties electronic music scene was at very least staggeringly prolific and a lot of the times utterly majestic. Especially his Planetary Assault Systems alias that Slater uses for his harder edged techno output became a sound that had gone into the heads and hearts of the dance scene and as a result became a milestone in UK techno history. After releasing 4 full length PAS albums on Peacefrog, he ascended to the majors in 1997 with the release of a modest milestone of latter-day techno album on NovaMute that resulted in 1997’s Freek Funk and the album Wireless followed two years later. His first
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Question by RBag: Can I remove a suspension from my driving record?
In 1999, I transfered my auto registration from out of state (NY) to CA. I also bought new insurance to cover my vehicle as registered in CA. In doing so, I let my NY insurance lapse. I didn’t think it would matter since there was never a lapse on the actual vehicle itself. In the mid 2000’s, the federal government created a national driver license registry (as a result of the 2001 terrorist attacks). Since then, I received notice that I had a “suspended” license in NY – from almost a decade ago.

The problem is this: When I shop for car insurance, my record shows a “suspended” license from 1999. I fixed the issue with NYS DMV, but they said it would take seven (7) years for the “violation” to be removed from my record – a violation I wasn’t even aware of until nearly 10 years after the infraction.

My question is this: Is there any legal recourse? Can I remove this suspension from my record? My driving record is otherwise 100% perfect… Have never been in an at-fault accident or had any type of infraction in the nearly twenty years I’ve been driving.

Best answer:

Answer by car253
My question is, “Did you get a CA drivers license? If you did it makes no difference that the NY license is or was suspended. Even if it is or was suspended, that does not count against you on your DMV record. It is not a point and does not effect your auto insurance.

If your auto insurance company is counting that against you file a complaint with the Department of Insurance or switch companies.

What do you think? Answer below!
Suspended Aggies Michael, Campbell will return this week
Texas A&M; running back Christine Michael and safety Steven Campbell, both of whom served a surprise one-game suspension last week in the Aggies' 48-3 drubbing of SMU, will be allowed to play this week against South Carolina State. On Tuesday, head …
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Pete Rose, 4192

Pete Rose chases hit 4192 to break the all-time record

California’s Vehicle Financial Responsibility and Suspension Laws

record suspension
by wallyg

The insurance requirements for the registration of a vehicle in California are a part of California’s vehicle Financial Responsibility and Suspension Laws. The law changed in 2006. The California Department of Motor Vehicles also changed the way it verifies motorist coverage insurance for personal use vehicles. The changes made guarantee that all vehicles being driven in the state of California have liability insurance that affords financial responsibility for damages or injuries caused by a traffic accident in spite of fault.

The changes were also implemented to get rid of the fleet of uninsured vehicles driving illegally on California roads and highways. Insurance companies in California are now required by law (California Vehicle Code [CVC] §16058) to electronically file and report personal use vehicle insurance information to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. An insurance company is not required to electronically report insurance information for vehicles that are covered by business insurance policies or a commercial insurance policy.

Law enforcement and California courts have electronic access to the status of your insurance policy that is available on the California Department of Motor Vehicles records. The requirement to provide financial responsibility is mandatory, it is required that any vehicle operated or parked on a California roadway be in compliance with the California Financial Responsibility requirements. Vehicle operators must carry proof of financial responsibility in the vehicle at all times and it must be presented whenever requested to do so by law enforcement, when renewing the vehicle registration and when a vehicle is involved in a traffic collision or accident. Proof of financial responsibility can be established by providing any of the following documents when requested to do so; an identification card issued by an insurance company, a Department of Motor Vehicles authorization letter stating that you are self insured or that you comply as a cash depositor, a California Proof of Insurance Certificate (SR22) for broad coverage or an owner’s policy and proof that the vehicle is owned or leased by a public entity.

The minimum liability insurance requirements for private passenger vehicles in California are $ 15,000 for injury or death to one person, $ 30,000 for injury or death to more than one person and $ 5,000 for damage to property. Liability insurance compensates a person other than the policy holder for personal injuries or property damage. Although the minimum liability requirements are set by the state of California, those limits are not enough to cover damages and injuries that arise from significant injuries and damage. You should discuss increasing your liability limits with an insurance broker or agent and you will see that the difference is usually very low or irrelevant compared to being adequately protected.

Go Insurance Center
10769 Woodside Ave Suite 210-B
Santee, CA 92071

(619)442-6667 fax

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Question by : Worried about in-school suspension going on my record !!!?
i got in- school suspension because i went to the clinic during an assembly and didnt notify my teacher
im in middle
i dont want schools i apply to, knowing about this, and i want to get into a private school in a few years
also some people on yahoo answers said that it doesnt go on your record

Best answer:

Answer by Oke
In high school it does go on your record but i believe stuff is not as tight in middle school, and if your behavior is good it won’t go through (schools can erase the punishment from your records if they want).

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Clemson WR Watkins ready after 2-game suspension
Watkins was charged with two misdemeanors and took part in an intervention program that lets first time offenders expunge their record if they followed community service guidelines attached to their case. Watkins has apologized to his coaches …
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Strolling a Suspension Bridge

Strolling a Suspension Bridge

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Payton’s Suspension And The Value Of Players

The National Football League has slammed the New Orleans Saints with a major punishment for ‘bounty’ violations, including suspending head coach Sean Payton for the entire duration of the 2012 season. Former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who the St Louis Rams hired this season, has also been suspended, for an indefinite time period. Joe Vitt, the Saints assistant head coach, has been given a suspension for the first six games of the next season, without pay, and general manager Mickey Loomis has received an eight games suspension.

Payton’s suspension kicks off on 1st April, and this is the one that is likely to have the largest impact on fantasy football. Many owners may now also be worrying as to whether or not the Saints will be able to generate the same level of explosive influence sans Payton’s influence.

Drew Brees is, of course, coming off the back of what has to be one of the greatest statistical performances ever, having broken the record set by Dan Marino for passing yards in a single season and also having scored an absurd total of 47 touchdowns. If Payton is out, however, does that mean it is time to drop Brees down on rank lists?

Experts believe otherwise, saying that Brees could run the offense with his eyes closed because he knows it so well, and that Brees still belongs on the same level as Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers, even without Payton. This brings into question the overall value of certain players.


Once free agency starts in the NFL, it is often regarded as a good time to kick off your fantasy football leagues for the next season. Many players can see their value skyrocket, while others find themselves going from a ‘top notch’ ranking to a ‘questionable’ one at a bewildering speed.

This is precisely what is happening this year, with two players who have gone from being ranked in the top 10 or 12 positions with fantasy running backs to watching their value dip already in the first round and possibly even further.

Jamaal Charles is one of those players. Currently in rehab as a result of a torn ACL injury which occurred in Week One of the 2011 season, Charles could well be ready for action by the time training camp begins; however, Charles’ owners have been hurt as a result of the Chiefs signing former Browns player Peyton Hillis, as he is an instant upgrade at the backup spot over the likes of both Jackie Battle and Thomas Jones and could end up taking a fair amount of the carries.

Matt Forte had the Bears tag placed on him this offseason after he clocked up almost 1,500 all-purpose yards last season, but now that former Raiders RB Michael Bush has been signed to a $ 14 million, four-year contract, it muddies up Forte’s future as a Bear once the next season is completed and also gives the Bears a lot more leverage in contract negotiations

Ellie has worked in PR for the past 15 years and currently runs her own PR company. She writes on behalf of Fan Duel, who specialise in fantasy football.

Article Source:

Invalid Van on Nordschliefe. 2500 kg. Mercedes Viano Brabus suspension and 20″ rims. 255/35/20 – 285/30/20 Standart brakes. Greenstuff pads.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Question by : How long will a it take a suspension to fall off a driving record in texas? ?

Best answer:

Answer by wizjp
uh..they generally remain a part of your driving record.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Herington football coaches suspended
The superintendent agreed that frustration over the Railers' 0-3 record contributed to the discord. Time to move on. In a Friday call to Herington High School, Principal Ken Arnold and Mark Cook, assistant principal and athletic director, agreed it's …
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Atari Racing Collection

Atari Racing Collection

  • Includes three of Atari’s most popular racing games: Dirt Track Racing 2, DRIV3R, and V Rally 3
  • Progress through various series from Stock, to Modified, and on to the Late models with Dirt Track Racing 2
  • Drive in high-speed rally vehicles, and live the life of a driver working through an intense rally season in V-Rally 3
  • Participate in a realistic crime saga that would make even Hollywood proud in DRIV3R
  • All three games shipped together for complete racing entertainment on your PC

The Atari Racing Collection gives you great racing action, whether you’re on the dirt roads or in the biggest cities. Go off-road for Dirt Track Racing 2, where you’ll blaze new trails through the dust. In V Rally 3 you’ll conquer the racing circuit in the fastest driving macines ever built. Finally, in DRIV3R you’ll get all the fun and thrills of the original Driver, combined with all-new gameplay mechanics.The Atari Racing Collection lets you get your race on in style, whether you’re into boun

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Ron Artest Saga: Brawl, Trade Rumor, Suspension, CD

We all now the story, last years incident in Detroit, the infamous brawl when a fan threw a cup a Artest, who then jumped into the stands followed by teammate Stephen Jackson to fight with Detroit fans. What most of us don’t know is that the problems started before that.

In the 2003-2004 season only played 73 games. Some missed sue to injury, but seven due to suspension for flagrant fouls. The NBA rule is you are allowed five flagrant fouls for the whole season. After that you are suspended five games for the first five flagrant fouls and one game for each additional foul later in the season. Artest broke the record that year for flagrant fouls. His sixth flagrant foul came five seconds into the game which he returned from his initial five game suspensions and he was ejected after only five seconds. Artest had perhaps his best statistic season of his career winning the Defensive Player of The Year Award.

In the 2004-2005 seasons he was suspended for the final 73 games of the regular season, including playoffs, with out pay for the Brawl in Detroit. Earlier in that year Artest took two games off willingly because he wanted to promote his rap CD. He lost $ 5 Million dollars of salaries that year due to suspensions.

In the 2005-2006 season thing started out great. However it soon fell apart as Artest felt that Coach Rick Carlisle was not implementing him into the offense. He felt that no small forward could guard him and that he wasn’t welcome in Indiana anymore. Shortly after he requested a trade. The Pacers agreed and have discussed Artest with many teams. If they can’t trade him, then they won’t play him at all for the reminder of the year.

As of December 17th, in a latest twist of events, he indicated that he wants to remain a Pacer. “I should have been a man and spoken with coach [Rick Carlisle] about my differences with him,” Artest told the Indianapolis Star. “Yes, I would like to return”.

It seems as though Ron Artest has become the Terrell Owens of the NBA. This is why teams like Detroit and San Antonio have won the last two championships. There is no ego on the team, no problems, media, saga’s; all they do is play basketball. Sure it may be boring, but you have to win at any cost in all sports.

In conclusion if I were a GM for a team I would consider Ron Artest for a second. He is two concerned about his own life. He have basically ruined two seasons for the Pacers, why will the next season be any different.

Tim Garmo is the owner of>, an online sports news articles database

Article Source:

05-25-2009 Dahntay Jones trips Kobe Bryant on purpose!!

05-25-2009 Round 3- game 3- Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Lakers Dahntay Jones gets away from a flagrant 2 foul and a possible suspension for tripping Kobe Bryant on Purpose.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by kevin d: so i have 3 points on my drivers record, 1 more will lead to suspension, probation, or revocation.?
i recently got 2 more tickets i will take traffic school for one, but that still adds another point. what am i looking at for punishment? is there anyway i can get a license just to go to school?? please help.

Best answer:

Answer by MB
I hope not. You don’t need to be driving if after having 3 points you still didn’t wake up and realize that you are the problem. A year or two away from driving will hopefully wake you up and realize that a moving vehicle is in reality a guided missile (and you are the guide). When you are irresponsible you place innocent people at risk.

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Blechen returns from suspension
Blechen, who recorded three interceptions and three forced fumbles last season, had never missed a game at Utah. He started all 26 games for the Utes, so being forced to sit out was especially painful. "It's been real tough," Blechen said. "Every game …
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Footage of jericho screwed up the brazil flag, kicking it away, and then apologising, Jericho also lost his match, and has been suspended indefinetly, many people are unsure if this is legit or to cover over his leaving to go tour with his rock band Fozzy. Jericho has since tweeted: Just for the record I love Brazil and wish we could’ve spent more time here. Beautiful country! SAUCE: UPDATE: JERICHO NOW SUSPENDED FOR 30 DAYS, WHICH IS THE SAME TIME AS FOZZY TOUR.

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