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Brief Analysis of Some Tausug Lexical Features

In the same tradition as the “One Man Army” videos for GTA4. I put this together to show how I got the Friends In High Places achievement (which is basically Red Dead Redemption’s answer to One Man Army). So over the next couple of videos I’ll show a good way on how to get it. Bring plenty of health and ammo, also obviously access to the full map is helpful too. You should have at least one Pardon Letter by this point in the game (you get a few throughout the game).
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pardon letter
by guano

Brief Analysis of Tausug Lexical Features

By Johnnie J. Lim

Tausug is a ‘Creole’ spoken throughout Sulu Archipelago. However, the accent and tone vary from one municipality to the other. The natives of Jolo have an accent which could be considered as ‘a standard Tausug accent’ compared to those who come from Luuk, Parang, Maimbung, Indanan, Danag, Panamao, Talipao, Pata, Kalinggalang Kaluang, and other municipalities (since Sulu has 18 municipalities) whose accent really sounds different due to the intonation and pronunciation of some words with letter ‘e’. These natives, especially from Luuk, produce the sound of the letter ‘e’ as [I] like in bit. i.e., [bInd] for bend; [prI-tInd] for pretend; [tIn] for ten; [brId] for bread; [tu-gI-dr] for together. Another is the sound of the letter ‘o’. It is pronounced as [u] like in good. i.e., [pru –tIkt] for protect; [ku-mun] or [ku-mon] for common; [ur-dIr] for order; [Ku-lIkt] for collect. The sound of the letter ‘a‘ is monotonous. It sounds like [iy] as in feet. i.e., [priy] for pray; [pru-kliym] for proclaim; [bliym] for blame; [piy-pr] also [Piy-pIr] for paper; [biy-kr] also [bI-kIr] for baker.

For consideration, the Tausug vowel sounds are patterned from the Arabic vowel sounds or the sound of ‘Alif‘ which is equivalent to ‘a‘, the first letter of the English alphabet. In Arabic, there are only three basic sounds of ‘a’ (a-I-U). However, there are four basic sounds of ‘a‘ in Tausug vowels sounds (a-I-iy-U). For clarification, these Tausug vowel sounds are not strongly acquired by the natives of Jolo. The English vowel sounds are observed.

Other dominant distinction of ‘Tausug‘ in Luuk is the way how the natives say the word ‘yes’. Their intonation of saying this is usually in the interrogative form even if the purpose is not to confirm any information asked (i.e., ‘Ha-a ba?’ which ordinarily means ‘yes’). However, in some instances, they also say it in a normal way of giving affirmation (i.e., ‘Ha-a.’ or ‘Ha-a!’). This popular expression has become a ‘trade mark‘ of the natives of Luuk. Another distinction is the term these natives use to say the word that is ‘Ha-a’ instead of ‘Ho-on‘, the term used by the natives of Jolo and those from other municipalities of Sulu which meaning is equivalent to it.

Another variance of Tausug accent is in Pangutaran, Siasi, Bongao and Sitankai. Natives from these places have distinct intonation due to the

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