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Inexpensive Energy Conserving Products and Technologies

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by SS&SS

Article by Mark Franklin

What do you do after you have changed out the light bulbs that will not cost you an arm and a leg? Actually there are a number of products that I will cover in this article that don’t cost much but can save you a lot of money.

Whether you believe in global warming or not, conserving energy makes sense on many levels. I have been in the conservation business since 1992 and have always understood that as much as we want to do what is right for the planet, unless I could prove the economic value of a product not many people would buy it.

Here are some options you might not have considered yet (and if you have, why haven’t you implemented them?) Some ideas have not been traditionally thought of as energy conservation strategies but at closer look they are. Other ideas have been around for awhile but recent advancements might mean it’s time for an upgrade.

For the purposes of this article I am going to focus on products that reduce hot water consumption. Studies show that 30% to 40% of water consumed in a residential environment is heated.

I am going to assume that you have already installed low-flow showerheads and aerators, low-flush toilets and replaced your energy wasting light bulbs. If you haven’t, bookmark this page and go do it.Idea #1

Check your building pressure: Higher pressure means that more water is being forced through the low-flow faucets and aerators you installed. Since they are already restricting flow, reduce the pressure in 5 psi increments until the service level is no longer satisfactory. It is difficult to say what pressure is the right pressure – it changes from building to building. If you have a pressure regulator already installed there is no cost to implementing this strategy – experiment with it.Idea #2

Drip Stop Faucet Washers: 90% of leaks occur in hot water pipes – some are easy to spot, others are hard to find. If you follow these steps you can pinpoint any problems and then take action to stop the bleeding. First, check all of your faucets. If they are leaking – fix them! The best replacement washers are made by Drip Stop. Google them, go to their website (turn off the annoying dripping sound) and buy them. Their patented design uses your faucet’s own internal pressure to create a tight seal which actually makes your faucets easier to turn off as well.Next turn off all of the fixtures and go look at the meter. Most utilities are now using meters with a spinner on the face that indicates even the smallest amount passing through the meter. Again if you have a leak -fix it!Idea #3

Lower-Flow Showerheads: That’s right, lower flow. When they first came out they were just watered down (pardon the pun) versions of the old guzzlers with flow restrictors. Nobody liked the way they felt but over the years advances were made and there are a number of low-flow showerheads that conserve while providing a quality showering experience.But they have evolved and now there are an even better ones available and here are 4 reasons why:

1. One is rated at 1.59 gpm versus the old 2.5 gpm wasters. This can save an average family of 3 about 5 per year – at around your payback is under 4 months!

2. When we are pre-warming the water before we get in the shower most of us on the faucet and let it run while we do other things. 1 or 2 minutes later we return to a shower filled with steam, adjust the temperature and step in.

One manufacturer has patented a technology that actually turns off the water once it reaches 95°F. You can go about your business until you are ready, pull on a chain and take your shower. This increases the savings by another per year, for a total of 0 saved per year. That’s a 2 month payback at per shower head!!

3. The demise of most showerheads is clogging from lime (or other minerals) deposits. Many new models have anti-clog spray nozzles that are cleaned by dragging you finger across the nozzle tips while the water is running.

4. Pressure can drastically change the amount of water flowing through your fixtures (see Idea #1 above). Some new models use pressure compensating technology that helps maintain a consistent flow rate across the spectrum of building pressure from high to low. And they feel great, even with lower pressure.

The best of the new fixtures that I have found are called the Evolve Showerhead and are available at The Energy Conservation Store online. And one of their polished chrome or brushed nickel showerhead (hand held also available) would look great with any decor.

There are other options but I have run out of time. If you have any questions please send me an email at the link below.

About the Author

Mr. Franklin is the CEO of Saves You Energy, LLC and has worked in energy conservation for 18 years. He is a civil engineer and holds 4 US patents.

Mr. Franklin has designed projects valued at over 0 million and has been hired by the California Energy Commission to study the actual benefits of energy conservation technology being used in boiler rooms. Subsequently several technologies were added to the energy guidelines for California.

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