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Introduction to Temperology (Part IV)

Article by Sergey Kronin

If one takes into account that we were engaged in building-up of “intangible assets”, but not the office personnel of training centers as the most of modern school, so we don’t have worthy adversaries here too. Of course there are some large systems and schools that began their activity in 1998 too. No doubt, they are known and presented in society more widespread than Temperology. Unfortunately for them, in due time they have staked precisely on management and own promotion. Because of that, nowadays the most of them realized all that they have got. If you remember from economical basics: “displayed assets” answer for today state of organization, whereas the “immaterial potential” determinates future. So, we have future. It may be noticed that even the EFSI Base Program includes no more than 30% of all knowledge and inventions.

So the last 10 years were spent more than reasonable: we have done something that may change the face of not only today culture and society, and even not in frame of one country, but the whole civilization. What existent system may declare that it may change the image of society? And what can it present for that? Nothing, except solving of some problems. But we can talk chiefly about our own system of views. Do you remember Lenin’ words: “There is such party!” Today I may say the same: “There is such system of knowledge!” I do emphasize that I am fully sensing what I am talking about. We may, but we are not wild to do that. We know how to live and orientate in life. We know what should be done today and tomorrow for good life of everyone. We may lead but we will not play clowns on the squares exhorting people to follow us. As Stalin was saying “party is reinforced by purging it – the half is more than the whole”. Those who need, they will find way to Temperology by themselves. The system may be hardly called as entertaining. Learning it needs certain level of development, self-cultivation, similarly to learning any academic subject. If someone doesn’t find the way it means that he isn’t looking for it or he is looking for “spiritual entertainments”.Now, we will gather the whole system. It is a watershed. At the bottom it is a start, certain historical point when the process of transferring “immaterial potential” of knowledge to the social technologies, systems, methods, schools and more other. Now it’s clear that it is a question of time.

At that point I think the conclusion of last stage may be finished. Are there any questions?”

“But there is one more question where did the EFSI knowledge come from?” – smiled pretty listener that was sitting aside. “Although, you will scarcely answer.” She was confused, but then added at once: “What has affected creation of the system? Tell us about the history please!”

“All right! A short chronology how the system was arising. Before 1998 I was engaged in exclusively scientific issues in a field of unstudied human capability and hidden powers that regulates the social processes. However, it’s not interesting for you. Up to 1998 I was able to say something and in this year I have led the first open seminar. It happened that the participants of seminars were people who aspired to a career. They couldn’t stand the sight of generalities and common recommendations, that academic directions were offering them. They needed simple, effective and extremely powerful methods for negotiations, personnel managing and attraction of boss’s “love”. They were not pardoning neither commonplaces nor “empty” methods. So, in that environment was formed a very effective, rather strict technology, that was precisely definitely working and allowing the assured achievement of results in society. Perhaps, we have to thank the Situation for giving exactly such participants at the very beginning. These people didn’t allow playing to the gallery, speaking by generalities. I really pride myself that I have created the most powerful communicative technology. It’s staying as the most powerful technology even today.So, that was a beginning of what we are studying now. We have had quite good office with a big hall. We were submitting a lot of advertisements, which texts were being thieved by different training centers. My managers were always complaining me that three weeks after giving advertisement in any journal someone was advertising itself by the same words at the same journal. Though, it doesn’t matter at all. The system intended to the communication was developing rapidly. At the same time, scientific work was increasing. As a result there were formulating new fundamental principles and laws that influenced on the course of events of one person and society as well. It meant that from communication between people we were overpassing gradually to the application of laws of situation work. Our applied power was growing. So, we were going in advance of everybody again. At length, two techniques were presented before the public: Upgrade and Basic Levels of Thinking of a man. Then, I wrote a book RSG* on the basis of these techniques. But there was a casus with co-authorship. After this book a system became known as Running Social Games. I think that is understandable that this name could relate to the mentioned initial stage but not to the future of the system. *RSG. “RSG-Running Social Games” Kronin S.I., E.I.Sharipov Moscow “KSP+”,2002);

Meanwhile, this book has strongly “shaken” Russian psychological directions and schools. Particularly, after its publishing a huge of different books of different authors on the different social games were independently released. A strange mix of RSG and Berne.But we were growing further. Comprehending more and more the core of a human being and mechanism of our reality we began to pay attention not only to “linear interconnections” but better to studying the laws of situation work. As a result, in 2003 I succeeded to write a book “SFERO: : Of the Rules on the Formation of Occasions”. It’s amazing, but at the moment when SFERO was ready, the collapse of “book market” began. That’s why the publisher that was eager to publish it could not do that. But it has bought the rights for publishing and was keeping the script for three years. However, they didn’t find means to publish it. Because of that, the book was published only in three years after writing. Finally I have bought out the rights, then we have established the publishing house and have published “The Mind of a Winner” and then a book “SFERO Conception”. Today the third republishing of SFERO is preparing. “The Mind of a Winner. The EFSI Methodology Intro Seminar” (Moscow: SFERO Publishers,2004);

It is no wonder. There has not been written a book like this for last 150 years or may be larger period. It is not only my opinion. Readers are open telling it me personally and by Internet in different cities of Russia. At the bottom, for many authors this book could become the main work that will be staying in history for centuries. The centuries will be passing but people will be reading SFERO. The book SFERO has marked us out of the common mass of “psychologists” declaring about us as philosophers. The issues of competition were closed. Because nobody of modern alive can contrast anything with SFERO.

With SFERO publishing we transferred to the qualitatively new level, to the other “weight class”. It was a triumph. But there was a side effect. It happened that there was something that could be called as “tear”. We have had the EFSI and SFERO.By the way, we may say that the EFSI in known in society as the Effective Formation of a Social Individuality (in Russian – ESSL – Effektivnoje Stanovlenije Sotsialnoy Lichnosti – note of translator). But that is a special, so to say socialized translation for mass of the people. In reality in the basis of the name there is an English word “Essence”. So, for “initiated” people ESSL (the EFSI) means Essence Individuality or an individuality connected with the Essence. You must admit that such name were not clear for society and could generate a lot of false interpretations. So we were keeping the secret of the EFSI name quite a long time.

Meanwhile, the EFSI and SFERO are units of different levels. But system is one. Very often, especially our readers from the other countries who do not have possibility to participate in OTI lectures, are confused concerning how one part is connected to the other. So, today we will join everything in a single pyramid – Temperology.

Our contacts: Open Temperological Institutewww.rsgame.comE-mail: rsgame-spb@rsgame.comTel: +7(921)1879176Inga Smolnikova

About the Author

Sergey I. Kronin, 39, is a Russian philosopher, founder of a philosophical system Temperology that includes the theoretical outlook system SFERO and practical instrument the EFSI (the Effective Formation of a Social Individuality).

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Introduction to Temperology

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by SS&SS

Temperology: Manifesto of a Middle Class

Author: Sergey Kronin

Published in Moscow, Russia 2008

ISBN 978-5-902713-03-6

Translated fragment



Moscow. Autumn. Evening. A drizzling rain. From the window of the car the city is dazzling by its resplendence. Everything is beaming with live scintillating light: glass of the shops, coffee bars, roofs of the cars and windows of the houses are glaring. Splashes of different colors are dancing on the wet cars. Even the asphalt seems to be a bright luminous alley that is shining internally.

But in front of me a heaven-high colossus has arisen, it’s a mystic silhouette of Triumphal Arch. Beyond it, to the left and further one may see a bright spire of Poklonnaya Mountain (the Bowing Mountain). It is not a secret that there are several “cultic” places in Moscow, which are world known symbols: Red Square, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and Poklonnaya Mountain… Though, most of people can hardly understand the real concern and significance of that place, which architecture, engineering and tasks completely correspond to all canons of the ritual temple complex. Moreover, its monumentality and grandiosity may be compared with temple complexes of the Ancient World.

So, it is not occasional that the “public” activity  of the Open Temperological Institute (further OTI) is occurring exactly here, less than in hundred meters from Triumphal Arch, at the Victory Square, 1. Exactly here a historic lection that will be imprinted in thesaurus of human thought is to be presented tonight. Poklonnaya Mountain and a prospect to Triumphal Arch fit ideally for this event of great importance, as if they are emphasizing and complementing the significance of the moment

I am turning from the Kutuzovsky prospect to the parallel street and placing a car into a parking space in 3 meters from entrance to a monumental building of Stalin’s time among the cars of the students who have already arrived to the lecture. I am glancing at my watch: it is ten minutes before the beginning, there is time.

I am deliberately taking a full pack of cigarettes, opening it up and stilly starting smoking. At that moment I’m recollecting myself to the contemplation of huge bronze sculptures of roman warriors like they were refuging from the rain in the alcoves of Triumphal Arch. Their appearance is full of nobility and tranquility. It seems that and they will move in a minute…

I am crushing out my cigarette and dismounting from a car ignoring the drizzling rain. I am stopping and ranging my eyes round Kutuzovsky Prospect. The picture of bright lights in combination with evening shades is spellbinding by its mystic beauty. Raindrops, practically planing in the air, are making the face fresh, lying down on the sleeves and laps of the long leather coat like strasses are making it as a mystic or martial cloak from some “fantasy”. Being wrapped in sparkled coat I am looking for a while at the silhouettes of roman warriors trying to prolong the consciousness of grandness of the moment. Soft east breeze is starting to blow causing a tingle in the face by cool raindrops that were only increasing impression of other non-Moscow

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