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Friday the 13th, The Knights of Templar, it happened 700 years ago this month! And, Vaticans clear Knights!

Article by Sacreeta

The Knights of Templar, as most people have heard of through such movies as The Kingdom of Heaven, Da Vinci Code, and Indianna Jones, and the last Crusade, is now coming to life.The Vatican Church is releasing a 700 year old document that is said to clear the Knights of their accused crimes against Jesus, and the church. There will be a book published, on the 25th of this month, entitled Processus contra Templarios, which will shed some light on the Knights, who were a covert group of heroic monks back in the middle ages, around 1001. In a crusade to wipe out the Templars, they were captured and burned to death in the year 1314, which literally wiped out the Templars from existence. But, their story lived on in the hearts of those fascinated with their cause, as it had been speculated that they were the soldiers on guard of the Holy Grail.

The concept of seeing something that is 700 years old can send shivers down anyone’s spine, but when it’s something as significant as the untold story of the Knights of Templar, it’s a significance that will be of importance, for the next 700 years, with scholars and Christians alike trying to decipher the true meaning behind the word.

A few historical facts?

Sure, here’s what we know about the Templars.

The most interesting thing about the Templars, is the symbolic timing, the numerology associated with the Templars, is what draws the most formidable attention to the Knights.

Number one:

The order to arrest and execute by burning alive, was ordered against the Knights, on Friday the 13th, of October 1307. A note to those of you whom are superstitious, beware, the 13th of this month marks the 700th anniversary of the first unlucky 13th day, which was created in history.

Another interesting fact, was that a letter addressed to the Pope in 2004, issued in news papers by the descendants of the Knights of Templar, forewarned the 700th anniversary for the Persecutions of the Templars was approaching. (It is October 13, 2007.)

The letter was quoted to state, “We shall witness the 700th anniversary of the persecution of our order on 13th October 2007,” the letter also stated. “It would be just and fitting for the Vatican to acknowledge our grievance in advance of this day of mourning.”

On 25th of October 2007, 13 days to the letter, after the mourning of the anniversary of the deaths of the Templar, the official document, the Chinon parchment, will be made public, fully declaring the innocence of the Knights Templar.

1099–(The year) A French Knight by the name of Hugues de Payns, founded the order, because his interest was in protecting pilgrims on route to Jerusalem. The Templar’s name came from where they stationed their secret society, the Al-Aqsa mosque, which was on the Temple Mount. They grew as a powerful military group, their political power grew strong during the Crusades in Europe reaching far into the 12th century.

1244–Jerusalem became unstable, and was taken over by the Muslims. During the political unrest, rumors flew about the Templars, accusing them of worshipping idols, and hosting covert secret ceremonies.

1304–The King of France, King Phillip the IVth, feared financial hardship, and ordered the arrest of all Templars, torturing them unto the point of admittance of accused crimes, to the point that their leader Jacques de Molay, was burned alive.

Pope Clement V, overruled the order to assassinate the Templars, however, all Knights of Templar were arrested, and the secret society of brave men were brought to their knees, abolishing the Templar order, and it has been considered to be so, ever since.

Why is the Chinon parchment, (the 700 year old papers) being released in 2007?

2001–Professor Barbara Frale stumbed upon the documents, that had been lost for centuries. Apparently it had been filed away in the wrong place, under the 17th century archives, and it was thought to have been destroyed, or lost.

2007 is also the year marking the anniversary for the persecutions of the Templar, on the 13th of this month.

The feature movie The Da Vinci Code, had caused enough controversy to gain public awareness and need to learn more about the Templars.

And finally.

The warning put in the paper from the Knights Descendants could have had something to do with it.

What were the strange documented rituals?

The Knights of Templar as one of the rituals, had spit on the cross, denounced Jesus, and they had layed a kiss on the lower back, navel, and mouth of the denouncer.

In those discriminatory rituals, the Templar could have been seen as atheists, and were a blasphemy against the Church, which is why the King of France ordered their arrests and subsequent deaths.

The Pope, who had compassion and understand for the Templars, was aware that the rituals were more of a humbling experience, to remind the Templars of their cause, and it was in retrospect intended for the opposite meaning. If they Templars had fallen into the hands of the Saracens. The kissing part of the ritual was actually a sign of total obedience. In the end, the need for peace with France became prudent, and that’s why the Pope had incurred the arrest and abolishment of the Knights of Templar.

The reason these documents are so important, is due to the fact that history believes the Templars as heretics, when in fact, the Pope was obligated to ask a pardon from the knights. Reportedly told by Professor Frale. These men weren’t the cursed men everyone believed them to be.

The Chinon parchment, which is what the 700 year old document is known as, will be the focal point of the book about to be released entitled, Processus contra Templarios. It will be interesting reading for those history buffs, looking for some soul searching through literature. Apparently 799 copies in total will be published, and if you are interested in obtaining a copy, it might be wise to order ahead.

Swing with the history flag, and light a candle and say a little prayer to honor the Knights, the 13th is coming, and so is the 700th Anniversary of the Persecution of the Knights of Templar. The historical reasoning why these events took place, and currently are, may never completely be revealed, but all we know, is that we were here to witness it.

Sources from: interesting Templar Links:

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Peace and Love



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