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Pardon? A Look At Terminology for Buying Paper

assured pardons
by lisby1

Following on from my pencil adventures (don’t know how I stand the excitement) I’ve been searching for the perfect paper to use them on. I must admit, up until this point I’d largely just picked up whatever appealed and played with it, but now I’ve got to produce a series of images for a single client it suddenly became a serious issue.

As these images will be reproduced for printing, I needed paper that would provide a clean, crisp image. That shouldn’t be too difficult, surely- paper is generally white and flat. Isn’t it?

I narrowed it down to hot press paper (I always use watercolor paper, even for drawing ) – that has a smoother surface, which I need to get in the detail. Further reviews ruled out papers that were too creamy and would look dark when photographed. I was feeling quite smug and organized until I tried to narrow it down further to find one that wasn’t sized with gelatin (I’m vegetarian). Sizing incidentally affects how much water the paper absorbs, in case you’d not got that far yet.

After about four hours I found one site that offered thorough reviews and product info on a whole pile of watercolor paper – this will make things simple thinks I…

“The Rattle has a slight warble”. Eh? “It as a soft tooth from the blanket”. Sorry, what???

Now, I know all these things have got to be called something, but what’s wrong with words like ‘texture’ all of a sudden? Not only was I starting to wonder if I should also use a secret knock next time I went to get paper, poor Rich was developing a twitch just listening.

Before any prospective painters run screaming from the room, help is at hand. I’ve had to include the link here as this glossary of terms is several pages long, but it is in alphabetical order.

It’s no wonder so many people buy a box of paints and a pad to try this out, then never get any further. So many of the products in art stores don’t come with any kind of explanation or instruction- something I will endeavor to clear up in a later post. In the meantime, rest assured that you’re not the only one starting to feel like they’re in a Bill Bailey routine, when all you wanted was something white and flat to draw on…

Karen (the one without the beard)

Karen Ruffles is a valued member of Total Art Soul and we love her humorous views on life. You can view more of her work here

Cathy Savels works as a full-time artist and is the co-creator of an arts and crafts website which is free to join.

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Osaka Papa's Japan Vlog #2A: Reflecting on everything after 1 week in Japan

I was really busy during my initial time here, so it took me a while to really sit down and collect my thoughts and talk about everything that has happened. But rest assured, I had a lot to talk about, since this baby is a three parter :3 Please pardon my appearance, it was late and I was tired :p
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Question by Wooderson: Bush pardon of Libby? Justified?
Article II of the Constitution gives the president broad and unreviewable power to grant “Reprieves and Pardons” for all offenses against the United States. The Supreme Court has ruled that the pardon power is granted “[t]o the [president] . . ., and it is granted without limit” (United States v. Klein). Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes declared that “[a] pardon . . . is . . . the determination of the ultimate authority that the public welfare will be better served by [the pardon] . . .” (Biddle v. Perovich). A president may conclude a pardon or commutation is warranted for several reasons: the desire to restore full citizenship rights, including voting, to people who have served their sentences and lived within the law since; a belief that a sentence was excessive or unjust; personal circumstances that warrant compassion; or other unique circumstances.

The exercise of executive clemency is inherently controversial. The reason the framers of our Constitution vested this broad power in the Executive Branch was to assure that the president would have the freedom to do what he deemed to be the right thing, regardless of how unpopular a decision might be. Some of the uses of the power have been extremely controversial, such as President Washington’s pardons of leaders of the Whiskey Rebellion, President Harding’s commutation of the sentence of Eugene Debs, President Nixon’s commutation of the sentence of James Hoffa, President Ford’s pardon of former President Nixon, President Carter’s pardon of Vietnam War draft resisters, and President Bush’s 1992 pardon of six Iran-contra defendants, including former Defense Secretary Weinberger, which assured the end of that investigation.
It seems to me that if the President thinks the sentence was excessive, then so be it. His power is unlimited in this regard. Yes? No? Maybe?
Jared G — Funny… my “reasoning” was from an article written by Bill Clinton.

That’s the “reasoning” from the 6 year old mentality you mentioned……. lol.


Best answer:

Answer by K D
You also forgot Bill Clintons pardon of
On August 11, 1999, Clinton commuted the sentences of 16 members of FALN, a violent Puerto Rican nationalist group that set off 120 bombs in the United States mostly in New York City and Chicago, convicted for conspiracies to commit robbery, bomb-making, and sedition, as well as for firearms and explosives violations.[3] None of the 16 were convicted of bombings or any crime which injured another person, though they were sentenced with terms ranging from 35 to 105 years in prison for the conviction of conspiracy and sedition. Congress, however, recognizes that the FALN is responsible for “6 deaths and the permanent maiming of dozens of others, including law enforcement officials.” The U.S. House Committee on Government Reform held an investigation on the matter, but the Justice Department prevented FBI officials from testifying.[8] President Clinton cited executive privilege for his refusal to turn over some documents to Congress related to his decision to offer clemency to members of the FALN terrorist group.

In March 2000, Bill Clinton pardoned Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory, owners of the carnival company United Shows International, for charges of bank fraud from a 1982 conviction (the couple were already out of jail, but the prior conviction prevented them from doing business transactions in certain states). First Lady Hillary Clinton’s youngest brother, Tony Rodham, was an acquaintance of the Gregorys, and had lobbied Clinton on their behalf.[9] In October 2006, the group Judicial Watch filed a request with the U.S. Justice Department for an investigation, alleging that Rodham had received $ 107,000 from the Gregorys for the pardons, in the form of loans that were never repaid, as part of a quid pro quo scheme.[10]

Plus 140 other pardons, including:

Carlos A. Vignali had his sentence for cocaine trafficking commuted, after serving 6 of 15 years in federal prison.
Almon Glenn Braswell was pardoned of his mail fraud and perjury convictions, even while a federal investigation was underway regarding additional money laundering and tax evasion charges.[12] Braswell and Carlos Vignali each paid approximately $ 200,000 to Hillary Clinton’s brother, Hugh Rodham, to represent their respective cases for clemency. Hugh Rodham returned the payments after they were disclosed to the public. Braswell would later invoke the Fifth Amendment at a Senate Committee hearing in 2001, when questioned about allegations of his having systematically defrauded senior citizens of millions of dollars.[13]
Marc Rich, a fugitive, was pardoned of tax evasion, after clemency pleas from Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, among many other international luminaries. Denise Rich, Marc’s former wife, was a close friend of the Clintons and had made substantial donations to both Clinton’s library and Hillary’s Senate campaign. Clinton agreed to a pardon that required Marc Rich to pay a $ 100,000,000 fine before he could return to the United States. According to Paul Volcker’s independent investigation of Iraqi Oil-for-Food kickback schemes, Marc Rich was a middleman for several suspect Iraqi oil deals involving over 4 million barrels of oil.[14]
Susan McDougal, who had already completed her sentence, was pardoned for her role in the Whitewater scandal; McDougal had served 18 months on contempt charges for refusing to testify about Clinton’s role.
Dan Rostenkowski, a former Democratic Congressman convicted in the Congressional Post Office Scandal. Rostenkowski had served his entire sentence.
Melvin J. Reynolds, a Democratic Congressman from Illinois, who was convicted of bank fraud, 12 counts of sexual assault, obstruction of justice, and solicitation of child pornography had his sentence commuted on the bank fraud charged and was allowed to serve the final months under the auspices of a half way house. He had served his entire sentence on child sex abuse charges before the commutation of the later convictions.
Roger Clinton, the president’s half-brother, on drug charges after having served the entire sentence more than a decade before. Roger Clinton would be charged with drunk driving and disorderly conduct in an unrelated incident within a year of the pardon.[15] He was also briefly alleged to have been utilized in lobbying for the Braswell pardon, among others.

Add your own answer in the comments!
Akhilesh Yadav assures Muslims of implementing Rangnath, Sachar reports
LUCKNOW: With 2014 Lok Sabha in mind, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav on Saturday announced sops for Muslims and assured that the Samajwadi Party government will fulfill all its promise made in the election manifesto to implement the …
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♬ (HD) Christian Contemporary ~ We Fall Down ~ Sung by Chris Tomlin ~ No copy infraction intended on my videos. (The lyrics are incorporated into the video) Please join me, so many are experiencing hard times, I pray this brings you comfort. May He support us all the day long, till the shades lengthen as the evening comes and the busy world is hushed. † Pray with me: Heavenly Father, I pray for my friends, for my family, for all who are in need. May Your strength shine down upon us, may it help to see us through. When life seems to throw us a curve, when we are troubled, upset and unnerved I pray for Your wisdom to carry us through. There is never a good time for sorrow or the pain of uncertainty that comes with tomorrow. But we are assured that You will not forsake us, this You promised in Your Holy Word. I pray for our Savior to carry us through, when times are simple and when times are hardest. I thank You for hearing my prayer; I thank You for Jesus who showed us He cared. Make us an instrument of Your will. Where there is hatred let us sow love; where there is injury, help us to pardon; where there is doubt, let us spread Your faith; where there is despair, help us to show Your Light; where there is sadness, help us to bring joy. We ask all this in Your Name, Amen.
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The Bitch and (if you’ll pardon the terminology) the Blow Jobs!

Article by Michael Knell

Well Darlings,

It’s been a week of blows, hasn’t it?

Probably the one most likely to immediately spring to mind will be the massive storm that hit the UK on Thursday. That was a real big blow, wasn’t it? We found it particularly severe in Blackpool where the winds on the front touched 100 mph at times, causing havoc and much destruction. Blackpool is no newcomer to strong winds, but nobody I’ve met recently can recall it being quite that bad before.

At one point even yours truly was hurtled several yards, right into and across the road, with my legs frantically running, my bags of shopping horizontal in the wind, and my feet pushing forward desperately trying to gain some purchase in a vain attempt to stop my progress as the gusts made me weightless and threw me ever onward, further and further forward, until a wall finally halted the involuntary passage.

I can remember thinking at the time: What other way would be apt for the Bitch to go? It’s a bit of an in-joke, and I think quite a funny one: I’m well known by many of the local gay hoteliers, those belonging to BAGs (Blackpool Accommodation for Gays – visit their website at, for mincing past their establishments laden with my bags of shopping around lunchtime every day. It seemed so fitting at the time. The bag with her bags – gone! But thankfully someone up there must like me – at least enough to ensure that at the time I was completely blown across the road junction it was totally devoid of traffic. Those bags of shopping have lived on to see another day!

Friday morning revealed some massive destruction, roofs gone, slates everywhere, walls toppled, and trees uprooted, with much of the town still cordoned off. But within hours it was business as usual. As if nothing had happened, Blackpool was open again and happily playing host to the countless thousands of people beginning to fill the resort for the annual Pigeon Show at the Winter Gardens. They’re a tough lot these northerners. When the Irish Sea invades the Promenade, as it can do at this time of the year, they just suck it up and spit it back over the sea-wall! Get back, Salty! Grrrr! They may be doing it down there again today – more severe weather is forecast for us here, and a short trip outside the Royal Mews a few moments ago proved it’s already becoming a bit draughty around the gills.

The annual Pigeon Show is a curious event. Bigger, butcher, more burlier blokes than some of the bird owners you have never seen, and yet their giant hands, thick plates of meat with sausage fingers, can handle and caress their silvery-grey feathered friends – some would say: vermin! – lovingly, and without any harm at all to the animals which have grown to trust them. They proudly show off their birds, win awards, and they buy and sell the creatures – with some of them changing hands for thousands of pounds a time, and yet I swear you couldn’t make a decent sandwich out of any of them! There’s nowt as strange as folk, is there?

Another blow for us here recently was the local press wrongly reporting the launch of Blackpool Pride, when in fact they had only attended a courtesy photo-shoot. No! No, please don’t! Please don’t mock the afflicted! I’m sure they do their best! When they were informed of their error, I’m told they immediately promised to rectify matters by publishing another article, and everybody thought that was nice of them – but at the time of writing this I still haven’t seen one. There! And they led us to believe they were the saviours of Blackpool tourism! Never mind, if I haven’t missed it, I guess they will get around to putting it right – in time.

Much is placed on the launch party for Pride. It’s a big event. Cabaret acts will be giving their time and performances for nothing to help raise money. A really worthwhile winning Raffle, and a Grand Midnight Auction, where some of the collectable signed and framed celebrity items (from Beckham, Schumacher, Rooney, and Bruno – to name a few supplied courtesy of: The Frame Team, Blackpool) are each expected to go for hundreds of pounds, will help to provide some much needed funds for the now annual event, so everyone here is really hoping and praying that the local newspaper’s wrong information doesn’t prove too damaging.

To clarify matters: The Official Blackpool Pride Launch Party will take place at the Mardi Gras in Talbot Road on Thursday 25th January. It will be a spectacular night, and a busy Mardi Gras will be open from noon and right through until 3am. Admission is free (no ticket needed) and the drinks are at reduced prices throughout (mostly half-price, I’m informed). With the Cabaret Show hosted by Stella Artois starting at 9pm, and the Grand Auction taking place at midnight, it truly is an event not to be missed! Expect to see some important faces in the crowd. Full details of the event, and all the latest local Pride News, are on the Blackpool Pride website:

Another blow this week was felt by the Office for National Statistics – and you know how often I quote them! We’re told their headquarters in London is to close by 2010, with the loss of up to 600 jobs. Apparently some staff will be relocated to Newport in South Wales, whilst others will be made redundant. A most unhappy about the situation Mark Serwotka, General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union, claims it is an unnecessary and ill thought through move. He says it will undermine the quality of the statistics that the Government base their new initiatives and policies on.

The Office for National Statistics has often been an embarrassment to the government. Frequently the first stop for those who report on political matters, they seem to have an uncanny habit of releasing statistics to reveal the truth about a subject shortly after we have been bombarded by a load of spin from the government in an attempt to convince us otherwise. I’m sure we could be forgiven for suspecting this really is a case of “shooting the messenger”, couldn’t we?

Strangely relevant: speaking at his monthly press conference, Tony Blair has once more insisted crime has fallen, and that anti-social behaviour measures are making a real difference. Yeah, right! I don’t think many people actually believe that anymore. It’s become a sort of ritual. The government make a claim, and we either laugh or we ignore it. But perhaps we would be more inclined to believe a report issued by The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies?

Enver Solomon, the Deputy Director of The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies and the co-author of the report: “Ten years of criminal justice under Labour: An independent audit”, tells us that despite the massive investment in criminal justice since 1997 he finds it startling how little independent work has been carried out to determine whether the money has been well spent. He claims that the results have been mixed and, most importantly, that the government has been too quick to claim successes that are not always apparent. So when he goes on to tell us many of Labour’s key claims to success in tackling crime and improving the criminal justice system simply do not stand up to detailed scrutiny, I feel I’m inclined to believe him – and I begin to wonder just how long it will be before this organisation is closed down too, or relocated to somewhere in Wales!

I suppose Wales isn’t that bad when you consider where they could be sent. We do still own – although Argentina might dispute it – a mountain range in Antarctica!

Whilst another blow, the cutting back on defence expenditure may not be news to anyone by now, the revelation that our police forces may have to cut the numbers of their police officers because of a squeeze on funding, most certainly is. It’s a severe blow. Nevertheless a Home Office spokesman has informed us: “It’s not about officer numbers, it’s about service.” Really? And at a time when we’re told: Labour’s key claims to success in tackling crime and improving the criminal justice system do not stand up to detailed scrutiny? Surely not? That takes some swallowing, doesn’t it?

Yet another blow for some is the news that many attractive home buyer’s mortgage deals, those with a fixed-rate that protects against interest rate rises, have been terminated. At least 12 banks and building societies have scrapped their fixed-rate deals, replacing them with variable rate deals which will be able to fluctuate along with the Bank rate. This follows the recent and unexpected 0.25% hike in interest rates by the Bank of England, and the subsequently held belief that more rises could be in the pipeline. House buying just became precarious again, folks! The money markets may be playing down this sudden lack of confidence in the Bank Rate remaining more or less stable, but it’s a big step backwards for some people, isn’t it?

Wherever we look today, money is becoming tight. Funding is being cut back further and further. And yet only recently we have learned that today we are more heavily taxed than at any other time since records began. So where is all this money? Our money? What is there to show for it? What is not falling apart around us?

The government claim to have poured money into so many things, and with little to show for it. So it’s not good news that whilst we are still reeling from all the inadequacies and failures – not to mention the cost! – of the Health Service computerisation, we are now learning about another black hole to come: the Prime Minister’s latest baby, the huge Whitehall “super-database” which he claims will make public services more efficient.

The government are to “relax the rules” on the sharing of information (but only for them) and say that this will allow data to be used more “sensibly”. Opposition parties and civil liberties groups strongly disagree with them. Shami Chakrabarti (Liberty) says: “This is an accumulation of our government’s contempt for our privacy.” From Sir Menzies Campbell (Liberal Democrats) we hear: “Blair’s Britain now has the most intrusive government in our history. There is no part of people’s lives which is free from snooping. State intervention and control expands every day. It is time we put a halt to this.” And Oliver Heald (Conservative) says: “Step by step, the Government is logging details of every man, woman and child in ‘Big Brother’ computers.”

Oh, dear! Is this going to be another case of Tony knows best? Of Tony is always right, and everyone else in the world is wrong? Do you think he may have heard the voices? That God may have spoken to him again, and we really are about to complete the trip to 1984 – where only the date is wrong? I sincerely hope not, but it’s fast looking that way, isn’t it?

The blow to the government of Ruth Turner, Tony Blair’s director of government relations, being arrested in the course of the honours for cash investigation will have to wait for another day. There are conflicting reports on this story and at the moment it is unclear whether she has been released with no charges against her or has been bailed. It’s only a zephyr at present, but this may yet turn into a hurricane.

Oh, to Hell with it! A non politically correct political joke before I go: Why hasn’t Tony Blair stepped down? Why is he still hanging on? Answer: Because it’s not over until the fat lady sings!

See you next week – if I’m not in the Tower by then! And I don’t mean Blackpool Tower!

“The Bitch!” 20/01/07.

About the Author

“The Bitch!”, a weekly UK News Review column, is hosted by the author and columnist Michael Knell. These articles appear on the Blackpool Gay Directory website, but are not specifically gay in content. More information on the author: and on the directory:

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