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Top Thailand experiences

what is pardon
by emdot

Article by Thom Sanders

Thailand has always been a revered holiday destinations, offering a plethora of golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and sublime weather while also brimming with eastern culture. With so many different experiences available on your trip, it’s no wonder it’s inundated with tourists all year round. Here are just some of the fantastic opportunities accessible on your Thai-bound escapades.

We have to begin with an elephant ride, what could be better than experiencing the outstanding natural beauty of the country while on the top of a gentle giant? Whether you travel up the mountain to visit a secluded hillside tribe or venture through the dense jungle realms, it’s sure to offer an unforgettable experience.

For a bit of culture, the authentic water market really is a treat. Peruse through the wares of vendors while gracefully gliding down the river on a beautiful long-tailed riverboat. Here you can pick up almost everything you can think of, with the items on show creating a dazzling and vibrant display on the waterside.

Canoeing around the country’s hidden lagoons offers an unbelievable experience, taking you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and transporting you to a watery world of solitude and calmness. The famous ‘hong’s remained undiscovered until 1990, opening up a vast network of waterways that can transport you to sumptuous beaches.

Among the finest beaches of the country are the coasts of Koh Phi Phi. These exquisite white sanded stretches have been bought to international acclaim after it was the location of the film ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Despite the popularity, the beaches have kept their beauty, remaining among the most alluring hotspots in the region.

Staying with the theme of water, why not take the plunge and discover a new world? Snorkelling around the coasts of Thailand is incredible, offering the chance to swim with an array of tropical fish in the warm tropical waters. Pardon the clich

Shoot Fish in Thailand

how to obtain a pardon
by lisby1

Article by Scuba Steve

Before you check to see if it’s legal or not, and how best to punish me, please allow me to explain.I’m a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Master Instructor and I spend most of my working days in Thailand, teaching people to become certified scuba divers.One of the most rewarding and exhilarating experiences for my students’ is shooting great underwater photographs of aquatic marine life. Approximately seven tenths of the Earth is submerged beneath sea level, and scuba divers love to share the treasures of the deep with those who may never have an opportunity to see them.

Thailand has many advantages for divers searching for that ‘perfect shot’.

Clear aqua blue water Warm water averaging 28 degrees celsius Pristine Coral Reef formations Established Dive Centers and Scuba Equipment ShopsThe main tourist areas for scuba diving in Thailand are Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui. All of these resorts are geared to provide great fun and excitement for beginners and certified divers. Whether it’s vibrant fish life, colourful corals or sunken ship wrecks, the camera won’t stop clicking while you’re scuba diving in Thailand. I’ve captured pictures of Seahorses and giant Gorgonian Sea Fans in Phuket, Black tip reef Sharks in Koh Samui, and World War 11 ship wrecks in Pattaya.

Modern camera equipment has changed the way that scuba divers ‘shoot’ fish underwater. The traditional film camera is still used and preferred by many diving professionals, but the invention of digital underwater cameras has made underwater photography both accessible and affordable to the general scuba population.Learning to Scuba Dive is not difficult for most people who are comfortable in the water, but snapping great photos under water takes novices some time to learn. One of the most important attributes is good buoyancy control. Apart from all the obvious advantages that neutral, relaxed buoyancy has for scuba diving, if you’re trying to compose that image of the tiny yellow blob, commonly known as a Frogfish, being able to hover almost motionless just centimetres away from your subject is what sets you apart from the norm.Other skills and photography equipment that help underwater photographers are composition, or framing, colour filters and strobes. As recreational scuba divers descend, water absorbs colour. Starting with Red, Orange and then Yellow, and as you dive deeper, you’ll lose Green and Blue. Strobe lights help to restore some of the colour that’s lost, which is how the professionals obtain fantastic vibrant colours from their images.

As a certified scuba diver, the joys of diving have just started. I fully appreciate that not every diver has a passion for taking pictures of the new world that they’ve discovered. Many divers are more fascinated by ship wrecks, perhaps diving deep or making dives using nitrox (an increased amount of oxygen) but most of my scuba buddies have admitted that they are very keen to share the wonders on the underwater world by shooting pictures of fish and other marine life.With modern technology as a friend, it’s now possible to store and share underwater images with your family, friends and even the general public via social sites and the internet. The dive may have been the most amazing experience that you’ve had, but it’s so much more powerful to share the adventures with those for whom it may not be possibly to try scuba diving. PADI scuba courses teach student divers how to capture and share underwater photographs, and the Digital Underwater Photography course is now available to all scuba divers from the age of ten.

Private scuba lessons are becoming more popular now, especially in Thailand. Taking a dive course with you own private scuba instructor offers exclusivity, the personal touch, and usually more flexibility. So to enrol in the shooting fish course, otherwise known as the PADI DUP (digital underwater photography) course, you do need to be a certified diver of at least ten years old. But be prepared for some underwater fun that diving in Pattaya has to offer.The coral reefs are shallower here than other dive sites in Thailand, and the other advantage is that scuba diving in Pattaya is available year round because the Gulf of Thailand tends to be sheltered from the southwest monsoons that arrive in Phuket from June until October. Pattaya is not a famous diving destination, but beginners and experienced divers will be rewarded with some of the best wreck diving in Thailand. So, clean up the lens, replace the batteries and make sure that you have a watertight seal, because when you dive in Pattaya the camera never lies. You really can see Turtles, Seahorses and Sharks, and the wreck dives will leave you breathless (pardon the pun) as you drift along US Landing Crafts from the Second World War that were intentionally sunk by the Thai Navy for the local Thai divers and tourists on a scuba diving holiday in Pattaya.

Learn how to Shoot Fish in Thailand the passive and harmless way with a private scuba photography course from a Master Instructor at

About the Author

Commonly known as ‘Scuba Steve’ to my friends, and a Master Instructor of scuba diving for almost twenty years, I’ve travelled to five continenets gathering a wealth of experience and wisdom. My aim is to provide free advice and useful information about cultural experiences and my journey through life.

Thailand – The Land Of Smiles

pardon granted
by lisby1

Article by Owen Jones

Thailand is the most popular tourist destination in South-East Asia and has been for decades. This is because the climate varies throughout the year from hot to cool and even cold, if you want to look for it; Thai food is world-renowned; the assortment of wildlife is broad as is the flora; the diving is fantastic and the people are friendly and welcoming. Thailand is not called the Land of Smiles for nothing.

There are also a lot of festivals, some of which are religious, which equals Buddhist, and others are not. Thailand has been Buddhist ever since the country came into being in the Thirteen Century, but the people were Buddhist long before that. Or at least most of them were. There were also throw-backs to older religions the same as in the West.

In the West Christmas and Easter were moved to cover up pagan festivals, but in Thailand they just have the old festivals too. One of the biggest festivals is Loy Krathong in November (the first full moon in the twelfth lunar month). Loy Krathong is a delightful festival to appease the goddess or water, Ganga, for using and abusing (polluting) her.

Nowadays, people still remember the old significance of Loy Krathong (‘Floating Boats’), but it has been taken over by lovers too. People float symbolic boats out onto the water and ask the goddess to pardon them and to grant a wish. Lovers send their boats out together and many believe that if the boats, krathong, float out side-by-side then they will have a strife-free year together.

Many women put on traditional Thai costumes for the evening, especially if they are going out for a meal or to a party. Some men do as well, but not so many.

Also in November is the world-famed Elephant roundup in Surin. The elephant roundup is also popular with foreigners and Thais alike. The city of Surin is full on this weekend so if you want to go it is worth booking your hotel with your travel ticket otherwise you might be left high and dry. Not that it is cold or likely to rain.

Bridge Over the River Kwae week is in November. The bridge is a poignant reminder of the terror that prisoners of war from all over the world experienced at the hands of the Japanese overlords at the time. More Thais died than foreigners although Thailand was considered ‘friendly’ by the occupying Japanese.

In December it is the King’s birthday and Fathers’ Day on the 5th. The king is very extremely well esteemed in Thailand and numerous people will light candles in their garden on the roadside to the king in the early evening. This is a very pretty sight, particularly in the villages where street lighting is normally negligible. Constitution Day is on the 10th and is a bank holiday, which normally means a party.

Christmas is feted in the cities by tourists, ex-pats and young Thais although it has no real religious implication outside the Christian churches in the larger cities.

New Year’s Day is massive. There are parties that will last all night, dancing, feasting and fireworks.

Thailand is a wonderful place to come to in November and December and although it is considered high season, I am sure that you will find it cheaper to come on vacation to Thailand – The Land of Smiles – than it is to stay at home in the cold.

About the Author

Owen Jones, the writer of this piece, writes on a number of topics, but is now involved with Loy Krathong. If you would like to know more, please visit our web site at Package Holidays to Thailand.

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