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Free Criminal Records Check – Who Needs Them?

Criminal records checks have almost become a necessity in our world today. Years ago, we weren’t able to have this type of technology available to us, and when it first started being available to everyone, it was so expensive that the ordinary person couldn’t afford to have a criminal background check done on someone.

There are many different reasons why a criminal record check may be required. Employers often run background searches on potential employees, before they are given a job with their company. Think about it, you wouldn’t want to hire someone that has been arrested for theft, and put them behind a counter to work with your money, would you?

A criminal records check would be able to reveal this and possibly prevent the employer from hiring a potential thief. This is always a requirement when applying to work for any financial institution such as a bank. Postal jobs also require a criminal background check before being employed.

If you have moved recently you might already be familiar with this one. Most of the time when applying for an apartment or a house to rent, the landlord or the apartment manager will require a criminal records check.

I think by doing this they are able to weed out the types of people that might cause problems in the future. I really don’t think that this is that bad of an idea either. I really enjoy the comfort of knowing that I’m not living in an apartment somewhere, right next door to a serial killer. It is definitely a wonderful security measure.

My sister has done criminal records checks on almost every guy she has had the slightest interest in. There were actually two times that it did benefit her. Knowing in advance that one had been charged with domestic violence and the other had been arrested for drug trafficking, (crack to be precise) helped her in making a decision to not get involved with these guys. She just might have dated one of these guys, if she didn’t have this information available to her.

There are many ways to find places that will do a free criminal records check for you. If you have a computer, you could just do an internet search using “free criminal records check” as your key words. This will give you many options to choose from. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can always use one at the library that is closest to you absolutely free of charge. Most libraries allow one hour per person at a time. It is definitely something to consider.

To get a list of the best free criminal background check sites and to learn about the most reliable and cheapest paid criminal background check services online visit my lens at Free Criminal Background Check

Article Source:

Unlimited background searches for a flat fee or free with a monthly subscription, credit reports and other data searches like phone number reverse lookups and criminal history searches etc. are mostly scams some to the point of conspiracy which is the extent some of these scam artists take it to. You wouldn’t believe how large and how many sites companies like CIS Investigations has, all misrepresenting what it is they really offer then make all kinds of charges to your credit cards and so on. Let the video speak for me.

Question by SuperUberBob: Would a car accident appear on a FBI criminal record check?
In April, I got into a car accident (lost control and hit a tree) and dislocated my hip. I wasn’t arrested, fingerprinted or taken to court for that. No charges were filed. It was just me in an accident.

But for my next job, I need a FBI criminal record check. Would it show up there?

I know it’s a silly question, but I figure Yahoo! Answers has way dumber questions.

Best answer:

Answer by Bruce
FBI records are created from fingerprint submissions. If you were not fingerprinted, then you have no FBI record.

Add your own answer in the comments!
Background check error leaves worker “humiliated”
MILWAUKEE — Imagine starting a brand new job only to be sent home the very first day for lying about your criminal record. That's what happened to a Milwaukee woman, hired by a local department store. Only, she didn't lie. The company that checked her …
Read more on FOX6Now.com Milwaukee

Criminal history record checks in Hawaii: Issues and options (Report)

Criminal history record checks in Hawaii: Issues and options (Report)

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[wpramareviews asin=”B0006RXQO4″]

Criminal Background Check – www.databaserecords.com Search Your Next Verified Safe Criminal Background Check On Anyone In The US. When in Doubt Check Them Out. Troy Williams is an internet marketing expert and President and CEO of Verified-Safe, LLC. in Lebanon, Tennessee. During the past 19 years Troy has received training at seminars and workshops on fraud and scam detection and prevention, ethical business marketing and the State of Tennessee required annual continuing professional education to maintain his licensure as a private investigator. President John Gormley of SBI Seminars of Dothan, Alabama has awarded certificates of completion of the many certified training courses attended by Mr. Williams.
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Criminal Records – Why Landlords Should Check Them

Landlords, whether handling one unit or a hundred units, should always process a criminal records search on their prospective tenants. Criminal records should be checked on ALL applicants, male and female age 18 and older. This is common sense. Even if an applicant looks good on paper a landlord may find some surprising information when processing criminal records.

Case number one:
A female, let’s call her Heather, was convicted of Taking the Identity of Another, had three Forgery convictions, Theft by Credit Card Obtained through Fraud, two convictions for Theft/Burglary/Robbery/Embezzlement and a final conviction for False Reporting to Law Enforcement. The criminal records found matched Heather’s full name and date of birth. The criminal records also indicated that Heather had eight alias names.

Case number two:
A male, let’s call him Bob, showed six convictions for Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, plus convictions for Failure to Appear, Delivery/Manufacture of a Controlled Substance-Schedule II, Possession of a Controlled Substance-Schedule II, Theft II, Burglary I and finally Bob had four convictions for Theft I.

Case number three:
An applicant, we’ll call him Ben, applied for an apartment in a large complex. We discovered Ben was a Registered Sex Offender with convictions for Sodomy III, Sodomy I and Communing with a minor for immoral purposes as well as several other convictions.

On most rental applications forms there is a question asking about criminal records. Our applications specifically ask “Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense? Yes or No If yes please explain” with a blank afterward for the explanation. There is a secondary question asking “Have you ever been convicted of or pleaded guilty or ‘no contest’ to a misdemeanor or felony involving sexual misconduct (whether or not resulting in a conviction)? Yes or No.” Many applicants with criminal misconduct do not tell the truth by marking No to these questions. Other applicants leave the questions blank believing that if they do not answer the questions they are not telling a lie.

Case number four:
An applicant, let’s call him Joe, stated he had no criminal convictions on the rental application. However, Joe actually had a conviction eight years earlier for Attempted First Degree Murder and a second conviction for Aggravated Battery with a weapon that was not a firearm.

Case number five:
Another applicant, we’ll call him Tom, left the questions blank on the application. Tom showed a conviction for Possession of a Dangerous Weapon.

There are other applicants who do answer “Yes” to the question about criminal convictions, but then they put down the conviction with the lesser charge and ignore the rest.

Case number six:
This applicant, we’ll call him Don, stated that he had a conviction for a suspended license. What we actually found was conviction information matching Don’s first, middle and last names as well as his birth date. There was a conviction for Forgery with four follow up times in jail for SRA (Sentencing Reform Act) Violations as well as a conviction for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm 1. The criminal records search on this applicant certainly showed a different story than the rental application form.

Case number seven:
There was an applicant who stated that she had a conviction for shoplifting. Let’s call this applicant Marge. While it was true Marge did have a conviction for shoplifting, three convictions in fact, there were two additional convictions for Theft in the Third Degree.

Case number eight:
A different applicant gave as his explanation, “I was young and stupid.” This applicant was 38 at the time of conviction.

A landlord is not actually required to have written permission from an applicant for the criminal records check. Criminal records are a matter of public record. However, to process a criminal records search it is mandatory to have the applicant’s name and date of birth. The requested search is made and matched on this information. We suggest viewing your prospective tenant’s driver’s license for verification of the correct spelling of the name and the correct birth date. Make sure that the information on the rental application matches the information on the license.

Case number nine:
The applicant, Tony, provided one date of birth on the application form. This came up clear of criminal records. However, the Washington State driver’s license number listed on the application form indicated a slightly different date of birth. We checked that date of birth as well. With that second, correct, date of birth we discovered Tony had convictions for Theft 2, four convictions for Burglary 2, Possession of stolen Property 2, three SRA violations, two convictions for Residential Burglary, Drug Possession, Drugs – Manufacturing/Delivering/Possession.

Everything from drug convictions to kidnap, rape and Murder convictions can be found when criminal records are searched.

Case number ten:
John has convictions for Residential Burglary with a SRA Violation, Drug Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Domestic Violence Assault and two Protection Order Violations

Case number eleven:
Jed has convictions for Unlawful Imprisonment, 3 counts of Kidnapping 1 and Assault 2

Case number twelve:
Josephine showed up as having registered as a Sex Offender. Her co-applicant, William was also a registered Sex Offender with additional convictions for Taking a Motor Vehicle without Owner Permission, Burglary 2, Rape of a Child 3 and SRA Violations.

Convicted criminals are not a protected class. It is totally up to each individual landlord as to whether you would rent to a person with criminal convictions or not. Some landlords will take into account how old the conviction/s is; other landlords pay attention to whether the conviction was for a violent or non-violent crime. And still other landlords take notice as to whether the conviction was a one time only occurrence or is a continuing pattern. All of these issues can help you determine what your level of tolerance is. You know where your property is located and what the neighborhood is like. Is it an apartment with lots of neighbors and children or a single family home on its own lot? Only you can make a final decision on renting to an applicant with criminal convictions.

I have over 20 years experience in the tenant screening business and am President of Rental Research Inc. Federal Way WA 98063. Website address: http://www.researchinc.net. With over 14,000 members nationwide Rental Research Inc. aims to meet the needs of all landlords and has been in business since 1978. Jana Berry

Article Source:

Brooklyn Police Detective Shoots and Kills an Unarmed 23 Year Old Woman

“A Brooklyn detective shot and killed an unarmed woman in a stolen car after she blew through three red lights, hit a minivan and tried to escape by driving in reverse, police said. The incident unfolded about 5:40 pm in East Flatbush when two plainclothes narcotics cops spotted Shantel Davis, 23, at the wheel of a gray Toyota Camry she allegedly carjacked at gunpoint on June 5. Davis — who had eight arrests on her rap sheet, sources said — ran a series of red lights along Church Ave. and crossed a double yellow line to pass cars at E. 38th St., where she smacked into the minivan, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said. As the two cops approached the Camry, they saw Davis slide over to the passenger side, where the seat had been stripped out, and try to open the door. One officer, who has been on the force six years, got hit by the door and was thrown backward, Browne said. Davis then got back in the driver’s seat, put the car in reverse and hit the gas, police said. Simultaneously, another cop, identifed by sources as Detective Phillip Atkins, 44, was entering the driver’s side of the Camry, with his gun in hand. “He’s attempting with the other hand to shift the gear into park,” Browne said. “When she’s hitting the gas, a single round was discharged from his firearm, striking the woman in the chest.” Browne said it was too soon to say whether the detective, who has 12 years on the force, meant to pull the trigger or if it was an accident. Witnesses described a scene of chaos
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Question by bhpdcode: Does your criminal record clear every seven years?
Im in California and have only one INFRACTION for theft of property that happened 7 1/2 years ago. I cant expunge it since apparently, it needs to be a misdemeanor, and the charge is too small…..I tried and the court denied my petition.
IT JUST KEEPS ME FROM GETTING JOBS OTHERWISE WOULD BE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the curse finally gone????

Best answer:

Answer by Mild Irritant

A criminal record lasts for life if you are over 18.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
TVShack and the expanding reach of criminal copyright law
The justices left it up to the lower courts to decide what constituted inducement, describing it mainly as a "clear expression or other affirmative steps taken to foster infringement." That ruling came in the context of a lawsuit, however, not a …
Read more on Los Angeles Times

How to Clear the Juvenile Criminal Record

How to Clear the Juvenile Criminal Record

List Price: $ 8.95

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Don't Kill Me 23-Year-Old Unarmed Woman Shot Dead By Brooklyn Cop Trying To Flee NYPD In Car!2.flv

“A Brooklyn detective shot and killed an unarmed woman in a stolen car after she blew through three red lights, hit a minivan and tried to escape by driving in reverse, police said. The incident unfolded about 5:40 pm in East Flatbush when two plainclothes narcotics cops spotted Shantel Davis, 23, at the wheel of a gray Toyota Camry she allegedly carjacked at gunpoint on June 5. Davis — who had eight arrests on her rap sheet, sources said — ran a series of red lights along Church Ave. and crossed a double yellow line to pass cars at E. 38th St., where she smacked into the minivan, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said. As the two cops approached the Camry, they saw Davis slide over to the passenger side, where the seat had been stripped out, and try to open the door. One officer, who has been on the force six years, got hit by the door and was thrown backward, Browne said. Davis then got back in the driver’s seat, put the car in reverse and hit the gas, police said. Simultaneously, another cop, identifed by sources as Detective Phillip Atkins, 44, was entering the driver’s side of the Camry, with his gun in hand. “He’s attempting with the other hand to shift the gear into park,” Browne said. “When she’s hitting the gas, a single round was discharged from his firearm, striking the woman in the chest.” Browne said it was too soon to say whether the detective, who has 12 years on the force, meant to pull the trigger or if it was an accident. Witnesses described a scene of chaos
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Pardons and Waivers – Why Does a Criminal Need Them?

A criminal record is what can be rightly called a blot in one’s copybook. With so much technological advancement to accurately identify a criminal and prove his involvement into a crime, it is hardly possible to evade the harsh punishment and hefty penalty awaiting him. But even after coming free out of the lofty walls of the prison, he is not allowed to enjoy the same social status. The harsh reality is that the family members also have to endure booing in the locality and eat their hearts due to the person’s guilt. In that case, pardons and waivers from the respective states are what can let enough light peep into the criminal’s miserable life.

Hellish Experience without Pardons and Waivers:-

Every criminal tries to mop up the clues to avoid arrest. But in spite of trying hard, they leave some vital evidences at the spot of the crime inadvertently. These evidences never elude the inquisitive eyes of the investigating officers and help them unveil the identity of the crime perpetrators. Once caught and put behind the bars, a criminal hardly finds to have a peace of mind until he breathes last. The doors of the relatives are slammed on his face, the friends turn their backs on him and the criminal record continues to reek of heinous crime committed by him. Only the pardons and waivers can make such a person’s image stain free.

Overcoming the Troubles without Pardons and Waivers:-

The constant technological improvement has made it much easier to find out the role of a person in perpetrating a crime. Whether he is directly involved into it or has abetted the crime can easily be found out with help of the advanced techniques used by the forensic department. Even though the case is dropped, the person is believed to have a criminal record of non-conviction type. In that case too, the convict is not accorded a cordial welcome by the society. There is no way but to seek for the pardons and waivers in order to overcome the hovering troubles.

How to Get Pardons and Waivers:-
Pardon is only issued by the Canadian government. Immediately after being granted pardon, an individual’s name is removed from all the systems that the police can thoroughly search. But the person has to wait for thirty days since the date of pardon issuance to get his name removed from the criminal record. As per as the order of the pardon board, all the Federal agencies update the criminal database to ensure the proper implementation of the Pardon policy. Now this is only about the first episode of pardons and waivers. So how to get waivers? Being granted pardon does not mean that the person’s criminal record will be deleted from the USA Customs as well as Border Services data. So, you have to further seek for the USA waiver in order to get your criminal record buried for good and ever along the length and breadth of the globe including USA. The combination of pardons and waivers ensures that your name will appear in no criminal record until you stay far away from the criminal offenses.

Angel Brown works in forensic department and have sound knowledge in pardons and waivers. For more information he recommends you to visit http://www.accu-metrics.com

Article Source:

Criminal Records Removed, Pardons Canada, Record Suspensions and US Entry Waivers

Question by HOT CHICK: Immigration?
My husband petition me, His a US citizen.
Do I need a pardon / waiver. If so whats the form #? and how’s the process?

We should get our Cuidad Juarez app. any time now. I really want to be ready.

Best answer:

Answer by sacatal
Well it all depends on how you came into this country. If you tried getting here illegally and you where caught you might have to ask for a pardon. Check this website for more help.


Give your answer to this question below!
IHC moved against presidential pardon for Malik Riaz's guard
Islamabad—A petition was filed in the Islamabad High Court Monday seeking waiver of a presidential pardon for a security guard of the chief of Bahria Town Malik Riaz. Muhammad Basharat, the said guard of the real estate tycoon had killed a person …
Read more on Pakistan Observer

immigration-professor.com; In this video, the Immigration Professor, Robert Perkins, discusses the unlawful presence bar to immigrating to the United States and the procedues for getting a waiver or pardon of this bar. This hurdle is an important consideration for people marrying an illegal.You can see all of our informational videos on our website, http This video is not legal advice or a legal opinion. To get legal advice about your case, call our offices at 310-384-0200. immigration, green card, marrying an illegal, marriage petitions, marriage cases, illegal alien, illegal immigrant, unlawful presence, unlawful presence bar, unlawful presence waiver, unlawfil presence pardon, immigration attorney, immigration lawyer, immigration attorney los angeles, immigration lawyer los angeles, immigration atorney chicago, immigration lawyer chicago, robert perkins, robert a perkins
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Felony Records – How to Know Who Has Them

You need not feel embarrassed and inhibited by the remarks of others about your defiant insistence on searching of the felony records of a babysitter or a driver or a gardener for your house because this action of yours shows your concerns for the safety of your family. You may also like to do such checks when you find a person online with whom you want to establish a friendship since he/she is charming and good-looking.

Such checks are absolutely necessary because having people with such a questionable past around you may cause harm to you and your family. In general, felony records do not cover petty crimes but talk only of bigger ones with which you can understand the persons’ flaws in character and nefarious and criminal intentions.

The crimes covered are arson, robbery, murder, kidnapping, rape, etc. Certain other crimes like victimizing, threatening and causing trauma to others and embezzlement are also covered by felony records.

Felony records contain the names of all those who are convicted for crimes of such a high degree and people can access these records and do their checks. You can do such checks before you hire a baby-sitter, a driver or a gardener for your house or before appointing somebody for your office or before seriously starting a love-life. Simply put, you should do such checks when a new person comes to play a role in your daily life. It is all the more important if the person has access to your house, your kids and your belongings. Crimes committed by acquaintances, relatives, friends, employees, etc. are on the increase.

The real problem is you will not be able to recognize such people. It is a superficial prejudgment if you think that a charming person will not indulge in any felonious activities. Similarly people who have dark and rugged and unappealing looks with dirty clothes need not be criminals. There are innumerable instances in which you find that a person who has committed such a crime looks charming, handsome and attractive. Hence it is better to study the backgrounds of people to be sure of your safety.

Of course once you have the details, you can judge if the person under question has changed their attitudes and activities but not knowing anything about the person may suddenly endanger you.

Online checks are the fastest and the details you get are also near-accurate. If you use the services of private operators who do the job manually, you will have to spend a lot but online checks may not be that expensive. Another advantage is that felony records checking can be done anytime and from anywhere.

Go with your gut feeling and do a Criminal Background Check, often you will find that your first impression is the correct one. Use an online database of Public Records by CLICKING HERE.

Article Source:

Can I still get a job with a Felony on my Record?? www.felonjobs.net
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Question by : How to get a job with a felony record?

Best answer:

Answer by kurtztx

What do you think? Answer below!
TN law allows some felons a second chance
As people lost jobs over the past few years, they found that criminal records often … to a job, to try to get many things, primarily economic," said Nashville criminal …
Read more on WBIR-TV

IDAHO FALLS – Is there life after a felony? One woman we talked to is struggling to put her life back together after receiving a felony DUI conviction. And if you think finding a job is hard right now, imagine if you had a felony. Jennifer Quick’s story is proof that if you do something that leads to a felony conviction, the effects don’t end after you’ve paid your fine or done your time. A felony conviction could haunt you for the rest of your life. Ever since Jennifer Quick got a felony DUI conviction, her life has changed. She can’t drive a car, and she can’t find a job. “Is there a life after a felony?” I asked Quick. “There certainly hasn’t been a great qualify of life after a felony, that’s for sure. I’ve been offered 3 or 4 jobs in the last year, and then when they found I had a felony, I was told not to bother,” answered Quick. Quick feels like she’s being judged as a felon, instead of as a human being. “It’s ridiculous in my opinion. It doesn’t matter what your felony is for, you’re a felon, and that’s it. I don’t have a violent crime, I wasn’t out selling drugs, and yet it doesn’t matter, I’m a felon,” explained Quick. “It’s a very serious offense, thousands of lives are lost every year because of DUI’s. So, bottom line is, don’t drink and drive,” said Phil Grimes with the Idaho Falls Police. What makes a DUI a felony in the state of Idaho is three offenses in the last five years. “It’s on the record, and if it’s a felony, it’s on there longer. Lot of people don
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Criminal Records – What Types of Criminal Records Are Available and Where Can I Find Them

Criminal records are a part of the public record arena for any activity that is related to an alleged criminal incident. This article will describe what types of criminal records area available, who needs them and where to get them. One important thing to note, however is that you cannot get access to records related to criminal activity for anyone under the age of 18. This is due to privacy laws related to minors.

Here are the types of records that anyone can access:

1) Arrest records
2) Driving records – including DWIs, OUIs and accidents
3) Sex Offender records
4) Misdemeanors
5) Felonies
6) Incarcerations, prison and jail records

If you wish to get access to criminal records, all you need to do is to contact or visit the county courthouse or police station of the town or county that the alleged incident occurred. All information is generally filed by the last name(s) of the parties involved. You can physically read the documents and take notes as appropriate, or you can usually copy the records at a photo copier that is available (usually for a fee per page). Another trick to consider is that some people actually use digital cameras and take pictures of the document(s) that they are interested in.

Most of the time, people looking for these types of criminal records are interested in performing a criminal background check. While going to your local courthouse or police station can work for single incidents that you know occurred in a particular city or town. However, if you want to perform a more comprehensive search, you most likely will want to utilize the services of a company that makes public records available across all county and state jurisdictions. If you opt for an online service, you will be able to get an immediate report.

Are you interested in performing a Criminal Records search? Just Click Here!

Article Source:

Question by Pet lover: What good does getting your criminal record expunged?
If your criminal record is expunged and it’s court filing is still public where anyone could still look it up, then what’s the point of getting it expunged in the first place? What good does an expunged record do? It seems like it would be wasted money spent…. and let’s say that your record is erased or not seen by a perspective employer once expunged, does that mean you could get a job with let say children in school or patients in the medical field?

Best answer:

When filing for your record to be expunged you must also file for removal of the arrest record and the destruction of all files.~

What do you think? Answer below!
3 Sheriff's Department workers leaving, 1 demoted in shake-up
By Keith Eddings staff writer MIDDLETON — Two assistant superintendents and two correction officers at the Essex County Sheriff's Department have resigned, retired or been demoted after they were accused of improperly accessing criminal records or …
Read more on The Salem News

This Is It

This Is It

  • Michael Jackson – Michael Jackson’s This Is It

Disc one features the original album masters of some of Michael’s biggest hits such as “Billie Jean,” “Smooth Criminal,” “Human Nature,” and “Thriller” arranged in the same sequence as they appear in the film. The disc ends with two versions of “This Is It,” the original and an orchestral version. “This Is It” is featured in the film’s closing sequence and includes backing vocals by Michael’s brothers, the Jacksons.Disc two offers fans a rare listen to the early demo versions of classics “She’s

List Price: $ 17.98

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B002Q4U9YU”]

[wpramareviews asin=”B002Q4U9YU”]

“Who Is Your Humble” Record Store Day 19 April 2008 Instore performance at Criminal Records, Atlanta, Georgia.

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