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Take Precautions With International Travel: Unrest Threatens Mid-East

Article by Dean Orbell

With constant tension across the Middle East, it is sensible to always be apprised of what is going on around you and if you are moving in or around that corner of the world, then it is crucial that you are up-to-date on affairs as they happen. Currently, there are many different situations that are impacting states all over Europe, Asia and Africa. These areas are undergoing a cycle of progress and regression, and the tide is always turning. People would be wise to carry passports and visas with them, though, irrespective of situation.

Protesters are demanding rights and pardoning of prisoners in Saudi Arabia. The non-violent protests are also being undertaken in an effort to try and call for the recall of Gulf Cooperation Council military from nearby Bahrain and a number of the protesters even toted Bahraini flags. Regardless of the fact that they are campaigning for their rights, they still fear for their safety and are doing what theyare able to to keep their names away from the press in order to keep themselves and their families safe from backlash.

With human freedoms not being respected as they should be, the country is full of tension and unrest, and for those staying in the country, the fear of being caught in the middle of such clashes is very real. People from all over the world within the country are at some peril, no matter whether or not they hold a passport or visa Saudi Arabia.

Libya’s trajectory is indeterminate, as despite NATO’s influence, unrest among tribal sects may persist. The Libyan people’s safety is still not certain, given the probability of further power disputes.

Ex-Egyptian leader Mubarak and his sons, since being overthrown and detained, no longer represent Mubarak and his sons out of the picture, the state of affairs in Egypt is clearly better. After a seeming eternity, this is a great time for the country, but the road forward is still not a simple one, and the country is still struggling to recover from the previous regime.

About the Author

Travel Document Systems, Inc. is the leading travel agency fom Visa Saudi Arabia to general Visas. For nearly 30 years we have served travel professionals, tour operators, cruise lines, as well as corporate and individual international travelers. TDS specializes in travel that involves visas for more than one country.

Dean N. Orbell  Travel Document Systems, Inc

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