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Game of Thrones 01×10 Recap

Article by Mirjana Vlaskalija

In King’s Landing, before the Great Sept of Baelor, the blood is dripping from the Ice. Crowd is cheering and Ser Ilyn Payne is holding Eddard Stark’s head. Sansa Stark fainted.Arya is in shock. Yoren is holding her and calling her a “Boy”. He takes Arya away from the Sept, cuts her hair and explains her that she must pretend to be a boy and leave with him and recruits to the North.At Winterfell, Bran- in his dream – once again follows three-eyed crow. When he woke up, he convinced Osha to take him to the crypts under the castle because, in his dream, his father was waiting for him there. Even thou she’s skeptic and a little scared, Osha agrees to takes Bran under the castle. In the crypts, Bran showed her the gravestones of his grandfather Lord Rickard Stark and his father’s sister Lyanna Stark. They stopped at empty space, where Bran was supposed to meet his father, when Rickon’s direwolf, Shaggydog jumped in front of them. For the same reason and because of a same dream, Rickon was also there – waiting for Eddard.When they got outside, Maester Luwin was waiting with news of Lord Eddard’s death.At Robb’s camp, while Catelyn was walking by, warriors gave condolences to theirs’ Lady and she, heavily breathing and in despair, went into to woods. There was Robb swinging his sword, as hard as he could, at a tree trying to ease his anger. He wanted to kill all people who led his father into his death.Catelyn hugged him and vows that, after they free his sisters, they’ll “Kill them all.”In King’s Landing, King Joffrey is holding the small council meeting. Before him, a troubadour Marillion is performing his newest song, a parody about the boar and the lion (symbol of Cersei Lannister’s House) responsible for King Robert’s death. Joffrey applauds and asks Marillion does he prefer better his fingers or his tongue. Marillion says that he needs his hands and Joffrey calls – now skilled – Ser Ilyn Payne to carry out his sentence. To Sansa’s disgust, Ser Ilyn cuts off singer’s tongue.Joffrey compliments Sansa and invites to follow him. Because Cersei still expects from him to marry her, he decided to ‘put a son inside her’ as soon as she gets her fist period. Now, he leads her outside to see head’s of the members of her household impaled on the roof.When she sees her father, she turns her head in despair, but Joffrey orders her to look up. After looking at her father’s and her Septa’s rotting heads, her hatred for Joffrey grows even bigger. When he promised to give her a present – her brother Robb’s head to join the others, Sansa hopped that Robb will defeat him and that her present will be Joffrey’s head. For this insult, Jofrrey ordered Ser Meryn Trant to slap Sansa and teach her a lesson about treason. Furious, Sansa wanted to push her fiancée from the bridge, but Sandor Clegane discreetly stopped her and advised her to obey.At Robb’s camp, Robb is not sure if he should join his forces with Renly Baratheon (who as the youngest brother has no rights to the throne) or with Stannis Baratheon (a rightful heir, but also a ruthless warrior who could never become a good and peacefull King). Lord Greatjon Umber is sick of all southern Kings, theirs’ rule and theirs’ wrong Gods.He says that the only King that he will bend his knee to is Robb Stark. Other bannermen, along with Theon Greyjoy, agree and pledge theirs’ allegiance to Robb – The King in the North.Lady Catelyn decides to visit theirs’ hostage Jaime Lannister. Angry and hurt, she takes a rock and hits Jaime in the face. Catelyn threatens him that she will kill him and send his head to Cersei. She says that he will go to the deepest of the Seven Hells by the justice of the Gods, but Jaime is not afraid of death or justice.He admits that he pushed Bran from the tower, not revealing the reasons for his action. When Catelyn leaves, Jaime feels relieved knowing that he might live long enough to see his sister exchange Sansa and Arya’s lives for his.In Red Keep, Queen Cersei received a letter and she is annoyed by her new lover – young and curious Lancel Lannister (King Robert’s squire and a son of Ser Kevan Lannister – the brother of Lord Tywin).At the Lannister’s camp, Lord Tywin gathered his knights to discuss theirs’ future tactics. They are in a very bad position. Robb is stronger that they thought he’ll be; Stannis and Renly Baratheon are gathering armies against them and Jaime is captured. Ser Kevan Lannister suggests seeking the peace, but Tyrion says that Joffrey ruined every chance of truce when he took off Eddard’s head. In anger, Lord Tywin sends everyone, except for the Tyrion, out of his tent. He tells Tyrion that he was right about Starks and that he was wrong to think that Imp doesn’t know a thing about strategies.Tywin shares his plans to send Ser Gregor with five hundered warriors to burn Riverlands and regroup the rest of his army at Harrenhal (a castle on the lake called Gods Eye located in Riverlands). He orders Tyrion to go to King’s Landing, rule as Hand of the King in his stead and stop Cersei and Joffrey from making rush decisions. Tyrion is stunned to receive his kind of respect from his father that was, for most of his life, disappointed to have an Imp for a son. But, Tyrion can’t take his whore to the court.On Essos, Daenerys wakes up just to find out that her son, Rhaego, is dead. Mirri Maz Duur says that boy was stillborn and a deformed monster that looked like lizard with wings. She says that baby was a price for Drogo’s life. When Khaleesi decided to go outside and see her husband, she was surprised to see that her khalasar abandoned them.On the cliffs, she finds Drogo laying on the ground. His body was alive, but her husband wasn’t in there. Ser Jorah Mormont tries to calm her, but without success. Mirri says that she warned her about this spell, and that she’s not sorry because Daenerys never saved her; Mirri was already raped three times before she came along. Mirri is proud that she stopped Khaleesi’s son, a stallion, to mounts the world and kill more innocent people.At the Wall, Jon Snow decides to leave Night’s Watch and go South to help his brother Robb revenge theirs father’s death. While he was preparing his horse, Samwell bagged him to stay and avoid death punishment that every deserter deserves. When Jon got up on his horse, Sam stood in front of him, but Jon didn’t care. He runs over Sam and leave Castle Black. Disappointed, Sam just stood on the door.At the Lannister’s camp, Tyrion tells Shae that he can’t bring her with him to King’s Landing. While he continued talking about his selfish and rich father, Tywin decided that its time to oppose him by taking Shae with him.Near Castle Black, in the woods, Jon is followed by riders.Then one of them hits a branch and fall from his horse, Jon recognizes his voice. It’s Sam, still trying to stop him. Jon returns back and find Sam, Grenn and Pypar. They start repeating Night’s Watch oath and give Jon back his sword. Jon is now convinced who are his true brothers.On Essos, Daenerys is trying to reach Drogo, and find a sign that her warrior’s soul is still somewhere inside this lifeless body. After a long night, heartbroken and tortured, she realizes that her Khal is gone and that she doesn’t know a way to bring him back.In tears, Daenerys kisses Drogo for the last time. She takes a pillow, suffocates him and end the irony that his life has become.In King’s Landing, Grand Maester Pycelle is accompanied by Ros, the whore. After serving three Kings he is trying to reveal to her ‘the thing that she needs to understand about Kings’. He says that Aerys II Targaryen was a good man until he melted away into madness consumed by dreams of fire and blood… Robert Baratheon was powerful warrior, unaware of his enemies, that didn’t know how to rule the Seven Kingdoms. And Joffrey is capable. He doesn’t know yet what kind of a Kind will Joffrey be, but can sense his greatness.At the end, to Ros disappointment, he forgot what that thing about King was… He did few exercises, putted on his clothes and went to official business.In the Throne room, Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish was looking at throne and imagining himself up there, when Varys entered the room. Varys told him that he is probably the only man not aiming for the crown and that he admired Petyr – a man from minor house with big talent for befriending powerful men and women.Littlefinger startes teasing him about his lack of manhood due to his early castration, but at the end admits that he admires Varys’ abilities to maintain his position and whisper in the ear of every King.On the streets of King’s Landing, Yoren is telling Arya that she must pretend to be a boy, an orphan boy called Arry, if she plans to survive the trip. Yoren has twenty new recruits for the Night’s Watch, and all of them could turn Arya to the new King in exchange of a pardon for theirs’ crimes. When couple of boys (Hot Pie and Lommy Greenhands) starts teasing and attacking Arry and try to steal her sword, she threatens to kill them with her Needle. Gendry (King Robert’s bastard son) interrupts them and chase off the boys. He is amazed that orphan boy Arry has such a fine sword. He tells Arya that, apart from other recruits, Gendry didn’t commit any crimes. He was apprentice of armorer Tobho Mott, but he threw him out (when Robert and the Hand both died, Mott stopped receiving gold for Gendry’s support and he decided to get rid of him).Yoren gathers his recruits. Its time to start a thousands of miles long journey through the war in Riverlands and up to the North, all the way to the Wall. Because, the winter is coming…At Castle Black, Jon is summoned by Lord Commander Jeor Mormont to serve his breakfast. Lord Commander is aware of Jon’s eventful night and he tells him that if the Watch punished every one-night-deserter there’ll be no one left to defend the Wall. But, he was glad that Jon’s reasons for escape, as well as his reasons to return, were honorable. It’s reported that wildlings are leaving theirs’ villages under threat of White Walkers, and uniting in a secret stronghold. Lord Mormont says that the war on the South is less important than the threats from beyond the Wall. When dead start attacking it won’t matter who sits on the Iron Throne. Lord Mormont plans to lead the Night’s Watch men beyond the Wall to investigate reports and to find the missing Benjen Stark – dead, alive or both.As Castle Black’s gates open, Lord Commander Mormont rides with his rangers (along with Jon Snow and Ghost) into unknown threats of the Haunted Forest.On Essos, Daenerys is preparing a pyre for Khal Drogo’s funeral. Rakharo took her eggs and, on her command, placed them next to Khal’s body. Ser Jorah brings Mirri Maz Durr and ties her to a stake next to the pyre. He doesn’t approve Daenerys’s plan, but he has sworn to obey her. She tells him that he shouldn’t fear for her and kiss him in the cheek.Daenerys tells slaves, and the small part of Dothraki khalasar that stayed with her, that they are free now. The ones who decide to stay with her will be a part of new khalasar that she swears to protect. She turns to Mirri – who says that she’ll never give Khaleesi a pleasure of her dying screams – and tell her that she only needs her life.Daenerys takes a torch, lights the pyre and walks into the flames. As Mirri starts screaming, she continues walking toward Khal and disappears consumed by the fire.When the morning came, new khalasar start waking up next to the ashes of the pyre. Ser Jorah approaches the middle of the circle and sees Daenerys – crouching naked with baby dragons in her arms. She was a true Dragon and fire couldn’t hurt her. As she stands up with one green dragon in her arms, two more new-hatched dragons start groveling – yellow one up her leg and the red one up her shoulder.Speechless, Ser Jorah and the rest of Dorthrakis kneels in respect for the Mother of Dragons.As Daenerys rise from the ashes and looks upon her new khalasar, the red dragon on her shoulder proudly spreads its wings and shrieks.

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