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‘I didn’t know’: What Young Thugs Should Know But Aren’t Taught

Rev. Randall Grier’s website Rev. Randall Grier answered the call of the Lord Jesus to preach the Gospel while on his third escape from prison in May of 1982. The Lord spoke to him in Galveston, Texas and told him that His Spirit would not always strive with a man. Jesus said, “The devil has laid a trap for you and you are about to walk into it and windup dead and in hell, if you don’t turn your life over to Me today.” Rev. Grier surrendered to the call of God and turned himself into the police authorities. When he went to court the Lord Jesus delivered him from a life without parole sentence but he had to remain in prison for prior felony convictions. He was thankful he did not receive life without parole and prayed and studied the Bible continually while in prison. While praying out behind the prison on April 5, 1984, he had a supernatural experience with Jesus. Jesus said, “I am anointing you today to begin to enter into the ministry I have called you to and nations and countries will be changed through this anointing.” That very day Rev. Grier entered into a powerful anointing to set the captive free. He was told he would be released from prison on parole in the month of none. Jesus taught him faith and what to do to get out of prison. He was released from prison on August 27, 1984, by a miracle of God! He received a Full Pardon from the government in July 1993. All of his civil and political rights were restored to him as well as the right to own and

“I didn’t know.” This is the excuse many criminals give when they did something that violated the law.

The excuse is most often used when a misdemeanor occurred and the misdemeanant did not know what he did was wrong.

An example would be not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, which is a crime in Las Vegas, Nevada . A person from California , where rolling stops are legal, might not know that they are illegal here. It does not matter, however, that the person did not know because ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Most often people feel that their lack of knowledge ought to be an excuse to pardon them from their behavior when the crime was what we in the legal profession call “malum prohibitum”, which is Latin for “bad because its prohibited”.

Malum prohibitum laws come about when our law makers have, in their infinite wisdom, decided that some actions or inactions should be unlawful because they harm or have the potential to harm society in someway. An action or inaction is deemed wrong for public order even it there is no discernable victim.

A rolling stop in Nevada could be dangerous, so it is prohibited and you are a criminal if you violate this law whether you knew better or not and whether an accident occurred or not. The problem is that there are so many laws created by so many law makers, that no one can really knows them all and many otherwise law-abiding citizens become criminals.

Most often, malum prohibitum crimes are also classified as “strict liability” crimes in which the criminal’s intention does not matter. It does not matter that you knew that you were committing a crime, all that matters is that a crime was committed. You did not see the speed limit was 25 miles an hour when you were flying by at 75 miles an hour. Too bad, reckless driving-no defense.

Another common example of malum prohibit crimes would be statutory rape. States set age limit on who can have sex with whom. If an adult has sex with a 13 year old and the age of consent is 16, like in Nevada , then the adult is guilty of statutory rape even though the adult thought the minor was 18. A mistake of fact is not an excuse for a strict liability crime.

On the other hand, we have another category of crime which is called “malum in se.” Malum in se means “evil in and of itself”. These crimes are crimes that people should know are wrong because their conscience tells them so. Our lawmakers have codified these crimes, but even if they hadn’t, we would still know the crime to be wrong based on our morality. Such crimes include murder, rape, mayhem, robbery, arson, and others. One problem is that many of our young are not taught morality-anywhere.

Malum in se crimes are generally not strict liability crimes because we want to make sure that the person who did the act had the intent of committing it. In the case of murder, a person is found dead and another person is charged with the murder. The charged person says that the death was accidental and that he did not intend for the person do die. Because murderers have done the ultimate human atrocity, we want to punish them severely; however, we want first to make sure they were in fact responsible.

Therefore, the

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