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Extreme Tiredness – Time To Stop Letting Tiredness Rule Your Life

Article by Angela Daniels

Extreme tiredness is all too common in our society. Between work, doctor’s appointments, studying for college classes, running the kids to soccer, and (God forbid!) getting a little bit of time for things you ENJOY, it can be difficult to ever feel like you’ve rested well and are ready to face a day… and I mean the WHOLE day. There are a number of small things you can do to combat extreme tiredness but ultimately how much energy you gain is directly tied to how much action you’re willing to take. For me, I finally stopped chasing those extra hours of sleep and learned how to live a life that was not only a more awake one but also a more productive one as well when I followed a specific program known as the “End Tiredness Program”. In this article I’m going to cover a few ways you can chip away at your tiredness on your own as well as talk a bit about this program and what it is. Ready? Here we go.

Quick Tiredness Fixes

First of all, you’re going to need to evaluate your sleep habits. No, this doesn’t mean you need to go sleep more or take naps all the time. In fact, while quick power names are good, napping too long can actually contribute to extreme tiredness and will quickly throw your body out of whack and you’ll have trouble falling asleep when you really need to in the evening.

Also, one thing important to note is the fact that the average human being has a sleep cycle of 90 minutes. For this reason sleeping for the silly amounts we normally here recommended (8 hours or ten hours) we are actually screwing ourselves over (pardon my French!) from the beginning. This is because these hour amounts are not divisible by 1.5 and therefore we are waking our bodies up in the middle of a sleep cycle. This means that the entire day our body is going to want us to lay down and complete the cycle, and is the reason why you can still feel so tired even after a long night’s sleep. Recommended sleeping amounts for a night are 7.5 or 9 hours.

Ironically, one way to quickly (and by quickly I mean over the course of a few days) get more energy is to drop caffeine or energy shot type products. The chemicals contains in energy drinks and coffee ultimately make your heart beat quicker and, while they may give you a quick boost, will leave you drain later on from the extra legwork your heart is having to do. Also, if your body comes to depends on these substances you’ll find that you feel extreme tiredness without them because your body will neglect to release a normal amount of endorphins (because it figured whatever supplement you’re dependent on will do it for you). Stop these things for just a few days to a week in a row and you’ll see what I’m talking about. And I should know, EVERYONE here in Seattle drinks coffee and I was no exception. Once I dropped this from my morning routine (well, once I made it past withdrawls :P) I felt exponentially better each day and have never depended on such things since.

Most people never realize how much tiredness was affecting their lives until they experience life without it. In order to help you eliminate feelings of tiredness and get more energy I’ve created 2 easy steps you can follow at why am i always tired.

More info on tiredness at Extreme Tiredness.

About the Author

Angela Daniels is a frequent contributor on sleep and tiredness, and runs her own resource website for those suffering from chronic fatigue.

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