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Where Diet Took A Wrong Turn

Article by James Rayman

The power of our diet, environment and lifestyle have on our health is awesome. Before even considering how it may influence us as adults, it is important to grasp the fact that health of a sperm and an egg, four months before conception, will determine the health of the unborn child, not only in infanthood, but also in adult life. This includes whether that individual will be predisposed to heart disease, its stroke risk and whether it is likely to have asthma or other chest complaints. Isn’t that staggering?

There is however, a great deal we can do to help ourselves to better physical and mental shape during our lifetime and it is almost never too late to start. Being aware of the changes that have occurred will at least give you some insight, and if you will pardon the expression, food for thought.

In the last fifty years diet and lifestyle have altered dramatically. The whole of society has changed, and not necessarily for the better. At one time culinary skills were passed from one generation to another, and the woman’s role was very definitely the ‘home-maker’. She was not expected to go out to work whilst her family were growing, and more often than not she had her mother and other female relatives living close by as back-up. The motor car was a luxury, so her daily shopping was usually done locally on foot. She would expect to purchase fresh food regularly, which would have contained far more nutrients that produce purchased from the supermarket weekly. As fast food didn’t exist, part of her role would be to cook wholesome meals for the family on a daily basis.

Fifty years on the picture is quite different. Women have learned the art of the short-cut, very often through necessity. They drive to the supermarket once or twice per week to purchase food. They are presented with fast option choices, which when short of time and adequate information, seem both convenient and appealing. Most of the food they buy has been preserved, sprayed with chemicals, injected, or indeed grown in chemically rich soil.

About the Author

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