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Five Radical Steps to Take When Your Child is Diagnosed With Tooth Decay

Tooth decay in our Western culture is considered a normal part of life. That your child will one day need to have a cavity filled is taken for granted. Adults continue to develop dental caries, and continue to get fillings.

Dental caries are inevitable and unavoidable, we think, so we should just grin (pardon the pun) and bear the drilling. Right?


When Dr. Weston A. Price, a dentist back in the early twentieth century, traveled around the world searching for people with healthy teeth, he found them in great number. Entire villages had tooth decay on less than one percent of their teeth. And these were people who never brushed, flossed, or otherwise consciously cared for their teeth.

So, why were their teeth so healthy? Dr. Price discovered that every single group that consumed a traditional diet regularly ate two of three things: raw organ meat; raw fish, especially eggs and organs; and raw dairy products made from the milk of animals that ate spring grass.

Tooth decay is not caused by stuff on the teeth. It is caused by the wrong diet. Moreover, a study conducted by Manchester (England) University has concluded that, unless a cavity in a baby tooth is causing a child pain, there is no reason to fill it.

If you have a child that has been diagnosed with dental caries, you have options other than to get the tooth filled, especially if it’s a baby tooth. If you are radical enough, you have a good chance of actually halting the decay and seeing the tooth remineralize.

Here are five radical steps you can take if your child develops tooth decay.

Refuse to have it filled. Especially with a mercury filling. No matter whatyour dentist says, numerous people have struggled with illness because of heavy metal poisoning due to silver fillings. Feed your child only whole, unprocessed foods. No cookies, no ice cream,no crackers, no non-sprouted bread. White flour, white sugar, and all the additives that come in processed foods disrupt the blood chemistry, which is the real culprit in tooth decay. Eliminate dried fruits and cut back on bananas, at least until your child has reached his pre-teen years. Even though they are natural foods, they have a high sugar content which, again, can cause an imbalance in the blood chemistry. Start giving your child fermented cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil two or three times a day. In his studies back in the States, Dr.Price found that this was a vital and powerful nutritional combination in promoting dental health. Have your child consume dairy products in their raw form, or find a good calcium supplement (I recommend angstrom calcium above all). The calcium in pasteurized milk is severely compromised by the heating process, and much of it is not able to be assimilated by the body. If your child’s tooth decay is causing pain, by all means, have it filled. But take another radical step and insist upon a resin filling. If your dentist tries to argue for mercury, find another dentist.

More and more parents are learning how to prevent and cure tooth decay in their children’s mouth just be optimizing their nutrition. Will you join the growing movement?

Emily Jacques is a natural health nut, mother, and online wellness coach. Want to improve your health and enhance your sense of well-being? What better way than to receive coaching every week from someone who wants to see you excel in every area of life!

Sign up for Emily’s free weekly newsletter at, and receive your free copy of the report: “From Atkins to Vegan: How America’s Diets Are Failing Us.”

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