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Ron Artest Saga: Brawl, Trade Rumor, Suspension, CD

We all now the story, last years incident in Detroit, the infamous brawl when a fan threw a cup a Artest, who then jumped into the stands followed by teammate Stephen Jackson to fight with Detroit fans. What most of us don’t know is that the problems started before that.

In the 2003-2004 season only played 73 games. Some missed sue to injury, but seven due to suspension for flagrant fouls. The NBA rule is you are allowed five flagrant fouls for the whole season. After that you are suspended five games for the first five flagrant fouls and one game for each additional foul later in the season. Artest broke the record that year for flagrant fouls. His sixth flagrant foul came five seconds into the game which he returned from his initial five game suspensions and he was ejected after only five seconds. Artest had perhaps his best statistic season of his career winning the Defensive Player of The Year Award.

In the 2004-2005 seasons he was suspended for the final 73 games of the regular season, including playoffs, with out pay for the Brawl in Detroit. Earlier in that year Artest took two games off willingly because he wanted to promote his rap CD. He lost $ 5 Million dollars of salaries that year due to suspensions.

In the 2005-2006 season thing started out great. However it soon fell apart as Artest felt that Coach Rick Carlisle was not implementing him into the offense. He felt that no small forward could guard him and that he wasn’t welcome in Indiana anymore. Shortly after he requested a trade. The Pacers agreed and have discussed Artest with many teams. If they can’t trade him, then they won’t play him at all for the reminder of the year.

As of December 17th, in a latest twist of events, he indicated that he wants to remain a Pacer. “I should have been a man and spoken with coach [Rick Carlisle] about my differences with him,” Artest told the Indianapolis Star. “Yes, I would like to return”.

It seems as though Ron Artest has become the Terrell Owens of the NBA. This is why teams like Detroit and San Antonio have won the last two championships. There is no ego on the team, no problems, media, saga’s; all they do is play basketball. Sure it may be boring, but you have to win at any cost in all sports.

In conclusion if I were a GM for a team I would consider Ron Artest for a second. He is two concerned about his own life. He have basically ruined two seasons for the Pacers, why will the next season be any different.

Tim Garmo is the owner of>, an online sports news articles database

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05-25-2009 Dahntay Jones trips Kobe Bryant on purpose!!

05-25-2009 Round 3- game 3- Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Lakers Dahntay Jones gets away from a flagrant 2 foul and a possible suspension for tripping Kobe Bryant on Purpose.
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Question by kevin d: so i have 3 points on my drivers record, 1 more will lead to suspension, probation, or revocation.?
i recently got 2 more tickets i will take traffic school for one, but that still adds another point. what am i looking at for punishment? is there anyway i can get a license just to go to school?? please help.

Best answer:

Answer by MB
I hope not. You don’t need to be driving if after having 3 points you still didn’t wake up and realize that you are the problem. A year or two away from driving will hopefully wake you up and realize that a moving vehicle is in reality a guided missile (and you are the guide). When you are irresponsible you place innocent people at risk.

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Blechen returns from suspension
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Footage of jericho screwed up the brazil flag, kicking it away, and then apologising, Jericho also lost his match, and has been suspended indefinetly, many people are unsure if this is legit or to cover over his leaving to go tour with his rock band Fozzy. Jericho has since tweeted: Just for the record I love Brazil and wish we could’ve spent more time here. Beautiful country! SAUCE: UPDATE: JERICHO NOW SUSPENDED FOR 30 DAYS, WHICH IS THE SAME TIME AS FOZZY TOUR.

Banners Printing, Trade Show Exhibit Displays at your doorstep

pardon granted
by rogiro

Article by alex smith

Ever tried your hand at creating banners and other displays only to find your work shoddy, totally unprofessional and not exactly as eyeball-grabbing as you had hoped? Not to worry, every guy with an event to organize and free time to blow has been there atleast once in his life. We often take designing for granted and spend half our time with an ever smug smile that conveys a religiously false belief in our inner artistic abilities, only to crash to the ground in futile desperation the day before the event while staring at our half baked version of what apparently is supposed to be a radical poster. Find yourself nodding your head in silent approval? Then this article is for you, my friend.

Pardon my no-nonsense approach and focus on the bigger picture instead because designing is an art best left to the professionals, the bunch of people who know their work and who can deliver the perfect goods at the right time. In a World where advertising is everything and people need to constantly market themselves and their skills for the highest bidder with no qualms about selling the apparently inherent soul of their art, art design is certainly a serious issue. Publicity is an important aspect of any event, because that is what captures peoples’ minds and ensures a great turnout by kindling and playing with their curiosity. Business is simple math, the more people you get across to, and the wider is your client base and the more successful your business becomes. This is precisely why we need to go the extra mile to ensure that the posters and banners that we create to promote whatever our product is, is in entirely safe and reliable hands. The banner needs to tap on to the public in an informal way so that it gives them a sense of identification with the cause being promoted, and its content should gnaw on their mind even hours after they’ve actually seen it. High end technology should also be used to convey a sense of professionalism and technical excellence. is a website that provides all this and more, as it can be effectively be perceived by the webpage content. The company, Mega Digital Imaging, is based near Toronto, Canada and provides services on designing and printing banners, posters, portable displays, signs, canvas portraits, floor graphics, backlits, presentation materials and even vehicle graphics. They use high end technology and print on a variety of materials ranging from vinyl, films, photo base paper and art paper to canvas and also fabrics. Their products are guaranteed to last the test of time, thanks to their use of eco-sol Max inks which also give the design a rich and colourful feel. Adding yet another feather to the loaded cap, the company is also an established member of the Signs And Graphic Association (SGIA). Their website is truly the site to visit for anyone stuck in an artistic fix with nowhere to turn to.

About the Author

Webanalyzrs is a leading Website Development Company in India also providing Seo Services India to its client. Our web design india are custom designed that will give you business and help in achieving goals and objectives.

Bartercard Member Reveals Trade Secret

Article by Brandon Burnett

Bartercard Member Reveals Trade SecretBartercard Australia has perused a member produced ebook, called The Bartercard Blackbook, and although in an email to Alex, they write they in no way endorse the ebook itself, they do acknowledge the marketing of The Blackbook will occur through the network, and wish Alex well with the release of the publication.But that’s Bartercard Australia. We would like to have our say. For starters, the Blackbook is a tricks of the trade (pardon the pun) ebook Sunshine Coast Bartercard member Alex Moss felt a need to write in response to nearly a decade of being a member.”The Bartercard Blackbook has been loaded with ways to maximize trading within the Bartercard Australia network. There is one secret method in the ebook alone that can send a potential flood of Bartercard trade bucks into an attentive members account, as long as they take the necessary time to read through the ebook with care and view the online videos”.When prompted as to what the online videos contained, Alex was keeping shtum.”A big part of it is too good to share, I’m afraid to say”, Alex chuckles, “this is why we are only releasing 250 copies in the network, so as not to saturate the methods we reveal as having been so successful for us.”Upon enjoying for ourselves the Bartercard Blackbook it was pretty clear why.Although the Blackbook includes a cornucopia of very useful ideas that many members overlook all the time, including how to spend and obtain many products and services within the trade organization, excellent lateral thinking tips, and undeniably useful information on travelling internationally, there is also a chapter about half way into the reference that explains a system Alex has been using to make a lot of Bartercard dollars with little effort.The system seems solid, and is reinforced with online video tutorials, the real meat in the publication. It is quickly apparent to accept how the methods revealed can create a great deal of Bartercard dollars, and easy for members to feel a rush by the prospect of taking action and giving it a go.The key methods include however a system that could be saturated which is why it was sensible of Alex to only release 250 copies within the network.In other chapters, I couldn’t help but smile at a story on Alex managing to obtain a brand new PlayStation 3 on the launch day all on trade, and a lot of other great stories.The only problem I can see with the book is the limited run within Bartercard Australia, and the steadily increasing demand there will be as word gets around.However, at time of print there are around 200 copies unaccounted for, and when they all go, we can only pray that we see a revised release for members in future years to come.Alex Moss’s Bartercard Blackbook website can be found here at TheBartercard Black Book WebsiteReview gratefully taken from an independent source.

About the Author

Brandon Burnett writes regularly about business related topics. I hope you enjoy this article. This video is a little different to any that I have produced recently as I wanted to show you how to photograph a ghost The techniques that I use are simple and explained in detail; actually you will be amazed at how easy it is to obtain simular results and your friends will be totally surprised by your new found photography skills All you need to succeed when you photograph a ghost is a small amount of photographic know-how and some skills that you have obtained from my videos but more importantly skills that you can find at my website http . If you have been recently exposed to photography err, pardon the pun… I think that you will enjoy this video.
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