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Cheap Domain Web Hosting – Debunking the Myth that Cheap is Trash!

Article by Edison Gonzaga

When we hear the word cheap, the image that forms in our mind is that it is thrash. Therefore, when my friend recommends a cheap domain web hosting when I asked his advice, all those images came charging to my brain. However, being a beginner in internet marketing and no money to burn yet, I did not have much choice so I went ahead and contact the web hosting company.

Cheap is thrash.

That’s what I thought when I hear the word cheap web hosting. I am not sure if you have the same misconception like mine. Perhaps I have a prejudicial tendency towards cheap products and associate it with cheap toys, fake mobile phones and many others that flood the world market from China. But to my surprise, my cheap web hosting company offers a world class service. Myth number 1 is simply debunked!

Cheap is unreliable and prone to breakdown.

Does it ring a bell when we purchase a cheap coffeemaker from our favorite discount shop? We always end up using the thing only once and if we get lucky twice. Then after that, we simply threw it to the garbage bin. But to the contrary, I never experience any glitch from my web hosting company. Most of the time, it’s me who messed up my website and have to call the tech guy at 3 A.M. to fix it. That’s what I call reliability. Myth number 2 is debunked!

Cheap has limited functionality.

Again, my cheap web hosting package has one free domain and an unlimited sub domain name hosting. For example, the hatchling package has a free domain and unlimited sub domain. Not to mention, I have my own cpanel where I have a complete control. In addition, I have the option to install a website or a WordPress blog right in my cpanel. It’s totally a bargain. Pardon me for showing my bias, but to my personal opinion, this is the best web hosting company that is easy to the wallet and gives me flexibility for expansion in the future. Besides, as your need for additional disk space and bandwidth increases in relation to your business, you can easily upgrade to suit your needs as an internet marketer or simply a company that wants to increase your accessibility to your customers in the internet world. Myth number 3 is debunked!

To wrap this up, if you are just starting in internet marketing and your budget is not that flexible, going cheap does not always mean short-changing yourself but rather being practical is a trait common among successful entrepreneur.

About the Author

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