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What to look for when booking Tribute Bands for your event

Article by Jonathon Cole

With an abundance of tribute bands on the market you can quite easily get overwhelmed with the choice that is available to you and you may ask yourself, “What are the best tribute to book?” Well, it’s all about taste, not just yours but your guests. What one person likes another may hate but you can’t please everybody, or can you?You would like an ABBA tribute but will your guests? Madness would be fun, but you can only remember a handful of hits. A Queen tribute could be a good option, but maybe a bit too heavy for some people; and so the dilemma continues. With so many tribute acts to choose from which one do you book and would you want the same artiste all night long?Another question to ask before booking anything is whether the tribute artiste works with backing tracks or a real live band with drums, guitars and other instruments. So many people have jumped on the ‘band wagon’ (pardon the pun) and are simply solo singers with backing tracks and maybe some dancers thrown in to add to the numbers and justify the money they are charging. There are some great tribute acts out there on the market but again which do you choose? Well there is now an alternative option. Without having to break the bank, you can now have all of your favourite tribute bands in one evening with a multi-tribute band. This is basically one band that can offer an array of tribute bands to suit your exact requirements; Tributes to artistes such as Michael Jackson, Queen, Abba, Robbie Williams and Madonna. That way everyone is happy.Here is one act that can supply all your favourite tribute bands along with a stunning sound and light show, in one amazing night http://www.thetributeshow.co.uk

Article by Jonathon Cole.

About the Author

I have over 25 years experience in all aspects of the entertainment and music industry. I now work for Insound Productions Limited overseeing all their corporate events.

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