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Trojan Vibrations Review: Here’s The Buzz?

Article by Terry Terracino

If you haven’t heard, Trojan finally caught up and started making products for that previously lacking demographic, us girls. You can check out all my thoughts and my Trojan Vibrations review in this essay.

These are available at places like Target, but you may have to ask for them so wait for a female clerk. In lieu of that potentially embarassing scenario, you can get one on the web and it’ll come in the proverbial plain brown wrapper.

On to the review:

Trojan Vibrations Review: Texture

If I had to describe what this little wonder feels like, I’d say sort of soft to the touch but firm enough to, um, get you where you want to go. If you’ll pardon the analogy, it’s quite a bit like a persons’ tongue. If you don’t like how it feels, there’s different heads to suit your particular taste.

No complicated settings on this one- just a button to turn it on and off. Although I’m definitely a fan of other models like the bunny kiss style….

Trojan Vibrations Review: Mighty and Mini

Right, so this is a small toy, but it has no problem keeping up with getting the job done. When I was first reading every Trojan Vibrations review I could get my hands on, one chick was complaining that her batteries wore out too fast. I’m sorry to say I haven’t had that particular problem, but I’ll certainly work on it!

Is this really something to complain about?

Trojan Vibrations Review: Share The Love

Keeping a little more to the point, I don’t mean out at the club (although who am I to judge a girl!). I mean private parties. As in someone you know in the biblical sense. If your guy is brave enough to give past this, you could learn so much about each other as well as have a rush of feel- good hormones.

This really shouldn’t be a concern these days- even if you don’t buy one of these, get your partner in the mix and see if there aren’t some fireworks. Explain it to him in sports terminology if it comes right down to it.

Anyway, if you’d like to check these out a little further, I have a page set up that has plenty more of the juicy details from other folks who were moved enough to post their own Trojan Vibrations review. The web page shown below is one of my hobbies. Check us out right now- we’d love to have your feedback!

My Trojan Vibrations Review web page will give you the full scoop as well as some smart shopping tips! Stop over and leave a comment right now!

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