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2012: That mysterious, troublesome date in December

applying for a pardon
by L D M

Article by Dan E. Cooper

What’s all the fluff about December 21, 2012, you ask? Well, it has for many people created, pardon my French, a “mell of a hess” in terms of unfortunate and unnecessary concern, worry, and even despair. But is there really anything to be concerned about, or is all of this simply hype created for reasons having nothing to do with actual events that will (or won’t) occur? Well, that is the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question, isn’t it? And for anyone actually having a knowledgeable answer on the subject, it would be worth a heck of a lot more than that.

The truth is that no one has an answer that is really any more knowledgeable than anyone else’s. So that void of actual, factual information about specific dangers, has spawned a flood of voices claiming to provide information on the events and circumstances that will eventuate in the now rather troubled year of 2012. There used to be a quaint saying relating to the high popularity of General Motors’ Chevrolet model, Camaro. It went, “Camaros are like opinions and nipples. Everybody’s had a couple of them.” The same statement about relative popularity now almost applies to the number of opinionated self-proclaimed authorities on the ominous nature (or lack thereof) to the year 2012.

Much has already been made of the lack of specific reasons for many of the predictions. Many have apparently climbed onboard the money machine of 2012 propagandizing. And others have attempted to boost their own reputations by showing supposedly well thought out rationales debunking certain (or even all!) such predictions.

What is lacking is some perspective coupled with humility, and some sound reasons for accepting or rejecting proposals on the issues surrounding events in the year 2012. The mere fact that someone is “debunking” a statement or theory is not grounds for accepting their words as wisdom, or factual, or even well-reasoned. The unfortunate fact that wild and sometimes irresponsible claims have been made, is not a legitimate cause for equally irresponsible refutations on grounds that have little to do with the situation.

At issue is the forecast End of the World, so merely dismissive commentary is unacceptable as a reasonable response. There are responsible voices to be heard, but seeking them out is not always easy–certainly not easy in this case.

In this age of blas

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