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Uneducated Internet Marketers

Article by Josh McCracken

As you begin your journey into the vast world of internet based businesses, just hold on and remember one very important fact – you are not alone. This industry has a vast number of internet marketers out there just scrambling to garner leads, to create their lists, and to basically add little value to what is an already frustrating beginning for those who are serious about educating themselves. You will be required to maintain a particular level of patience and perseverance as you learn to circumnavigate through all the, pardon the phrase, crap that is out there.

Rest assured, there are certain steps you can take to begin to learn what others have done and has worked very well for them, and make them your own. I think it’s practical to understand that what worked for one, may not exactly work for another, but it can give you a fantastic base from which to start. So here are a couple steps, to get you going in the right direction.

First, set and write down your Top Ten. These are the ten most important reasons you are going into business for yourself. The Top Ten might include the ability to travel a lot more, to spend more time with your children (because they grow so fast!), gain more freedom with your time and develop a sense of independence, or just gain financial freedom and make a million dollars this year. We all have our personal things which drive us. Write them down and post them above or beside your computer. They will act as a reminder of why you are doing what you are doing each day.

Second, get up close and personal with keyword research. We are here to tell you if you are not doing the proper keyword research you are wasting your valuable time. Regardless of how good your ads may be, your videos, your articles or even paid advertising you need to know who you are targeting. Otherwise you will lose a great deal of money and you won’t know exactly why. Some really good suggestions to get yourself started will be to write down around a dozen keyword phrases for your particular market. For instance, most of us are internet marketers, so a good place to start would be “internet marketing” or “earn money online.” Keep in mind, these phrases are just a starting point. Type your phrases into the free Google keyword tool at https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal. This tool will give you outstanding data on how these phrases are searched by your target market, both locally and globally, and will tell you how many searches there are for each phrase per month. The lists that appear on the bottom will produce similar phrases to the one you typed in and they will give you more ideas about narrowing down your keyword phrases which will be geared toward your specific market.

Another part of this tool which we love here is the Traffic Estimator, the link in the upper left corner. This will give you data about the average CPC (Cost Per Click) if you are researching for your Ad-words campaign, average clicks per day, and average cost per day. But you will want to practice with this tool and others like. There are paid systems out there you will find helpful, as well, but this is a great place to begin to understand what it is to research keywords.

Spend the time to get to know who you want to target. How did you find internet marketing? Did you search a particular phrase? Think about the things that are valuable to you and your time. Refer to your Top Ten and get some ideas from there. Becoming independent and financially free is hard work. Don’t kid yourself, there will be hard days ahead. But you are not alone, and you can do this.

About the Author

Josh McCracken is an avid writer, ballroom dance instructor, and is a full-time internet marketer from his home in northern New Jersey.He served in the US Marine Corps from ’94-’98 and was fortunate enough to garner a great deal of experience through leading othersand traveling throughout the world.He met his wife, Lora, through the ballroom dancing industry as his competitive dancing coach. They were married in 2006 and stillrun their dance studio in northern New Jersey. They have three children, two dogs, three cats, seven fish, and a rat named Kirby.

You can find out more about Josh & Lora and apply to gain access to more free training http://www.CCLJGlobal.com/

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