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So, You Want to Write a Novel!

how to get a pardon
by JStove

Part I of IV

How serious are you about writing?

It sounds easy to do doesn’t it? I mean, you have a great story to tell, and you’re bursting to get it out. It’s got everything going for it; humour, drama, excitement that will keep your readers on the edge of their chair, and great human interest.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Pardon? You haven’t got time at the moment. You have a full-time job. You’re tired when you get home. You have to do all your chores at weekends.

Those aren’t reasons; they’re excuses!

If you really wanted to write your novel, you would have found the time. Take some of the time that you watch TV at night and use this for writing. What about the commuting time to and from work? You could sit with a notebook and jot down ideas, while the scenery flashes by the train window. Or, if you commute by car, you could record your ideas and thoughts in a recorder. Or even improve your writing skills and listen to experts on writing skills via your car CD. Even taking ten minutes a day to write, will get you started.

Everyone at some stage in their lives, feels that they have a story to tell, and that they could write a novel, but most people never get further than thinking about it. Of course, in this modern world of ours, anyone can write a book. They can put together any bunch of words into a word processing program on a computer, in any logical or illogical sequence, print it out, slap on a cover and have it bound by any small printer. Presto! You have a book! And then they will call themselves an Author. The fact that it is incomprehensible garbage is irrelevant. It’s still a book. Albeit a bad, unsaleable, junk book.

Writing a good book or novel requires something that most people are not prepared to put in – a lot of hard work! In this technological age, many wannabe authors want to be able to put a few ideas into a program, press a button so that the program does all the artificial intelligence work, and have the software then spill out a best-selling novel! Of course it doesn’t happen like that in real life.

The truth of the matter is, that if you really are serious about writing a novel, you need to understand that there is a great deal of work involved. Your efforts will be ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration. It takes a lot of hard work to learn the required writing skills, to do the basic research, to write, edit and rewrite the novel, and then to find a publisher who is even prepared to read your masterpiece.

You may have heard that ‘Writing can’t be learned. Writers are born!’ Don’t believe a word of it! It is utter nonsense! Writing is a skill and all skills can be learned. However, you do need to have a strong desire to become a successful writer. You will never make it if you are half-hearted about your writing.

Where to next?

In my next article I will talk about the difference between ‘story’ and ‘plot’ as well as the nature of ‘plot’.

Neil Campbell is a Chartered Management Accountant with a passion for self development and income improvement.

Today’s thoughts become tomorrow’s reality. Make it happen!

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Best answer:

Answer by Mu1
I don’t think you can get a pardon for a crime for which you were fairly convicted.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Harper pardons grain farmers convicted of breaking CWB rules
It's just a glorious, wonderful day and this was well worth the wait,” said Jim Chatenay, one of the farmers pardoned Wednesday. Farmers such as Chatenay were trying to get around a law that stipulated they had to sell their wheat and barley through …
Read more on StarPhoenix

Leprechaun 4: In Space

On a planet in a distant galaxy, a power hungry Leprechaun (Warwick Davis), holds a beautiful alien princess (Rebekah Carlton), hostage in order to marry her for her royal title and his beloved gold, he’ll be able to rule the universe. While making his maniacal plans, what he doesn’t count on is an invading platoon of marines from Earth, to save the princess and foil his plans. An accomplished trickster, the Leprechaun stows himself away on the orbiting spaceship and wreaks havoc on the crew in an attempt to recapture his bride.
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Really – So You Think You Can Dance? (Or at Least Want to Try?)

So–pardon the intro–but, you think you can dance? Or do you have dreams of dancing with the stars? Or hopes that you can dance your behind off? It seems everywhere we turn these days, dancing is the only thing on television! Whether it’s Niles accented speech criticizing a young performer on one show or Bruno’s accented speech criticizing an older performer on another, it seems as though we are unable to change the channel without hitting a foxtrot or a samba.

But all this dancing lately does kind of make dancing look like fun, doesn’t it? But there are a million excuses standing between you and the salsa. Dancing is too difficult. My husband–or wife–won’t learn with me. Lessons are inconvenient. It takes years to perfect it and I am starting too late. You know, excuses begone! Banish them. Follow these three realizations and you’ll be dancing your way to fun in no time!


No more excuses. No more putting off yet another interest in your life. How many times have you decided not to pursue photography or not to take that art class because of a million obstacles in your mind. We know it won’t be easy. We know it won’t always be fun. But we also know that work and determination yield incredible rewards (like being able to swing–really swing, not just pretend swing–in front of an audience at your 30 year high school reunion).


Find a way to get some lessons. There are a million ways to go about doing this. You can start by simply calling up a dancing studio and seeing if they have any affordable lessons available. Or, if you’re like me, you like to start out slow. Therefore, you might find a way to learn how to dance in your house–and away from the judgmental eyes of strangers.


Find someone who will make this a fun and enjoyable endeavor. It could be someone you are interested in or a friend who you know you would have fun with. But make it an experience that is full of smiles and heartfelt laughter.

If you follow this waltz (three steps, get it?) you will be gliding on air in absolutely no time. And, who knows? We just may hear Mary Murphy screaming at the top of her lungs for you! Wooooo-hooooooo!

J.R. Shanley is an avid fan of dancing and hopes that people will learn how to dance and have fun doing it!

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A cool trucking music video from 1993. Aaron Tippin – “Call of the wild”. RCA Records. BMG.

Question by Frank P: How much & how long does it take to get a governor’s pardon?
I have three misdemeanors in Florida from the mid to late 90’s;now, in 2007, living in Virginia, they’re coming back to haunt me, barring me from 4 straight job offers recently. I know I have to get a private attorney, as the charges cannot be expunged, but I can maybe get a pardon & have my record wiped. How much could that cost me, and how long does it take?

Best answer:

Answer by Nolee
You can’t get your record wiped from what i know…don’t quote me though

Give your answer to this question below!

Pardon My French

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Understand Your Girlfriend If You Want to Know How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back!

If your girlfriend has broken-up with you, you should not get disheartened and feel helpless. You can find ways that show how to get your ex-girlfriend back. It is not difficult to get her back if you put the efforts in the right direction. There is no need to be doubtful. You will have to understand the primary psychology of woman to make the things easier.

It is true that no one has actually been successful in knowing a woman perfectly: the way women think, conduct or function is very complicated to understand. You need not be an expert on the psychology of woman, rather it will be just sufficient to know your ex-girlfriend. Once she has departed from you, think and analyze her behavior to get your ex-girlfriend back. Refresh your mind to remember what she cares and all that she disapproves. This will help you to make a right strategy to get your ex-girlfriend back.

There are many myths and facts that can guide you on how to get your ex-girlfriend back. It is no use to think of getting help from your friends to bring you and your girlfriend together again. The general experience is that this approach may be successful in a few cases only. It has a great risk as most of the times this can only increase the distance between you two and that too forever. It is sensible to attempt the other options with you before using this tip. If everything fails to give a positive outcome, in that case it can be a last resort to try. You may try to get your ex-girlfriend back by being apologetic for all the troubles and own their responsibly and regret for them. Another way can be to tell her that she can give you a chance again and things will be set right.

Normally, some minor events may kindle a big fire and take the shape of big troubles. You have to get to the exact reasons and the situation that had led her to relinquish you. You have to take care not to show your distress and stop chasing her to get your ex-girlfriend back. Avoid calling her late night and do not sending her the messages or visiting her place. All these actions will only annoy her and make the situation miserable. You should also not try to go nearer to her unless you are certain that her wrath has settled and your meeting will not provoke her. You can send her some flowers, presents or greeting to keep her cognizant of the fact that you still love her.

Women have their own way to think about life and have different likings. Many of them will end up a relationship, if they feel some loneliness or any deficiency in your involvement. They may feel ignored or neglected, if you are over busy and have killed her interest. It is important you reserve some time for your girlfriend in spite of your busy work schedule to normalize the relationship to get back your ex-girlfriend. It is better to keep your ego aside and not to let it crop up into your relationship. The ego-clashes can be very detrimental as they can ignite fire and fury in her. Consequently, she may put several allegations on you in anger, and most of them will not be true and make it tough for you to get your ex-girlfriend back.

You should realize that due to break-up, your ex-girlfriend might also be disturbed and fuming. It is better for you to maintain your cool and pardon her for everything. Your efforts should be towards making her understand about your desire to get her back. You should express everything honestly from the core of your heart and need not worry about what happens next! If your feelings are true, You will be successful in getting your ex-girlfriend back!

CLICK HERE now to how to get your ex-girlfriend back

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Support Official Release This is the fourth song from Dethkloks album Dethalbum II!!I take no credit for this song.All the credit goes to the original creators of Dethklok and Metalocalypse! All Hail Dethklok!!! Enjoy. Fire Fly hard into the night Strapped to a rocket ignited Last meal sits in your body Gasoline turpentine gunpowder glycerin Last rites given to you Genuflecting with a torch Punishment outweighs the crime Explode into the desert sky Say your goodbyes That was your life You’ll pay all your penance Laser cannon death sentence Die I’m a rocket A roman candle A fucking missile On my way to hell I’m a martyr A saint of sinners And you will fear me in my death There’s no one that can make me Repent the things I’ve done Evil is my prime objective I explode and bestow your death I’m a rocket A fucking weapon Of mass destruction Destroy the planet My lawyer fucked me I won’t get pardoned The devil waits with fear in his eyes Seethe blood blazing the sky Strapped to the mode of destruction Cell-mates explode in front Barbecued bone fragments bloodied face Blistered skin Last moments near you now As the countdown proceeds Punishment is your reward Laugh as they collect your life Say your goodbyes That was your life You’ll pay all your penance Laser cannon death sentence

Question by : Can the police officers see a pardoned offense when pulling you over?
I got a pardon a few years ago for assault on personnel. I know that my record was expunged, but can officers pulling you over still see that you had an offense like assault on personnel even though it was pardoned? When fighting a ticket, does the judge see that too?

Just wondering, because I was very nice to the officer, but he had a MAJOR chip on his shoulder no matter how nice I tried to be. I was wondering if my past charge came up and he took offense to it. It has always been something I have wondered. Thank you for your time.

Best answer:

Answer by Alex
in most cases officers can see your entire adult criminal history

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Mississippi, stand up!
Granting those people pardons opened the door for them to get jobs and earn licenses that they would have otherwise been unable to obtain with a felony …
Read more on San Francisco Bay View

Tom Delay former US House Majority Leader convicted of money laundering
Video Rating: 0 / 5

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You Want To Lose Weight – Beware of Scams and False Promises

What is going on? I don’t know if you have noticed but there are many overweight persons around the world, and this is becoming a bigger and bigger concern, pardon the pun. There are a lot of reasons why this is happening, and I believe technology is one of them. We have so many machines and devices in our homes that perform things for us, just to make room for other things. People don’t have to be as active as they used to be, and I know there are days when I don’t get the exercise that I am suppose to get. The difficulty for those who want to lose weight is being aware of who you should trust and what you should do.

For the most part, there are thousands and thousands of products out there that are aimed at those who want to lose weight. Of course, a lot of these products and services can pretend they can help you, but that has not been proven. Even thought this does not seem to stop people from buying those products, but it sure bothers me. These products can also be quite costly, but those who really want to lose weight will give large sums of their hard earned money to try the products, only to be disillusioned. Some people will never learn.

There is little to no regulation in the diet industry. Companies repackage the same old things that were not successful in the past, put new package colors on the box, advertise them different ways, and then forward them out to shops with new promises. Most of these promises are phony. If you were to go into the house of any person who has tried to lose weight you will most likely find lots of opened but barely-used diet products in their cupboards. These companies target people who want to be healthier and make a lot of money doing so, yet no one seems to be losing anything but their cash.

You can try supplements to control your appetite or to give you energy, but they aren’t going to do anything unless you get moving. Yes, more than ever, the good old advice is still true today. Cutting calories is good, but it will only get you to a certain point. You need to be in motion, and you have to try to do it daily or at least on a regular basis. Your family members can be involved if you don’t want to do it by yourself. Take the dog for a walk! If you want to lose weight and want to involve your kids, make sure you put a different spin on it. Talk about health and longevity, not about sizes and numbers on the scale. Put some fun into it. Make it something you all do together to have a better life without fixating on body size. Call it quality time. Everyone in the family will benefit from it for different reasons. Let’s get moving!

Paul Zenen is an Internet buff and undoubtedly likes sharing his passion with people like you. Discover more now about Weight Loss and regarding if You Want To Lose Weight solution at his web site

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– Deleted Scene, Season 4

Question by truth: What pardons is Bush likely to pass in the next few weeks?
Ive read that presidents pass there pardons in the last weeks of their presidency. Obviously there must be a long list of jail-birds resulting from the almost appalling disregard for the law that the Bush Administration has championed for the last eight years.
So the question is…who will be on that list and why?

Best answer:

Answer by Al Gore is a Fraud
He already pardoned himself.

EDIT: Look-a-here, two ignorant Neocons gave me thumbs down. Well, tell you what, Bush has already pardoned himself for potential War Crimes a while back.

What do you think? Answer below!
President Obama pardons Minnesota student for missing school
By Janice D'Arcy By Janice D'Arcy | 01:33 PM ET, 06/04/2012 Washingtologists consistently post thought-provoking, timely comments on events, communities, and trends in the Washington area. This commenter is a Washington Post editor, …
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Old Master Paddington / Paddington and the Pardon / Picnic on the River

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Why You Want to Buy Kitchen Gadgets?

by soumit

Article by Aden Tyler

It is true that we live in the world of technology and machines. Everywhere we go we find them invading our lives. In true sense these use of machines are becoming so intriguing part of our lives that we at times find our privacies trespassed by such devices and creating havoc in life. It is good to use gadgets in our life but bad to have too much dependency on them. For instance take the example of kitchen gadgets. The gadgets are justifiable for normal work in the kitchen. There are certain gadgets that are must for every home and some that are extremely needed for busy homes. The fast and time saving gadgets which almost do anything for you in the kitchens are perfect for working mothers! Such women find it hard to manage between housekeeping and office jobs. But it is bad for housewives who don’t have much work and have ample time in their hands. That is why it is important for us to think over before buying any kitchen gadget that comes your way!

I beg your pardon after giving such lecture on the gadgets ironically to support them. There are kitchen gadgets that are irresistible and are must for every home. I won’t mind people shopping them. Indeed I use so many kitchen gadgets at home that are used for work like peeling, scrubbing, mixing and other work. But I always don’t depend on them. They are useful when I run short of time or when we have some small parties at home when relatives or friends plan to visit us for dinner or lunch. Otherwise I try to engage myself in much work as possible to keep my body active. It is known fact that gadgets have made our bodies lethargic and sedentary!

Therefore before you buy kitchen gadgets it is important to focus on the need of the gadget that you will use. There are kitchen gadgets are useful because they help people to prepare dishes and experiment new things. People love to have such gadgets at home because these gadgets save their money that they otherwise spend on food outside. The gadgets prepare the same delicious recipes and the home cooked food has different pleasure in savoring it. The gadgets also make cooking fun for both men and women in the kitchen.

It is advised that when you go to buy the new kitchen gadgets in the market you take note that you buy only the useful and required gadgets. Buying gadgets unnecessarily is waste of money, energy and also bad for your health.

The author is a gadget expert and writes articles on latest gadgets and their features. For more information on kitchen gadgets and their usability log into the site

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