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Different Ways on How to Obtain Criminal Records

Public records allow the public to have access on documents that can have direct relevance to their welfare. Especially when the bill on Freedom of Information Act was passed, it pushed the boundaries further in allowing the public to get hold of other documents which were never accessible to the public before. Included in these documents are criminal records which can contain any information ranging to criminal violations like misdemeanor and felony, sentencing procedures, and other details that are directly related to the offender. Particularly for people doing a background check, these personal records are important components of collecting factual information to help establish the background of an individual.

There are several ways in which you can obtain criminal records and the most basic way is to conduct your search personally. The first step is to determine which state the subject of your investigation lives for the past seven years. From that jurisdiction, you have to file an application for access which can only be given to you by the agency responsible for maintaining the said records. Usually, it could take days before you can finally obtain the result of your request and you can either pick up the records right at the agency or you can arrange to have it delivered to you by postal services.

Sometimes, it is also a viable option to visit local courthouses where the charges have been filed by the complainants. Signed release or an authorization note from the subject in question is usually required before such records are released by the court and if you cannot obtain one, you have to ask for the court permission to grant you access on the criminal records you want to obtain.

But with the advent of the internet, there is a new and more modern way of looking up any criminal records. If you want free personal records online, there are some state funded criminal records search service websites on the internet and private commercial websites offering the same service to the public to help them obtain the records they are looking for. Either free or subscription based, this method of searching for these records on the internet is the most convenient way aside from the fact that it is also economical particularly if you will be able to find a reliable source which can offer you different search options. State funded criminal records search service will only allow you to search for these records on that particular jurisdiction, but with subscription – based search service providers, you can be able to search for any types of criminal records from different states and this means that you do not have to switch from one website to another when conducting a criminal background check for different individuals from different jurisdictions.

Criminal records search service providers can help us conduct a more convenient and less time consuming search for these records. No matter what the reason is, either for business or personal purposes, this particular internet service is now the modern way of obtaining records.

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This article is all about the different ways of obtaining criminal records. This also emphasizes the significance of criminal records search service providers and how they can help us speed up our search.

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Question by harleen: civil service jobs in criminal justice- where can i find a list of them and descriptions?
i am trying to find something i can do regarding civil service jobs in criminal justice. i already have an AA, have a general knowledge of computers… but i am willing to work more toward a degree. i am taking a criminal justice course right now and thought it would be interesting to go that route. however, i can’t seem to find a place where i can find what occupations are offered!

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Answer by Big Rand
I wish I can help you.

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Lancashire father and daughter jailed for £250000 legal advice fraud
A father and daughter ran a £250,000 bogus firm offering legal services to criminals, a court heard. Mohammed Khatana, 51, and Mahria Khatana, 24, of Hawkswood Gardens in Nelson, were arrested after a three year investigation into their scam …
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Different Ways to Access Free Criminal Records

Millions of people fall victim to crime in the US every year and a good percentage of them are of a violent nature at that. Little wonder that Criminal Records have become one of the standard items in background checks today. People conduct criminal record search for all kinds of reason and purpose and by far the number one factor for it is safety and security. It’s well documented that a significant percentage of crimes are committed by repeat offenders so realistically, it pays to be on the look out for people who have had run-ins with the law.

Like other public record categories, criminal records are readily available and are so mandated by law. They can be obtained from various resources: governmental enforcement and security agencies, commercial record providers, public information centers such as libraries, volunteer organizations and welfare associations and even free content sites over the internet. They are a great source of information about people with criminal past.

Criminal record search is widespread. It can even be compulsory. For example, many states require that appointment dealing with children, elderly or handicapped and certain sensitive positions in finance, security and so forth are checked for criminal records. A good conduct endorsement of ‘no record found’ from an official search by law enforcement authorities may be required for adoption, immigration or education abroad also. Other common uses are in recruitment screening, police work, legal and security undertaking and, privately, for precaution or just plain old snooping.

Although somewhat touchy and controversial, criminal records are inherently public information. Courtrooms where offenders are charged, tried and convicted are constitutionally open to public and media. There are legislations like the CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) laws to foster balance between public information and personal privacy but given the digital information age and the internet, it’s tough. Having that said, there are laws governing the use and treatment of information derived from criminal records.

There are generally 3 basic classifications of criminal offense namely traffic, misdemeanor and felony. Traffic offenses are the least serious and felonies are the worst. These criminal records can be requested free of charge from the government which is conventionally tasked with the Police Department. The FBI is another option but procedures and bureaucracies is a turnoff. Other sources of free criminal records are NCF (National Crime File) and the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) but their information tends to lack depth. County level information is the most original and updated but there are thousands of counties in the country. As such, this avenue is feasible only if the particular location of crime is known.

Of late, commercial record providers have joined in the fray. The top ones have very distinct advantages over the governmental sources. Users are protected from any violation in obtaining or utilizing the information and these membership sites have access to both public and private databases and proprietary network. The industry being so immensely competitive, their fees are also very reasonable bringing great value for money.

Paid or Free Criminal Records? We have the information to help you pick the right Criminal Records.

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APNewsBreak: Grand jury meets in hate-crime case
Based on his criminal record, incident reports, and a conversation with one of his ex-wives, Grant has a history of abusing women. GrantMore >>. More and more information is coming out about Freddie Grant's past. Based on his criminal record, incident …
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Free Criminal Background Check – Variety of Ways to Do a Background Check

free criminal search
by F.d.W.

Are you feeling the urge of doing a criminal background check? You may be in some point of your life that you would like to check up on a person that you have a suspicion. In this article, we will focuses on the variety of ways to do this and find out which one is the best.

Probably the most popular method is Google. You can find almost anything in Google. To use this powerful search engine to your benefit in searching information of a person’s background all you need to do is typed in the person’s name with quotation marks and hit search. Then go every link to see if any of it links to criminal activity. The good thing about this method is it is free; most people who wanted to do a free criminal background check will always use this method first. The bad thing about this is it can take hours to do, and it can dangerously give you false information. You can never be 100% sure by using this method.

The next method is, you can take a trip to the court house. If you have the patience and time to deal with the public servants over at the court house you will get a lot of information. The good thing about this is, you will get whole lot information, and the bad thing about this is you will get whole lot information of what you are not looking for. Be prepared to sift every file to get to the one you wanted.

The next method is by far the best method to do a criminal background check. You can use one of the websites that offer this service for a relatively small fee. To do this is quite easy, all you need to do is typed in the person’s name and all the information about the person will be shown including criminal records (if any), financial information, bankruptcy details, residential history, and many more. The good thing about this method it is very easy and quick to use, and it will also provide you with complete accurate and up-to-date information. The bad thing about this method is that it requires a small fee to use.

As you can see, the best method for doing a criminal background check is by using a specialized website that offers this service. Though it requires a small fee to pay, I believe that this fee is worth paying for in order to get the important information you needed. To get started in using the best method, all you need to do is click here.

Article Source:

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Question by : where do I find a free site for criminal search?
Just wonder if there is any free site to search criminal, death, divorce and marriage. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Estevan R
Depends which you need.. Most of that info can be obtained free through normal searches

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Electronics loaded into coach's car seized
One of the videos allegedly showed Hoffner's son fondling himself and their two daughters spreading their buttocks in front of the camera, according to the criminal complaint. Affidavits requesting warrants to search the Hoffners' house and a car said …
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5 Surefire Ways to Teach Your Child to Have A-Plus Manners

As a parent myself, I want the best for my child. I want her to be happy, healthy and have all her dreams become reality.

As a martial arts school owner I also want that for all my students. Of the many things we teach in our Connecticut school, the character skill for this coming month is one of my very favorites.

One of the foundational skills, that is just so important in life, is manners. The simple ability to say things like ‘Thank you, please, excuse me, I’m sorry’, is often times, sadly lacking in society today.

This skill requires and builds upon many other character skills. Empathy, the ability to put oneself in other people’s shoes, needs to exist in order to nurture manners. People must learn the character trait self control and respect to build manners.

How many times per day do you find yourself thinking about someone ‘How rude’? Lack of manners seems to becoming the norm these days.

We live in a technological and fast paced world where we are becoming increasingly disconnected, pardon the pun, from the very society in which we live. Face to face contact is becoming a thing of the past as text messaging becomes our basic mechanism of communication.

We have to be especially careful to teach these fundamentally human character traits so as literally not to evolve into some kind of mechanical information aged artificial life form. I think I am starting to sound like my parents.

Here are 5 sure fire ways to teach your child to develop those old fashioned manners. They really never do go out of style. Just out of practice.

1: Setup a communication standard. This is simply how you expect your child to address people.

At my martial arts school, we have a built in method for teaching manners. It all begins with our communication standard.

All students immediately understand how they are to address instructors by Mr. or Mrs. Last name. They also answer all questions by saying yes or no sir or ma’am.

At home, how do your children speak to your friends, relatives, strangers? How do they speak to you? Try having them address all people by last name. Explain why this is good manners.

2: Create a phone script. Allow your child to answer the phone. Kids love to be able to do this. Makes them feel like a grown up.

Plot out a script of what they must say. Here’s an example:

“Hello this is Hannah, who may I say is calling please?”

What happens next could be “My parents are currently busy may I take a number where they can call you back?” or “Please hold while I get my parents.”

Role play this and make sure they have it down before you let them get started. Learning by doing is much more powerful than just being told to do it.

3: Make a manners log. This is a log where each day everyone in the family writes down what they did to show good manners today.

We call ours the ‘Random Acts of Manners’ list. It turns into a fun game the entire family participates in.

Set a goal and turn it into a contest for getting to a certain amount of good manners logged in for the end of the week or month. If the goal gets hit, maybe the family does a movie night or goes to the kids favorite restaurant.

Kids love challenges. There doesn’t even need to be a prize. Just the idea that there is a goal to hit will have your kids looking for opportunities to show good manners.

4: Do stuff together. The more time we spend with our kids, the bigger influence we’ll have on them.

Look for things they do that show good manners and point it out. Be a good finder and help them to be one too!

When they do something showing bad manners, ask them how they can show better manners.

As we teach this in the martial arts school through our character education program called Powerful Words, we explain, expect but don’t lecture. We explain our expectations and then allow them to rise to the occasion.

5: Be the change in the world you want to see. This is the hardest part by all means.

This simply means that you have to walk the walk. Children most certainly learn more from our actions than they do by our words. You must be the example to your child.

If your behavior is incongruent with the desired behavior, any lesson you teach is undermined. You cannot teach kids to do as I say not as I do. They will build norms and values based EXACTLY on what they SEE you do and do not.

We constantly must be mindful about everything we say and do in front of kids. If I scream at a telemarketer and hang up on them, what lesson did I just teach my daughter? If I become irate when someone cuts me off on the highway and yell obscenities at the other driver, what will my child learn.

Practice these five methods for building better manners and you will see your children’s manners blossom.

Mike Brooks is co-owner of Zandri’s Martial Arts in Brookfield CT and a highly sought after success coach. Zandri’s Martial Arts, found at, is the Greater Danbury, Connecticut areas premiere martial arts school and character education academy. They have programs for ages 3 to adult.

Article Source:

Members of the State of Connecticut Legislature discuss merits of the Connecticut Pardon Team, Inc.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Question by The Glorious S.O.B.: Do countries have different types of seasons?
Pardon me 4 oversimplifying the question, but what I mean is which countries have the standard four seasons & which countries define their seasons by how often it rains or something. Certainly, a place like Connecticut would have the typical four seasons. Here in Bakersfield, we just have one really long hot summer, & a bleak & rainy (if not foggy) winter. What would the seasons be like in the tropical areas like Hawaii, Caribbean, or Southeast Asia? I think the Caribbean defines their season by the hurricanes; I do believe hurricane season has ended this month. I could use some 411 on what the seasons are like in your neck of the woods if you’re willing 2 respond.

Best answer:

Answer by Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
it depends on the location becouse that changes the amount of sunlight

Add your own answer in the comments!
Connecticut's OpSail Head Says Rhode Islanders Should Cross the
OpSail in Connecticut is the last in a series of port visits organized by Operation Sail, in conjunction with … Pardon us if we feel New London is a friendlier city. 4.
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How to Get a Criminal Record Background Check – 2 Main Ways

Wondering how to get a criminal record background check? Do you really need to do that? Well, the answer is a definite yes. This is a way to protect yourself. If you don’t bother to protect your own interest, nobody will help you. Conducting a criminal record background check is especially important if you are an employer. Of course, this is not going to be fool proof. Just because a person has not committed a crime before doesn’t mean he or she will not do that in the future.

However, if a person has embezzled a company’s fund before, you may want to think twice before hiring him or her. That is why it is so important to conduct a criminal record background check before hiring a person. If you are hiring a nanny to take care of your children, you should also conduct a background check on her. You want to know if she has any history of violence. This is necessary in order to protect your child from any potential harm.

Of course, the purpose of this article is not to ask you to discriminate against people who have committed crimes before. Most people are kind by nature. Just because they committed crime before doesn’t mean they are bad people. They should be given a chance.

The type of people you should be wary of are those people who are trying to hide their past deeds from you. Some do it simply because they are embarrassed about their past. But there are others who do so with malicious intent. So be careful!

There are 2 ways to conduct a criminal record background check.

The first way is to hire a private investigator. This can be a very expensive option.

The second way is to use public record services available online. This is a much cheaper option. However, there are many public record services online. Not every service provide criminal records. Make sure you choose the right service.

All you need is the First Name and Last Name of the person you are investigating.

Click the Link Below to begin searching. (For all US States)

If you are specifically searching for Florida result, click the link below instead.

Florida Background Check

Article Source:

Question by sangamania: How do you get a criminal record check on yourself overseas?
I am in South Korea and I need to obtain a Criminal Record Check on myself in order to apply for jobs here.

Any tips?

Best answer:

Answer by Chris
With oyur Social Security number you can thide anything .You have no privacy because you most private information will be exposed .I am sorry to tell you this …You have to have atleast $ 50,000 to $ 60,000 to get a new identity .

Give your answer to this question below!
Background checks proposed for youth coaches
If approved, the department will require criminal background checks for anyone over 18 wishing to serve as a board member, league director, head coach or any coach who will be alone with players or responsible for a team during a game or practice.
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Broken records: How America’s faulty background check system allows criminals to get guns

Broken records: How America's faulty background check system allows criminals to get guns

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[wpramareviews asin=”B0006RU9VW”] If you are looking to do a criminal check on someone’s background, then this video will help you understand if a criminal background check can be done for free online or not. what is best criminal background check company criminal background checks + online…
Video Rating: 1 / 5

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