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All Year Christmas Season Offers Many Benefits for Global Peace

Article by Hans Neukomm

Christmas is about forgiveness and reconciliation

In a time of increased readiness to forgive, we need to learn to accept such opportunity as a gift of love from God and extend our Christmas season as long as possible. The longer we maintain open hearts, the more healing and reconciliation can take place in our global society. Jesus and Christmas time is a gift of love from God to all planet. To Christians as much as to all members of any other religion or to all those without any belief or religion at all. Christmas is for all, young or old, female or male, any race and all cultures.

If people are able to create a loving heart ready to forgive, to reconcile and to leave others in peace for a few weeks a year, then the very same attitude and efforts could be expanded across the full 12 months. Christmas all year long.

Christmas is in the hearts of all

Christmas is in the hearts of people. The heart controls mind. A loving heart always is stronger than the mind. Like all other things in life we are learning, we also can learn step by step to expand our love from a single month to a few weeks earlier and a few weeks past Christmas calendar dates. Every year we can expand our Christmas season a few weeks more, then a few months more, until we have reached our goal and enjoy Christmas love all year long.

Besides the idea of “Christmas” as a season of gifts, love and joy in the hearts and entire life of hundreds of Millions on earth, we also can trigger our Christmas mood by the many aspects of Christmas traditions to open our hears for a loving reconciling Christmas attitude.

Many ways to trigger healing Christmas love

The following points all may trigger more or less a full Christmas mood in Christmas lovers:

Decoration in the house as well as in public areasMusic and Christmas carolsCandlesChristmas tree indoor or outdoorCookies or any of the typical Christmas spices in cookies such as cinnamon, i.e. the fragrance of Christmas related bakeryChristmas cards and Holidays wallpapersReading Christmas stories in books on Santa and HolidaysViewing Holidays movies any time of the yearThe activity of Christmas preparation with mind and heart focused on Holidays season to come soon

All these and many more situations or activities in life connect our heart and soul with the Christmas spirit and start to open our hearts for God’s love and for an increased flow of love toward all world. All we needed to to is to take more time for God and Love and have more time for all the love.needy ones in our society, in our direct neighborhood.

The more Christmas love flows, the more healing occurs

If we wait for others to start the practice of Christmas love all year, then we may wait another many thousands of years or longer. Our own happiness depends entirely on our own willingness and efforts to practice a full Christmas pardon and love all from the very bottom of our own hearts and souls.

Christmas is all about Love! Jesus as the teacher of love came from God to remind us all of the importance to reconcile and reunite as one single family of love, God’s family of love.

Hans Neukomm is a born farmer son, creator and publisher of the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love with a large collection of Christmas messages on Christmas love and beautiful free Christmas wallpapers.

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Breast Augmentation Recovery Experience ~ Almost a Year Later

Article by Terrye Tebbetts

It never ceases to amaze me how something so simple and something so often perceived as trivial and vane can produce such lovely enhancements (pardon the pun) to a patient’s life. I often find myself telling patients, when they are raving about their new breasts the day after surgery, to just wait and see – wait and tell me what they feel like and how they feel about their new additions at 3 months, 6 months and even later after your surgery date – – it really does just keep getting better and your breast implants begin to feel more like part of you as time goes by. Here’s a note I just got from a patient who is almost one year post op from her breast augmentation recovery in Dallas.


My husband and I want to just say hi to you and Dr. Tebbetts, let you know how extremely pleased we both are with my BA results, and to thank you again profusely. After my bout of chest rash cleared up this spring (which freaked me out there for a while) I’ve had no concerns and only joys with my BA results (surgery date was last November).

My breast augmentation results continue to amaze us! Dr. Tebbetts sized me PERFECTLY. Even though the implants were 240 cc (I think), I can’t imagine having any bigger breasts! I am extremely satisfied with them –they look perfect for me. Sometimes I feel a twinge of guilt about having them this big. They actually are big to me!

It’s incredible how my self consciousness about having been flat-chested has vanished–its amazing to me that that’s even possible after so many years of my chest drawing negative attention (believe me, that’s no exaggeration). It’s amazing just to feel normal, appear normal and BE normal, even in a bathing suit (especially in a bathing suit).

I have only informed my daughter, physician and one close friend about my BA. I am SOOOO glad I didn’t disclose to others, because no one’s been the wiser. But I think most people’s perception of appearance generally “adjusts” to a new norm. over time (or something like that). People seem to have “adjusted” to my appearance, without putting their finger on my BA. I am very glad for that–it had been a worry, turns out was needless. I could probably have gotten away without telling anyone except my doctor. I am not at all ashamed about having had plastic surgery. Its just that I am a modest person and this really is my own business that I wish to keep private — I’m so glad that has been truly possible, too.

I may be 51 now (gulp!) but I (thankfully) remain as active as ever with my new breasts, just like a natural part of me. They feel “incorporated”– truly my own!

At some point in the next year or so I hope to make a follow up appointment with you. We’d love to revisit breast augmentation Dallas surgeon Dr. Tebbetts, and I imagine it is gratifying to be able to observe your brilliant outcomes first hand. I remain extremely grateful to be among them.

About the Author: Terrye Tebbetts is one of the most knowledgeable women in the world about breast implants, with 27 years of experience educating patients and 11 years as a patient herself. For more information about breast implants or breast augmentation Dallas surgeons, please visit

Love and Blessings for Noel and New Year for More Happiness Among All Mankind

Article by Hans Neukomm

God is Love and always was Love. Humanity is made to the image of God, thus humankind is made to love all even as God does. Christmastime is a unequaled yearly opportunity to re start all families relationship based on real love by forgiving all and reconciling with all.

Social peace of mind and satisfaction commences within every person first, then spreads out to your mate and family unit into your local community . If all year long you focus to improve your own inner peace and heal your love relationship with your God given partner on earth, then you improve your love and happiness in your own life. Your own life is all you really can impact all by yourself. However as you progress in your own inner efforts to be progressively loving, your growth of purity of passion spreads out as a positive and most potent example into your entire vicinity.

Hence your own personal endeavors to improve your individual love potential becomes a convinced example for others to adopt without you having to educate. Everyone on earth wants to be loved and to be in a happy human relationship. Most however have lost the ability and skills to love and to reach solutions by means of honest godlike passion only.

As offspring of God, made by Supreme Being, we all have a divine right to be different from one another. Trillions of beings are made by God, all can be different and yet all can be loving at the same time. Thus it is of no importance to teach others to be like you are, just to be a loving example how you conduct your own life in a fully loving way, your way guided by God.

The Year ends for most better than the season before. Advancement is natural in all aspects of living, comfort, education, passion and human relationship as much as running a business or governments. Progress however never may be reached at the cost of nature, social peace of mind or our all wellness and felicity. Human well being and holistic wellness always shall be endlessly more significant than any engineering science. All eternal life is about Supreme Being and Passion, about making happy and being happy. To make happy we need no engineering but moments to love and a spouse and family unit with allies to render our love to.

If a season ends less pleasant than the year before, then it just means you still have made very significant errors or neglected to advance, or you simply followed the incorrect teachings, a bad way or neglected to conform to given directions exactly and in full.

All creation always progresses even if once in a while of war it is hard to belief that mankind progresses in the least. If we look at the very items we see a divergence from our the present day demeanor compared to 2000 years ago. 2000 + years ago people have been crucified and left at the cross for several days to decease slowly. Now we wipe out people in seconds or days in more sophisticated methods. That is our advancement we made in some 2000 years.

Christmas time is a opportunity to examine our ways to resolve our own troubles in life. Do we love as much as we are able to. Do we make resolutions of love in place of resolutions of warfare and lawsuits. Christmas presents are meant to produce joy of life and instant durable enjoyment, hence true Christmas presents are gifts of love from the bottom of your heart. A full Christmas forgiveness may the only measure needed for a wholly new loving time to come in enjoyment. To present a full Christmas forgiveness, to forgive all, is for free, yet you will need to completely give up your full ego. To discharge your ego is as easy as to drop down your cloths. A thing of seconds, with permanent outcomes for eternity.

The sacred talent of passion is an eternal talent of passion put into your heart like a seed. Dozens of millions of humans worldwide are modifying in their hearts during weeks of pre-Christmas time and find their peak ability of passion on Christmas nights and Christmas days. Millions have acquired and experienced more passion these past days than any year ever in your life. But what is particular during these days to give all of you this very particular force of love, the power to pardon, the ability to make others happy, ability to unite the loved one on his or her path of loving life? Love is the highest of all powers above all else. Divine love can heal and dissolve all.

Hans Neukomm is a born farmer son, creator and publisher of the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love with a compendium of teachings on God’s Christmas love and the benefits of an extended Christmas time to enjoy more healing of our global society until we are one family of love again. A website entirely dedicated to solutions of love and teachings of love with a large Christmas Message collerction to establish peace, love and harmony among all mankind on earth. Enjoy beautiful free calendars to remind you of God’s love all year long.

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One year millionaire-i did it check it out

Article by Joshua Sullivan

Keep on time, Forbes reported with the intention of here were 691 billionaires happening the planet. India had 61,000 millionaires. Happening 2003, 1,400 population for every daylight were in keeping millionaires. With the intention of figure is thumbs down doubt significantly privileged happening 2006, and there’s thumbs down grounds why you shouldn’t take place then.

Happening the establishment, it’s dutiful with the intention of you take part in to sort sacrifices. Happening guide Magazine, Donald Trump listed the top ten ways to think like a billionaire. Round about of these were: Don’t take vacations and don’t snooze in the least other than you take part in to. So, of course, happening the establishment, here want take place sacrifices. But think with reference to it. If you snooze ten hours, how can you compete in opposition to population who snooze merely four hours? If you choose to develop into an internet millionaire, you sort out I beg your pardon? Is vital.

That’s upright – you obligation take place willing to sort out whatever it takes happening the establishment. If you sort out, you want take place content by sufficient money and while to presently relax and take pleasure in the things you’ve constantly wanted to sort out.

Thumbs down Regrets

Single of the things with the intention of altered my life was my paper route as soon as I was a moment ago 12 years old. I grew up happening Ohio, and my parents told me if I wanted to wear the newest clothes and shoes, I would take part in to earn the money in favor of myself. My keep on hinder on my paper route was an assisted living feature in favor of the elderly. I talked with the residents, and they repeatedly articulated regret with reference to I beg your pardon? They hadn’t finished happening their lives. They were stopped by be terrified of, and they lamented their lost opportunities.

I made a secure to myself in that case and here with the intention of I would in no way tip up like these population. I firm to live my life devoid of regret. Thumbs down “woulda coulda shoulda” in favor of me! If you hinder in favor of a second and think with reference to the things happening the elapsed with the intention of you may possibly take part in finished, you’ll thumbs down doubt realize with the intention of it was be terrified of with the intention of stopped you.

I a moment ago bowed 28 years old, and if I wanted to, I may possibly retire in favor of the have a rest of my life upright straight away. Happening the establishment, I would sort out no matter which with the intention of was vital. I in no way consent to an opportunity pass me by. I would run away across the population by the side of the keep on small, and happening the process, I met amazing population who every gave me a nugget of in order with the intention of allows me to take place everywhere I am straight away. And I don’t regret a single single of the sacrifices I made.

Think with reference to volcanologists. As soon as a volcano erupts, they take part in to take place prepare to jerk on a hydroplane and run away to the volcano so with the intention of they can study it. It could take place a lengthy while previous to an additional volcano erupts, so they take part in to take their unplanned while they can. An internet millionaire is much like a volcanologist. They come to mind while the iron is sizzling and in no way forget an internet opportunity.

Powerful Questions

Internet millionaires ask questions with the intention of start with “what” and “how” – “what can I sort out?” otherwise “how can I sort with the intention of materialize?” They in no way start their questions with “why” since persons questions are a unused of while. You’ll think about it amazing results as soon as you start all of your questions with “what” otherwise “how.” a moment ago these two terms can loose change the outcome of many things in favor of you. Try it – you’ll take place surprised!

Here are as well two artifice terms with the intention of internet millionaires make use of, and they’re as well very powerful: Monetize and systematize. Ask physically, “How can I systematize this?” otherwise “How can I monetize this?” If you can’t monetize it, in that case consent to it die, and move on to the then point.

In favor of exemplar, you take part in lots of population who take part in subscribed to your lists. Straight away, how can you systematize it? Is the answer an FAQ autoresponder? You obligation ask physically the “what” otherwise “how” question happening order to discover the answer to monetizing and systematizing your internet affair.

You can as well ask physically – I beg your pardon? Would Henry Ford otherwise proposal Gates sort out happening this position? Don’t separate physically from Henry and proposal. They’re thumbs down other special than you, and if you’re willing to sort out I beg your pardon? It takes, you can sort out it, too!Become a millionaire next year learn how now

About the Author

Research is the key

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Have You lived Even One Year During Your Life-Span On Earth?

national pardon
by webzer

Article by Gary Zalben

How many of you can say you have even lived at least one year so far in your lifespan no matter what your age. If we theorize a lifetime of seventy-five years, lets assume its safe to say that thirty-seven of those years are spent in sleep, seeking bodily comforts and eating. Another eighteen years are committed to making a living and keeping the wolf from your door. Of the remaining twenty or so years it is not uncommon for those householders to waist two-thirds of that precious time in fruit-less activities, fraternizing, indulging in idle or frivolous pursuits and gossiping. Only eight or ten years of our lifetime may be left; how many do you think use that time to seek or think of God? Do you think a few minutes that are left in the evening which are meagerly set-aside to parrot up the Lord’s Prayer or ask for some desired advantage, act of grace or favor while the mind is desiring to sleep and longing to get this obligatory moment of devotion finished with as soon as possible is time spent really living? Oh Lord, could you please take care of my family and me; I do now have to go to sleep. Those few moments of time with God is practically nil. Yet these same people expect to at the time of their death to enter the everlasting heavenly life in the kingdom of God. Good luck.

The rigidly unconvinced sense-oriented body-identified person is unwilling to forgo his known pleasure for the hidden joy of spirit. Before man is ready to use his free will to desire God over everything else, he must undergo many learning experiences. The schoolhouse called earth will in the meantime be the teacher until he passes all examinations in how to discriminate and decide between the liberating examples of God or the delusive examples of delusion.

Just as the physically deceased are dead the spiritually dead are just as dead and don’t know it. The physically dead who have crossed over the abyss of death while losing their physical forms and lives can not awaken themselves to the truth-teachings of the prophets. The spiritually dead are to be more pitied than the physically dead. The master tells us the spiritually dead can hardly be pardoned or excused for making themselves deliberately comatose to the emancipating truth and life-giving message brought to them by the prophets.

Man’s days are fraught with life’s terrible uncertainties and one never knows when disease, financial failure, accident or other disaster may strike. In every person’s life sooner or later a time happens when a contact with that Higher Authority becomes necessary then all of a sudden and with the greatest urgency painful desperation brings him to his knees to worshipful devotion. What is the fate for this so-called too busy man who cannot bring himself to set aside even fifteen or twenty minutes to meditate out of the twenty-four hour day-even until death who with foolish pursuits is trying to satisfy unsatisfactory desires.Such people should remember weekly to at least make their best effort in a place of worship to commune with God, but not merely dragging the body to church or services while the mind and heart are busy recycling the worries of the week, but with attentive sincerity giving one’s devotion to God with a quiet mind and a calm body.

With those who exclaim “I don’t have the time” but are able to arrange unlimited activities for themselves throughout the day and night but don’t have a few minutes for God should reevaluate their busyness. These people are not dealing with a scheduling conflict or a lack of time, but are suffering from an addiction to restlessness a spiritual disease where they try frantically to alleviate that bare restlessness by self-indulging in further restlessness trying to occupy themselves with worthless diversions to distract themselves mentally from their troubles to tolerate getting through the day. When one is really alive one is conscious of God, he is really living. Otherwise the body is a tomb that encases the soul and buried as if dead awaiting resurrection. Do you want proof? Read the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda, a spiritual classic, which explains this in detail.

The great masters and yogis are souls walking with a body (aware of their divine nature) and we are bodies walking with a soul. That makes a world of difference in the kind of perception we have around us. Those who follow the wise guidance of a spiritual master or prophet are compared to sheep that innocently, humbly, obediently and with great faith follow their guide with these sheepish qualities without their animal stupidity!

The spiritual master Paramahansa Yogananda tells us that there are two kinds of people in the world, those who meditate and seek a higher state of consciousnesses and those who do not. If you do not you will never be satisfied with the world. Those who keep themselves identified with the demands and comfort of the body, and who are reluctant to make the required spiritual labor in the struggle to sit and meditate, will eventually find at the end of life that the transitory happiness they sought after to defend and protect will be without realization and without riches left to them from worldly activities. Don’t be intimidated by the required effort and consequently give up and lose the great victory of conquering wrong habits and mental deficiencies.

It is why humanity is suffering from spiritual malnutrition. Millions of people in all countries are experiencing physical starvation, and millions more are suffering from spiritual starvation. America and other Western nations are the most well-off starving countries in the world. People are bewildered and have no understanding of the real meaning of life. They are unhappy and discontented because they don’t know the goal of life is to know truth. Read the article The Master Says “This Is The Fate For Those Who Do Not Meditate.”

About the Author

This article copyright 2009-Author: Gary Zalben. You may reprint this article as long as the source is kept intact. For more information about the author and self-improvement writings see

About the Author Gary Zalben – Original Author, Book titled: How to Sell a Dead Horse

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