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Take Two of these and call me in the morning

how do i get a pardon
by JStove

Article by Catherine DeMarco

Doctors. Nurses. Doctors offices. Labs. Testing sites. I like to think of all of these things as necessary evils on the road to healthy living. If you are like me and have a chronic illness (as well as some uncertain things wrong) you need to go the doctor… a lot. Even if you don’t have a disease (that you know of…) you still need to visit the doctor sometimes, for a checkup or when you get sick, however often that is.

I realize that going to the doctor and having the required tests and following the doctors orders are a requirement for my new healthy lifestyle, but I absolutely hate it. I hate waiting rooms. I hate the girls who work in doctors offices. I hate the nurses (no offense, it is nothing personal). I hate the exam rooms. I hate the needles. I hate the tests. I hate the doctors and I hate the endless appointments.

Some of this is simply my curmudgeonly self and my hatred of all things healthy right now, but some of my hatred for doctors is warranted. Why is it that doctors don’t listen? Why do you have to wait for them forever and then be rushed through your time with them? Why do they dismiss any and all remedies that aren’t pharmaceutical or surgical? Why do they send you to a million specialists? Why can’t they say “I don’t know”? (is there a rule against that phrase, do they sign an oath in medical school)

Why do they think you can’t possibly know anything about what is wrong with you but they do? God forbid you should listen to the person who is experiencing the symptoms.

People, go to the doctor prepared. Make lists. Write down your medications. Write down your symptoms. Write down your questions. When you leave and you have more, write them down and call the office with them. You deserve the best possible care but you have to advocate for it.

I want a doctor who is going to treat my whole self. A doctor who pays attention to all my symptoms, illnesses and complaints. A doctor who collects results from all the tests. A doctor who doesn’t just keep sending me to someone else to deal with each body part. I want a doctor (hold on to your hats for this one…) who understands the link between mind and body and might actually be willing to treat both. GASP! What am I thinking? How dare I want a doctor who pays attention to the interaction of my parts and symptoms! How dare I want a doctor who knows who I am!

This week alone I have 5 appointments for treatments with one doctor, an appointment for blood tests, plus appointments with 4 other doctors for various concerns.

In the end I’m sure it is all connected, but apparently I need to have my various parts examined separately before they can figure it out. I guess they believe the whole really is equal to the sum of its parts. If they can figure out each of the parts they can figure out the whole. Pardon me, if that seems a little backward.

About the Author

Catherine is a middle school social studies teacher from New York, who lives in Florida. She loves to write about whatever is on her mind!

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