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Tell me what shoes you wear and I will tell you who you are

Article by Francesca Tessarollo

It is true that you should not judge a book by its cover, but in many cases the way you dress, and the shoes you wear, can tell others something of you.Flat shoes, sneakers, boots or high heels? Which are the shoes that you prefer and that you like to wear? Answering to this question you do not only reveal something of your style and look, but also of the way you are. Because it is true that you should not judge a book by its cover, but it is also true that clothes can be considered as means of expression that you can use to reveal your personality. And when we speak about women clothes, a special mention is due to shoes, the object of desire of all women. The models of shoes are numberless, and if women appreciate these accessories so much it is also because shoes give them the possibility to use their imagination and personalize their look. Tell me what shoes you wear and I will tell you who you are! Generalizations should obviously be always avoided, but let the girl or woman who has never looked at the shoes – and not only at the physical appearance – of a person she has just met or of a guy who she might like cast the first stone. Because a stylish woman would probably be horrified by a pair of flip-flops worn at night, while a young and sporty girl might be stunned by a pair of sneakers. It is self-evident that this is not enough to understand a person, but you cannot deny that the first impression that a person makes also depends on his/her look. Are you not persuaded yet? Just think about your female friends, colleagues or acquaintances, and try to connect the personality of each one to the shoes she wears. You will probably find out some connections between a type of shoes and a type of person; certainly people cannot be classified as you could do with shoes, still it is possible to find some similarities between people wearing the same type of shoes. The girl who always wears elegant shoes, for example, might be a romantic woman having a sort of old style idea of femininity, a woman that tries to be always tidy to feel at ease in all occasion; then there is the girl who always wears running shoes – although she does not run -conveying the message “Appearances are not important to me”; then there is a special type of sneakers, which are worn by the girls – and boys as well – who want people to know that they are “alternative” – whatever this word might mean -, that they escape from commercial music and that they love rock concerts; then the woman with stiletto heels, maybe a bit aggressive, often self-confident and confident with her femininity. Also the woman who wears flat shoes probably wants to express her femininity, perhaps in a less striking way: with flat but elegant shoes she makes the impression of being a person that does not really want to be noticed, without giving up her femininity. On the contrary a tacky woman will most probably express her personality through tacky shoes. And in general we can say that a woman that wears very coloured or weird shoes will probably be a person that does not like conventions, vice versa the women who follow fashions in a slavish way without trying to do something personal might be people with standardized thoughts and style. Well, do you see yourself in one of these types of shoes, pardon, of woman?

About the Author

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with help from stivali donna. For more information please visit calzature donna or scarpe ballo.

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