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Terrorism 101, Semester One

Article by Gene Lalor

Having the Obamians in charge of the America’s security is like a teacher appointing the wimpiest kid in a class full of rowdies to take names during the teacher’s brief absence. The kid will be lucky to escape with a bloody nose and a broken limb or two.

So will we.

When the boss man refuses to acknowledge that there’s a worldwide war in progress with Islamic jihadists pitted against Western civilization, with the United States designated as the epicenter for another Ground Zero, there’s not much hope for the good guys.

(Note to the Obamians: We are the good guys!)

To be fair, on Thursday, with his back up against the obvious, the president did finally say, “We are at war, we are at war against al Qaeda.” As CNS added, that was “a departure from the administration’s move in 2009 to discontinue the phrase ‘Global War on Terrorism’ from U.S. policy:” http://bit.ly/8hKF39

So, the new policy simply materialized as a result of Umar Farouk Abdulmutellab’s flubbed Muslim present to Americans on Christmas Day, whereas Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan murdering 12 and wounding 30 at Fort Hood while screaming, “Alahu Akbar” is still untrelated to al Qaeda?

Pardon me, Mr. President, but that doesn’t make any sense and if it does in your mind, why didn’t you connect the Fort Hood dot with the NWA dot when you declared this war which has been going on for years?

I repeat, the boss man refuses to acknowledge that there’s a worldwide war in progress with Islamic jihadists.

I guess this is the best we can expect when the wimps run things. With all the talk about “connecting the dots” lately, precious few dots are being connected. That’s surprising since we have a very adept and qualified leader in charge of America’s homeland security.


I refer, of course, to Ms. Janet Napolitano and I’m assuming her adeptness and qulifications for, surely, no president would nominate nor would any senate confirm any individual to such a critical post in such a critical time anyone but an eminently qualified candidate.

And maybe not.

Former United States Attorney for Arizona, Arizona attorney general and governor for 6 years, her biggest claims to fame are defending Anita Hill and vetoing more bills than any governor in Arizona history.

As for matters of security and issues of national defense, her background and experience are the equivalent of Barack Obama’s, meaning zilch. That may be the reason he picked her as head honchette at DHS so he could always point to her as being even less qualified than he.

And she hasn’t disappointed.

Classic over-achiever Napolitano, who bears a striking resemblance to the equally dykey Janet Reno which makes her scary enough, fumbled the underwear bomber ball then, to make things worse, she picked it up and ran with it toward the opponent’s goal line.

Her response(s) of “the system worked”/”the system failed miserably,” almost in the same breath, betwixt which she voiced her studied opinion that Abdulmutallab’s effort to blow up an American airliner was a “fluke” and had no connection with al Qaeda, were exceptional in their stupidity.

She got the “failed miserably” part correct but one for three is only commendable for hitters in baseball. For nation-protectors, it sucks.


Not to fear, though, Janet, you had plenty of administration company in the sucks department although all had excuses: It was a national holiday!


. The Commander-in-Chief was vacationing, again, this time in the Aloha State and, as he said a week later, we are “at war against al-Qaeda.” However, in order to assuage any public trepidations and indicate no emergency, no sweat he stayed holed up in his 00 a night Hawaiian getaway for 3 days before sticking his head out. His clear purpose was to calm any war fears on the mainland.

. CIA Director Leon Panetta, the guy in charge of snooping and spying abroad in order to keep the nation safe, was keeping himself safe and comfy way out in Monterey, 3000 miles from CIA H.Q. No doubt due to heavy air traffic, it took him a week to get back to Langley. “He has the ability to communicate instantly and securely with anyone he needs to be in touch with,” a CIA spokesman said: http://bit.ly/86H4jK. There was no word on whether he did so communicate.

. National Counter Terrorism Center chief Michael Leiter went off on a skiing trip immediately following the foiled attack. The NCTC, declared “the primary agency at fault” in the attack by the White House, missed every Abdulmutellab red flag flying. No problemo. Leiter assured John Brennan, “top counterterror adviser” to Obama, that his deputies could handle everything and Brennan wished him a good trip: http://bit.ly/7lmIdn. Hey, it was already scheduled!

This is one helluva way to conduct a war!

Things get worse in Terrorism 101, Semester Two.

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