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The Benefits of Expungement

After facing a criminal charge, many individuals would like to simply forget that their criminal and legal problem had even occurred. While the time that you may have spent in jail and away from loved ones can not be erased, your criminal record can. If you would like to have your criminal record kept out of the sight of the public, consider having your record expunged.

Expungement refers to the act of having your criminal record erased from public view by having it sealed or destroyed. Expungement has many benefits, including:

Protection of Your Reputation

Your reputation is important to you and you take pride in maintaining a certain image to the public. Having your criminal record sealed or destroyed will allow you to continue to develop and protect your reputation as you move past your criminal past and try to start a new life.

Qualify for Better Jobs

After the expungement of your criminal record, you have the right to deny any criminal acts or convictions in the past. Typically, all job applications include the question, ” Have you ever committed a felony?” Although it is never said, the admittance of a past criminal offense usually results in the automatic denial of employment by most employers.

Apply for a State License

Having your criminal record expunged does not allow you to deny past criminal offenses when applying for a state license, however, having your record expunged does show the board of licensing that you are committed to turning over a new leaf. If you have your record expunged before you apply for your license, your application will work itself through the licensing board much more easily than someone who has not taken the time and effort to clean up (and destroy) their criminal past.

Join an Organization

The expungement of your criminal record will also allow you to join a professional organization. Some organizations require background checks for their members and organization officials. Having your record expunged will allow you to be accepted in a professional organization and will give you the ability to network for future career opportunities.

If you would like to learn more about having your criminal record expunged, contact a skilled expungement attorney immediately. An experienced expungement lawyer is committed to helping you free yourself from the burden of your criminal record. Contact an expungement attorney [] today to learn more about your legal options.

Joseph Devine

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Clear or Expunge your Criminal Record. Los Angeles Expungement Lawyer David Diamond
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Question by Ted L: Is expungement of a 4th degree felony charge possible in New Mexico?
The nature of the offense is was bomb scare . I’ve been placed on a preprosecution diversion program. Is it possible to have it removed from criminal record?

Best answer:

Answer by Nightrider
Hello Ted.

Expungement of a felony is highly state/crime specific but certain other factors are standard.

Only a first time felony can be expunged. If you have two or more numbers, you are stuck with them for life.

Only certain felonies can be expunged. (This is the state/crime specs I referred to). Each state has it’s own list of what is allowed/not allowed.

Time elements apply here also. Most states demand 5 years free and clear of all legal encumbrances (with some states demanding 7 years).

Best advice on this scenario would be to consult with an attorney in the jurisdiction of the arrest/conviction. They can tell you if you qualify for expungement. From what I am reading from your question, it appears that this is a current event that you are still involved within. You can still inquire about setting the actions in place when the time element has been satisfied.

Since this is a legal issue, unless you are well versed in the system, you can retain the attorney to draw up your petition and submit it to the court in your behalf.

Best of luck and I hope this can be useful to you

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2 Responses to “The Benefits of Expungement”

  • chrisbrownkck:

    i love this guy, im grateful for lawyers like you im glad that you understand that people make mistakes…. im trying to start me a private security business, but i cant because i got an misdemeanor charge for having a bb gun at the lake when i was 18, and im 21 now. it sucks. I didnt know it was illegal to have a bb gun at the park, but im going to pay this lawyer here in kansas $300 to get it expunged… NICE VIDEO BY THE WAY

  • ExpungementReform:

    Google Expungement Reform

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