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THE BIG O: How She Can Have Her Greatest Orgasm

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Article by Kate Falken

“How can I achieve greater orgasms?”

When it comes to sex few things are more awe-inspiring than seeing a woman in the throws of a deep, powerful and intense orgasm. For a brief moment in time her romantic fantasies become manifest as her body is flooded with feelings, sensations and all manner of interesting hormones, endorphines all designed to turn our lovely paramour into a sexually satisfied little puddle of happiness. This is how its supposed to be in a perfect world, But…

Sometimes things do not happen exactly the way they are supposed to. In fact more often then either men, or women would like, the story ends much differently.

For many people having an orgasm can seem like an almost impossible task, in truth as powerful as the female orgasm can be, it is also many times one of the most elusive sexual experiences for some women; and equally (well almost) frustrating for men.

Many Women often report having difficulty in achieving a satisfying orgasm (the statistics indicate that these women may actually be in the majority) and when they do, it is often a disappointing and (if you will pardon the pun) an anti-climactic experience.

Even worse,others say that it is not always possible for them to actually have an orgasm. Well my friends there is hope. Orgasm does not have to be some mysterious elusive thing. There are ways to experience very powerul orgasms – it just takes the right information, the right sexual skills and a little bit of practice.

Here, from the best selling HOW TO HAVE THE BEST SEX OF YOUR LIFE are the pitfalls you must avoid:

Pitfall # 1 – Trying too hard…

This is easily one of the biggest reasons women fail to reach orgasm.

Puttng too much pressure on yourself to have an orgasm is one of the fastest ways to insure you DON’T have an orgasm. When your mind starts to focus too hard on having an orgasm you start to generate more stress and physical tension in the body not to mention your mind.

Studies have shown that women must have a high degree of relaxation in order to achieve orgasm…

…woman must also be physically aroused (i.e. excited) in order to have an orgasm as well. Both do happen but to explain it fully would take up too much space.

Don’t focus too hard on having an orgasm. When your mind becomes fixated on the goal of achieving orgasm, your chances of actually reaching this sexual peak can diminish significantly.

Sex is a wonderful activity that you should enjoy free of inhibitions and nagging thoughts. Instead, focus on the wonderful sensations in your body. Fully immerse yourself in the incedible feelings. vividly fantasize about your partner and how his/her body connects with your own. Allow yourself to be totally in the moment.

The more you are able to let go and simply enjoy the act, the better your sex will be.

Pitfall # 2 Lack of Sexual Arousal Caused By Inadequate Foreplay!

If you are struggling with achieving a powerful orgasm for yourself, it may also be because you are not getting enough foreplay. Lets face it ladies, most men can be ready for penetration at the drop of a hat but for women you have to build those sexual fires with the right kind of fuel in order to really get cooking.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that as men become more and more sexually excited they also tend to reduce the amount of time they spend on foreplay in their rush to get to the main event.

Above all else remember sex is supposed to be fun for you and your partner.

If you find yourself not having fun and being constantly worried or anxious your chances of orgasm are practically nil.

Trying to achieve orgasm while worrying about whether or not you will have one is like trying to run west in order to see the sun rise.

Your most likley not going to get there and if you do, it will take a very long time and probably NOT be worth the amount of energy you invested to get there.

So take your time, enjoy the process, tease and please your lover, build up your sexual tension and arousal, stay in the moment and enjoy all of the many sensations your experiencing and you will be on the fast track to the most explosive, satisfying multi-orgasmic experience of your life!

To learn more, you’ve got to read HOW TO HAVE THE BEST SEX OF YOUR LIFE!

For more articles on psychology, dream-study, spirituality, sexuality and marriage therapy, including her popular “WHAT WOMEN WANT: Her Favorite Sexual Positions” see The GoArticles of Kathleen Falken

About the Author

Kathleen “Kate” Falken has been a marriage counselor and sex therapist for over 25 years. To read more about modern marriage therapy, see SAVE MY MARRIAGE TODAY!

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