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The Bitch asks: What’s in YOUR Attic?

government pardon
by lisby1

Article by Michael Knell

Well Darlings,

It may soon be time to raid the attic. Do you still have the catapults you had as a child? How about the wooden swords with which you were Robin Hood? Still got the metal dustbin lid? You might be needing them soon.

It seems that despite us being crucified by all the extra taxation we have to suffer today, there is not going to be enough money to support the brave lads and lasses in our armed forces. The Commons Defence Committee reckons the present demands on the MoD’s equipment budget are so great it might be impossible for them to cope even should they scale down or delay orders.

Things we may be losing to divert this crisis include: the Royal Navy’s two new aircraft carriers, and FRES – the Army’s Future Rapid Effects System, the new and much needed armoured vehicles. Also likely to be affected: the Nimrod MRA4 (desperately needed as there have been times lately when only one current Nimrod could fly, and that only by cannibalising the others), along with the Astute class submarine and the Type 45 destroyer – both essential to replace some of our out of date fleet, and key players in the future defence of this country.

Do you think Gordon Brown’s idea of a new Civil Defence, where unpaid members of the public can “do their duty”, might be as a result of any of this? The way things are going, never mind the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan where instead of food parcels we may soon be sending our troops wooden swords and dustbin lids, our home defence will be relying on a Dad’s Army.

With the National Health Service, our transport system, education, policing, and so many other things in such a terrible state today, falling apart around this government, where is all our taxpayers’ money going? As the population grows, and more people pay taxes, then the infrastructure already there and working should be costing us less and less to maintain even though the demands on it may increase proportionately – the very last thing it should be doing is finding it is unable to cope. Everything should automatically and quite expectedly be becoming better and better, but it is not. So that can only be as the result of some very bad management – and as it is the government that has increasingly controlled all these things for the past ten ten years or so, who but it can be blamed?

The ruination of this country – and it is now ruined – has come purely as a result of all this government encouraged control culture we have today, that born on the back of, and on the strength of, the politically correct brigade, warned about by so many, but suffered by the majority to whom as long as they were on that credit spree which camouflaged the true state of the economy, nothing else mattered. We now spend untold amounts of money – billions of pounds when it is all added up – on paying people to find new ways to control people, and then to do just that. There is practically nothing one can do today bar breathe (and one wonders how long before they get to that one!) which doesn’t require a whole load of bureaucratic idiots to first be consulted and then paid handsomely.

Everything is going wrong now simply because the machinery of government has become far too heavy for the public to bear. If you’ll pardon the expression: we have too many Chiefs, and not enough Indians!

Look at all the people and departments we have today who, after four hundred years, are attempting to stop the nation smoking tobacco. Think of what they are costing us. Consider too the amount, millions and millions of pounds, spent on the media advertising – and yet tobacco sales have hardly been dented. Could not all that money been better spent?

When one of our chief medical advisers has publicly stated: “a smoker still has to be extremely unlucky to contract cancer,” why are we doing it? Only because the figures add up on paper to some bureaucratic idiot. An idiot who doesn’t realise that at our end of days we all have to die of something. As we get to that time and our bodies are no longer able to sustain us, if we don’t smoke and die of cancer then we shall simply die of something else. It is a story that many pet owners could tell you – when the animals time has come it is put down because of respiratory, liver, kidney or any one of many other fatal conditions. If we were to only consider the number of cases where people have contracted lung cancer at an early age and died, as we should be, then smoking causing death falls a very long way down the list of things that kill us.

The nutcases are now talking of it becoming law that cigarettes must not be seen to be on sale at a tobacconists. It is ridiculous! Whilst little Johnny must be deterred from buying a packet of cigarettes at all costs in case he should become addicted to smoking and die in his old age from it, he can freely wander up and down aisle after aisle in any supermarket surrounded by cheap alcohol, all on show with its blatant cut-price advertising, and be tempted by something which could make him drunk enough to go out and kill someone that very same day. And that actually happens now – quite regularly! Haven’t we got our priorities wrong here?

Whilst no child should ever be encouraged to take up smoking, and all children should be educated about its dangers – along with those of many other pastimes, it does not require all the mass hysteria we are seeing today. There is undoubtedly an ulterior motive at work here.

When we read today that children’s cough mixtures are to be removed from sale, the public becomes alarmed. But millions upon millions of these remedies are bought every year and in the overwhelming majority of cases they do what they are supposed to and no harm befalls anyone. There have been only 5 “suspected” toddlers deaths from cough mixtures in the past 14 years – in percentage terms your eyes would fail you trying to count all the noughts after the decimal dot! – far more toddlers die in traffic accidents, so should we close down all our roads and ban vehicles?

An alarmed public is an easier public to convince and control. This is all about spin, and convincing people the government is looking after their interests. It is not. If it really wanted to do that then it would call for a General Election tomorrow!

But then, of course, un-elected many of the government’s politicians would lose out on all those perks we are only just hearing about!

“The Bitch!” 27/03/08.

About the Author

“The Bitch!”, a weekly UK News Review column, is hosted by the author and columnist Michael Knell. These articles appear on the Blackpool Gay Directory website, but are not usually specifically gay in content. More information on the author: and on the directory:

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