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The daughter of a Republican 19

Article by Jerry Como

“A penny for your thoughts, my dear.”

Jean looked up suddenly. Then she caught her father’s hand and drew him to her side.

“I have seen a death to-day, father–a death, a drunkard, loads of beer and whisky.”

“Crowley dead at last?”


“Poor girl. No doubt she is better off.”

“Yes, better off,” repeated Jean. “But, father, I have been thinking of the whirlwind. You know the Book that has voiced unerringly the stage play of the ages says destruction is coming as a whirlwind–as a whirlwind. Can you not catch its roaring under the bluster of silver and tariff and war? Do you never hear the mutterings of its power? Are there not signs of the coming whirlwind–signs unmistakable–roastings in the South and lynchings in the North, bloody strikes from east to west, deep-seated unrest among the nation’s laboring masses, and the steadily increasing cry of a multitude of suffering and helpless people writhing under the heel of the great iniquity? Couple the signs of the times, father, with an indisputable knowledge of corruption in politics, the inefficacy of the law because of the absolute power of rum and ‘boodle’ and the utter absence of any fixed moral principle in the dealings of the great majority of the old party leaders, and have we not an ‘issue’ that imperatively demands the attention of every loyal American?

“The more I think, the less I blame the laboring element for their dissatisfaction, bordering on madness at times. I feel that they have just cause to be alarmed. Am I a pessimist, father, or is there a cancer eating out the nation’s life?”

The young woman stood in the center of the room, erect and with arm extended. The lawyer was looking at her with a gleam of fatherly admiration; but as she closed the outburst with her question he grew grave and stroked his beard. The facts were not unfamiliar to him.

“I do wish,” he said thoughtfully, “that the laboring element would see that it is to their interests to stand by that party that promises them the most in the way of reform, instead of making so much fuss and striking and splitting into small parties that can hope to effect nothing and might cripple their best friend and put the country hopelessly in the hands of the political enemies of progress and reform.”

Jean laughed.

“You look now for all the world, father, like a child whom I saw a few days ago. I came upon her holding a doll’s body, with a stump of neck where the head had once been. She looked down at it tenderly and smiled a dear little motherly smile. ‘What do you see, child?’ I asked. ‘My dolly’s beautiful face,’ she said. ‘Where is it?’ said I. ‘It’s gone,’ she answered, proudly, but with the fond look still in her eyes. You view the reform element in your party in about the same light.”

“When did you turn champion of the labor party?” said the judge, a trifle impatiently.

“I have done no turning. There is but one party standing for the real good of the people. What is the use of organizing a party to exterminate trusts and then being afraid to measure arms politically with the greatest trust on earth? The laboring element will seek their best interests sooner or later.”

“Your party has added a few labor planks to catch votes.”

“I beg your pardon, father. Almost from the beginning, some thirty years ago, this party stood as it does now. The trouble with you is, if I may be allowed to say it, you know nothing of the party I have discovered. Let me read you its platform.”

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